Cybercrime Penalties

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Cybercrimes can cause billions in damage and can happen to any business, government entity, or individual. Although cybercrimes can be extremely difficult to prosecute, a victim may be able to receive compensation.

  • ContentComputer Crimes - Are Charges Limited to One State?

    Where a crime occurs is usually where the offender will face criminal charges. However, the jurisdiction may change or include additional states based on the actions of the defendant. Sometimes, he or she may commit a computer crime in the home state where this person resides, but if another state is where the criminal effects are felt and where the victim suffers, the criminal charge may be brought in that state also.

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  • ContentThe Difficulty of Prosecuting Claims under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

    Since the 1990s, computers and fraud have become synonymous. Many individuals have initiated crimes of fraud with various companies through the use of a personal or anonymous computer. These could be used at a person’s home, through an internet café, a library or similar location.

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  • ContentLegal Recourse for Victims of Cyber Crimes

    Crimes in the digital world have spread throughout the world, causing billions in damages and millions more in injuries to individuals. When a hacker is involved, the fault of who is responsible may not be found.

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  • ContentBusiness Cyber Attack - How to Recover Compensation

    Cyber attacks can happen to any business no matter how large or small, but the greater number of attacks generally center around companies that use more computers or computing devices and especially when they connect to the internet. Recovering compensation for these attacks is sometimes more difficult because there is no criminal to catch most of the time.

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  • ContentMultiple Computers Raided by FBI under a Single Warrant - Rule 41 and Its Affect on Individuals

    The Rule 41 provides the Federal Bureau of Investigations the ability to use only a single warrant to search multiple computers throughout the country. The rule itself is to give these agents a less difficult time in investigating a computer-related crime when needing to analyze a large amount of information at once, and it could affect several individuals simultaneously.

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  • ContentPaying Ransom to Computer Hackers - Legal Consequences

    Hackers that take over a computer through a virus or other malware can steal the information of the user and then commit fraud, identity theft and commit other crimes as the person online. When deciding if it is best to pay the ransom to return the computer to the previously working system, it is important to understand if ransomware exists.

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