Dealing with Insurance Companies During a Personal Injury Case

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After an accident, the victim usually must deal with an insurance agency that tries to gather all the facts surrounding the incident. This insurance agent will determine how much compensation should be given and attempt to avoid litigation.

  • ContentA Cautionary Tale: Insurance Adjusters and Personal Injury Cases

    After an accident, the victim usually must deal with an insurance agency that sends an adjuster to interview the injured party and gather all the facts and details surrounding the incident to determine how much compensation must be provide to be sufficient and avoid litigation if possible.

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  • ContentEnforcing a Personal Injury Case against a Defendant Who Doesn’t Have Insurance

    When injured by a party that has no insurance, it is important to consider if the legal suit is worth the time, energy and money to pursue. If there is any way to ensure that monetary dispensation will occur, then the injured person may have a valid case where a lawyer will attempt to settle the matter either in the civil courts or outside of the courtroom.

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  • ContentWhat to Do When Insurance Coverage Doesn't Cover All Damages in A Personal Injury Accident

    When harm befalls someone, he or she may require an insurance policy to take effect and pay for damages. Unfortunately, these carriers do not always cover all the costs. In some instances, they refuse to even pay half, partial or any damages owed to the victim of these occurrences. If these companies cannot provide the assistance needed in these situations, it is important to know what to do next.

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  • ContentImportance of Personal Injury Demand Letters

    When someone has been injured through an accident or incident, he or she usually settles the matter with the insurance agency involved. This usually means that a demand letter must be issued to the company after conferring with legal counsel and determining how much compensation is needed to recover from the issue.

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  • ContentPersonal Injuries and Case Adjusters

    When a person has been injured in an accident where the fault falls on someone else, insurance settlements are often the first means of compensation available to recover from the incident.

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  • ContentPersonal Injury Protection: What It Does and Does Not Cover for Vehicle Insurance

    The insurance policy with coverage of personal injury protection in a separate part of coverage that a driver usually must purchase in addition to other usual car insurance. This protection provides maximum health benefits to the policyholder when he or she is not at fault for the collision, and it could ensure the recovery of the injured party.

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  • ContentDetermining Liability in a Roof Fall Accident

    Accidents involving roof disasters are among some of the most injurious to the victims. They may experience intense pain, broken bones, harm to various body parts, internal bleeding and even death. Even when the injuries are minor, the damage may be extensive on the inside. Back pain could lead to the loss of functionality of limbs.

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