Discrimination Protections Under the Fair Housing Act

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The Fair Housing Act is implemented throughout the United States so that renters are protected from potential discrimination. This works with the Civil Rights Act to protect discrimination against race, disabilities, gender, religion, and sexual orientation.

  • ContentLGBT Protections under the Fair Housing Act

    Protections for gay, lesbian, transgendered and similar individuals are not often found in the United States. However, the Fair Housing Act has been amended to include these persons when in regards to renting and buying homes so that they are not discriminated against without legal action possible.

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  • ContentDiscrimination by Commercial Landlord Based on Disclosed Religious Use of Property

    Religious discrimination may exist when a person seeking a commercial lease or hoping to buy a commercial site is denied the ability to complete this transaction solely because of his or her religion. There are often different rules for commercial properties than there are for residential properties, but legal protections may exist to prohibit such conduct.

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  • ContentRental Housing and ADA Compliance

    Violations of the Fair Housing Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act could lead to the property owner, landlord or renting agency to face severe consequences in fines and other punishments. It is important that any property deemed worthy of rent or lease has provisions for the ADA and those that need these conditions.

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  • ContentFair Housing Complications and What to Look for

    State and federal regulations comply with the Fair Housing Act as implemented throughout the United States so that buyers or renters of a residence are protected from potential discrimination by a seller or landlord. These protections are connected to the Civil Rights Act and awarded to those affected by bias towards certain persons.

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