Divorcing Someone Living in Another State or Country

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It can be difficult for spouses to divorce if one spouse is living in a different state, or even a different country. Spouses will need to jump through more bureaucratic hoops in order to obtain a legal divorce.

  • ContentLegal Complications of Getting a Divorce Abroad

    Many of the complications of acquiring a divorce in another country stem from the completely different legal system of the nation the couple lives in or visits during the need to get the divorce. Some problems happen through religious needs for the divorce and others exist with the United States requirements in the specific state the couple lives in that need satisfaction.

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  • ContentWe Got Married in One Country, Live in Another Now and Want a Divorce

    Where do I find a divorce lawyer (where we live now or where we got married)? Many countries, including the United States, allow you to get a divorce there, even if your marriage occurred in another country. Laws can vary drastically between countries, so be sure that you consult with your attorney regarding the steps necessary to get a divorce and whether the divorce will be valid in the country where you are currently residing.

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  • ContentCan I Get a Divorce in a Foreign Country?

    When a married couple is not able to maintain the relationship, it is often important to seek a divorce process no matter where both of the individuals are geographically in the world. The procedure in a foreign country is generally confusing and usually requires a foreign lawyer to provide assistance and explain the process in the different nation.

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  • ContentDivorce Entered in Another Country - Is It Valid in the U.S.?

    Most divorces acquired abroad are only valid if the couple file it in an acceptable manner for the state of residence where both live along with any necessary documentation and processes that the state requires. If the couple completes a divorce outside of these circumstances, the spouses may need to satisfy additional elements to legally divorce in the United States.

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  • ContentHow Can I Get Divorced in One State When My Spouse Lives in Another State?

    Getting a divorce becomes more complicated when spouses no longer live in the same state. In some situations, a spouse has moved to another state right after the couple recently separated. In other cases, the spouses have continued separate lives in different states for several years. Even if spouses live in different states, they can still get divorced.

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  • ContentDon’t Know Where My Spouse Lives - Can I Still Get Divorced?

    Not knowing where the other spouse lives after the marriage falls apart is a common occurrence when the two parties cannot work out differences, and the legal process has steps that can deal with this issue. Getting the divorce to proceed is still usually possible no matter how difficult the other spouse makes the matter.

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  • ContentWhat Is Domicile in Divorce Cases and Why Does It Matter?

    Some states require the individual to remain in the same state for the duration of the divorce proceedings before he or she is permitted to vacate to a better-suited location.

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