Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Law in Georgia

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Domestic violence is an act of aggression conducted at home, usually by a spouse or a partner. Discover more about the legal ramifications of domestic violence and child abuse in Georgia and how a lawyer can help with your case.

  • ContentGeorgia Personal Injury to the Child

    The injury to a child in Georgia may occur due to negligence just the same as any other harm befalls a citizen of the state, and this could lead to a claim against the perpetrator for the negligence or due to reckless disregard. Children have the same options as adults under the laws of the state to pursue legal action for compensation.

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  • ContentChild Endangerment DUI with Child in Car: Georgia Misdemeanor DUI and Potential Felony DUI Punishmen

    DUI with Child in Car is a form of Child Endangerment that not only carries potential jail time at the county lock-up, but can also constitute a felony child endangerment and loss of all driving privileges for many years or even for LIFE. In fact a substantial minority of states now make driving under the influence with a child in a vehicle a felony.

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  • ContentWhat Georgia's Hidden Predator Act Means for Victims of Abuse

    The first Hidden Predator Act was passed in 2015. This bill allowed victims of childhood sexual abuse to bring claims against their abusers that had previously been barred by the statute of limitations.

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  • ContentGeorgia Domestic Violence Law Explained by Veteran Criminal Defense Attorney

    "Because domestic violence laws are written into the penal code by the legislature of each state, a domestic violence definition cannot be universally stated. However, certain common components of these many state statutes from various jurisdictions are universal. A domestic violence lawyer in Georgia knows how tough 12 months in jail can be if imposed upon an offending spouse or domestic partner. For criminalizing a domestic battery charge, all states have set up both felony or misdemeanor crimes to escalate criminal law consequences for REPEAT offenders. Plus, for crimes causing bodily injury like battery domestic violence, assault or aggravated assault that injures, maims, or kills another, the necessity of retaining a domestic violence lawyer near me becomes crystal clear."

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  • ContentGeorgia Domestic Violence Attorneys Fight for Restoration of the Family

    Violent crimes in the state of Georgia are taken very seriously and can result in long-lasting consequences if you are convicted. The role of a Georgia domestic violence lawyer is to strenuously defend his or her client in the face of what can seem like a mountain of police evidence, and damaging testimony from a family member, which can lead to a temporary protective order in some cases. If you are facing domestic violence charges, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney to fight on your behalf.

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  • ContentHiring the Best Criminal Defense Attorney for Your Family Violence or Domestic Battery Case

    The crime of Domestic Violence is disruptive to both the family unit, but can bring harsh criminal consequences if not handled correctly. Georgia laws have both felony and misdemeanor statutes in the Georgia Code to deal with various levels of Family Violence.

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