Domestic Violence and Child Abuse Law in Illinois

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Domestic violence is an act of aggression conducted at home, usually by a spouse or a partner. Discover more about the legal ramifications of domestic violence and child abuse in Illinois and how a lawyer can help with your case.

  • ContentThe Process a Person Faces After Being Arrested for Domestic Violence

    The process which a person may expect after being arrested for Domestic Violence. Once you are charged then you will appear in court and a full protective order is likely to issue. The Court may consider issuing a modified order, but be sure to confirm and understand the exact conditions of any protective order. Violating a valid order is cause for new charges.

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  • ContentSigns of Child Abuse in a Day Care Setting

    Yesterday we discussed potential signs of mistreatment or abuse in a day care setting. Today we continue our discussion regarding child abuse as we consider the signs of various types of abuse. While many of these topics are exceptionally troubling, as parents it is important to pay attention to changes in the behavior of our children and recognize the importance of addressing these issues head on.

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  • ContentMyths About Child Abuse

    Turn on the TV and it is not hard to hear about the child molestation accusations that were made against Jerry Sandusky in the last two months. If you are like me it is difficult to wrap your mind around the possibility of a coach molesting children, especially someone in a mentoring role.

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  • ContentDefense of a Domestic Battery Arrest

    Most people arrested for domestic battery have never before been involved in the criminal justice system. However, the charge of domestic battery puts them at risk for a lifelong criminal conviction. It is important to realize that if the case is handled properly the opportunity to avoid that conviction is real.

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