Domestic Violence, Child Abuse, and the Law in Texas

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Domestic violence is an act of aggression conducted at home, usually by a spouse or a partner. Discover more about the legal ramifications of domestic violence and child abuse in Texas and how a lawyer can help with your case.

  • ContentEvidence Needed for a Family Violence Protective Order

    Seeking a protective order after an instance of family violence can be complex. A protective order can be used to help a victim of family violence feel safer by restricting his or her interactions with the alleged abuser. However, there are several elements that must be proven to ensure a court would approve a protective order.

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  • ContentChild Abuse in a Trusted Day Care Setting

    With so many dual-income households and single parents, many parents have no other choice but to entrust their children in someone else’s care. Unfortunately, not all day care facilities provide safe and nurturing care for young children, and when neglect or child abuse threatens the health and safety of a child, their parents may have the legal right to pursue damages in a lawsuit.

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  • ContentUnderstanding the Different Types of Domestic Violence Penalties in Texas

    "When most people think about domestic violence, domestic assault or family violence, they typically assume it’s some level of physical abuse. While this is often the case, there are other forms according to Texas law. In order to better understand the various types of abuse and to ensure victims are able to get help, it’s important to know the differences between the types of abuse."

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  • ContentAssault Family Violence - What Is It?

    Assault family violence is just a type of assault. It has the same elements as all other assaults. What makes it different is that a judge makes a finding of family violence if the alleged victim was a member of the accused’s household as defined by the Family Code.

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