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Drug trafficking is a much more serious crime than drug possession, and will lead to more serious charges. Learn how prosecutors prove intent to sell and what the possible legal consequences for drug trafficking are.

  • ContentDrug Possession and Drug Dealing - What Are the Differences?

    The consequences of possessing a small amount of drugs versus the possible devastation of charges for dealing are important for the individual when facing legal ramifications of such actions. The very differences may provide a better outcome based on the location in the country the person faces a court trial.

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  • ContentDrug Smuggling and Drug Possession – The Differences Can Affect the Legal Consequences

    Smuggling, or trafficking, and possession usually are different crimes and can lead to vastly different penalties because of the severity between them that can elevate one crime over the other in the state the person commits the illegal activity. These differences are what prosecuting lawyers use to increase punishments through convictions.

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  • ContentDrug Trafficking and Accomplices

    Drug crimes continue to be one of the most aggressively prosecuted categories of cases. As the link between drugs and violence continues to remain intact, governmental bodies continue to take drug crimes seriously.

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  • ContentIf a Drug is Not Illegal, Can I Get in Trouble for Having, Taking, or Selling It?

    Over the last few years, a number of drugs have made it to the market that, while not technically illegal, had the same effects as taking other, outlawed narcotics. Unfortunately, many of these drugs only made the news after something unfortunate happened, like an overdose, an accident caused by someone intoxicated by the alternative drug, or a celebrity disclosing their addiction to it.

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  • ContentIs a Few Ounces Enough for a Charge of Intent to Distribute?

    In many states, possession of marijuana is not a crime when the person only has a few ounces, and in other areas of the United States, possessing the substance is not illegal at all. However, in some locations, simple possession of a minimal amount of marijuana may warrant an arrest with a possible trial against the person in court.

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  • ContentMoney Laundering and Drug Trafficking Charges

    Some individuals are innocent of charges of money laundering or drug trafficking even though the evidence does involve the person or demonstrate a profound connection to the crimes. When facing such problems, it is important to know how to proceed and what to do, and hiring a lawyer is usually the very first step in gaining knowledge.

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  • ContentProving Intent to Sell Drugs versus Possession

    When charged with the intent to sell, the accused often has more drugs in possession or in easy reach than is usual for personal use. This usually leads to thinking or suspicion that there is an intention that the drugs will be sold to others by him or her or through his or her direction, and these charges may be added to possession.

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  • ContentWhat Is Level I Status Drug Trafficking?

    The distribution and selling of drugs are rampant throughout the world. These criminals provide and cause addiction in thousands of people each year. When large quantities are distributed to other areas or individuals, multiple crimes are often charged if they are caught by law enforcement.

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  • ContentPleasure Boats Used for Drug Running and the Legal Consequences

    There are a number of possible boats that drug runners may use to smuggle, import or carry drugs over into the country through the water, and the legal consequences of such actions are often extreme. It is essential to know the legal impact of such actions and to recognize when a pleasure boat is in use with illegal drug running.

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  • ContentCan You Travel Across State Lines with Legally Obtained Marijuana?

    As more and more states are opting to pass laws authorizing either medical (or in the recent case of Colorado) recreational marijuana use and sales, it has become increasingly common to wonder what the new legal limitations are on the product.

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