DUI Laws in Georgia

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Laws concerning driving under the influence vary greatly state by state. Georgia has its own laws regarding complications of driving while on drugs, breathalyzer tests, civil damages available, and more.

  • ContentProblems with Field Sobriety Tests and Breathalyzers in Georgia

    When people are stopped for suspicion of driving under the influence, field sobriety and breathalyzer test results are often used as evidence against them to secure a conviction. However, these types of tests may be plagued with significant problems that can be used as a basis to challenge the prosecution’s case. It is important to talk to a criminal defense lawyer if facing charges for DUI to determine whether these types of challenges may apply to your case.

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  • ContentDo I Have to Submit to Tests during a Georgia DUI Stop?

    Simply because you are stopped for DUI does not mean that you have lost all of your rights. During the course of a short DUI investigation, you may be asked to take a number of tests.

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  • ContentDUI First Offense in Georgia

    Georgia law enforcement officers take DUI very seriously. If a person is over the legal limit, he or she faces automatic jail time. Understanding a DUI first offense can help a person make more informed decisions throughout this process.

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  • ContentGeorgia DUI Frequently Asked Questions

    When a person is stopped for suspicion of drunk driving, he or she often has many questions. Knowing a person’s rights during this situation can help reduce negative consequences and avoid conviction. Some of the most commonly asked questions related to Georgia DUI include:

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  • ContentHow to Avoid a DUI Conviction in Georgia

    DUI in Georgia is taken very seriously, even if it is a first defense. Knowing the penalties, your rights and the possible defenses in your case give you an increased chance to know how best to defend against these serious charges.

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  • ContentKeeping Your License after a Georgia DUI Arrest

    After you are arrested for a DUI, you only have a limited amount of time to fight to keep your driving privileges. If you do not quickly assert this right, your license will be automatically suspended. By knowing your rights and duties, you may be able to maintain your driving privileges.

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  • Content"DUI Less Safe" Georgia - What is the "DUI Less Safe" Penalty?

    A person arrested in Georgia for DUI-alcohol is initially arrested for DUI less safe. This is the most common type of DUI GA charge for driving under the influence. The arrested person is next read the Georgia implied consent law notice that puts driving privileges at risk for any refusal to be tested. However, by submitting to testing, a NEW type of DUI, per se driving above the legal alcohol limit is triggered. When facing DUI charges in Georgia, look for the very best criminal defense lawyers near me.

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  • ContentHiring a Georgia DUILawyer for a Drunk Driving Arrest

    Those arrested for DUI in GA and have received a DDS 1205 Form showing an implied consent refusal only have 30 days to get an ignition interlock device (IID) through the Georgia Department of Driver Services. This option is only available to Georgia licensees ages 21 and over, who have no DUI convictions or prior administrative suspensions within the prior 5 years, by dates of arrest.

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