DWI Law in Minnesota

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Laws concerning driving under the influence vary greatly state by state. Minnesota has its own laws regarding complications of driving while on drugs, breathalyzer tests, civil damages available, and more.

  • ContentDWI Laws in Minnesota

    Like other states, Minnesota has specific laws related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. This is called “driving while intoxicated.” Being convicted of a DWI charge in Minnesota carries with it strict penalties.

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  • ContentWhat to Do if Stopped for a DUI in Minnesota

    When a person faces possible law enforcement stopping him or her when engaged in driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, it is important to remain calm. If the individual faces an interview or questioning, he or she should hire a lawyer and remain silent to avoid incrimination so that the matter proceeds through legal representation.

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  • ContentWinning DWI: Challenging the Urine Test

    There are challenges to DWI charges. All too often, driver's charged feel they have no choice but to take a plea. Consulting with experienced and aggressive counsel can preserve your record.

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  • ContentDWI Laws: Do they Violate the Constitution's Protections Against Unreasonable Search and Seizure

    Can you be compelled to provide a sample of blood breath or urine for testing or rbe charged with a crime for a refusal? Why are the DWI laws allowed to skirt constitutional protections against unreasonable search and seizure by requiring a warrantless search? Review this article to see how the laws have come under attack.

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  • ContentMinnesota's Ignition Interlock

    New laws in 2011, included alcohol interlock devices to shorten revocation/cancellation periods for DWI offenders.

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  • ContentMinnesota Supreme Court Rules on Urine Test for DWI Offenses

    The law in Minnesota is forever changing as DWI attorneys challenge inaccurate testing for DWI cases. Review the latest changes in 2012. The Minnesota Supreme Court decided the case of State v. Tanksley on February 8, 2012. That ruling allows the State to continue using urine tests in DWI cases despite the significantly flawed nature of the test in relationship to intoxication.

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  • ContentDWI: The Wizard, the Oracle and the Intoxilyzer Source Code

    In 2008, challenges to the DWI laws are louting. Now more than ever, there a re viable defenses to basic substance of DWI law. With regard to breath testing, increasingly, the Intoxilyzer 5000 and it s source code have come under attack. Review this article regarding that defense.

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  • ContentThe Minnesota Commercial Driver and DWI

    Minnesota DWI Laws can be very difficult for drivers that choose to drive under the influence of alcohol. But, they can be especially harsh for those individuals that possess a commercial driver's license.

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  • ContentDegrees of DWI Charges in Minnesota

    In Minnesota, there are various degrees of DWI charges. There are fourth, third, second and first degree DWI charges. Each level of offense carries with it various potential consequences.

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  • ContentVehicle Forfeiture in Minnesota

    When a vehicle is involved in a crime such as a DWI, often law enforcement will seize the vehicle as evidence. Upon arrest, the vehicle will be taken into police custody and a notice of forfeiture will be issued shortly thereafter. In Minnesota, this notice allows the owner of the vehicle 30 days in which to challenge the forfeiture. If they do not do so, then the state will take ownership of the vehicle.

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