Election and Political Law

Election and Political Law relate to every aspect of the electoral and political process, including the right to vote, campaign financing, and presidential election laws. This body of law is regulated by both state and federal statutes and regulations, as well as constitutional protections such as the right to vote.

Campaign Finance

One of the biggest areas of interest to election and political law in the last decade has been with regard to campaign finance. Complicated regulatory schemes have been set in place to prevent certain interests for exerting undue influence over a candidate through campaign contributions. These laws also help to prevent certain types of money laundering and other illegal activities disguised as political action funding.

Election Laws

Another hot topic since the famous legal and political dispute of the 2000 Gore v. Bush presidential campaign have been election laws. Each state has its own regulatory mechanism for conducting elections, validating ballots, and ensuring that those who wish to vote are given the rights promised to them under the Constitution. Unfortunately, with each state utilizing a separate set of rules, disputes as occurred after the 2000 presidential election (and several that followed) are sure to occur. Thus, this has become a surprisingly robust area of the law over the last few years, with numerous safeguards and other measures put in place to protect against similar questions of election results, sometimes with mixed results.

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