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Entertainment law is a large industry in California. Because the entertainment industry is so unique, it can be hard to figure out the business guidelines that governs entertainment. In this guide, learn which legal issues may arise and how to solve these issues.

  • ContentEntertainment Law: Film and TV Production Agreements

    A film or TV producer requires a myriad of agreements for a film or TV project including development deals and A-list profit participation actor agreements. Entertainment attorney Sebastian Gibson looks at these agreements and others in depth and how actors are structuring their deals today to ensure they get their share of the gross profits.

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  • ContentEntertainment Law: How Film Producers Obtain Development Funding and Investments

    What are film and television development deals, why is the money for them so hard to obtain and why is it so costly? Entertainment attorney Sebastian Gibson looks at film and television development deals, the catch-22 of obtaining development money, the cost of investor funds, distribution as a source of funds, and other sources of funds producers can tap into.

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  • ContentEntertainment Legal Issues Which Can Arise in the Development of a Film or TV Project

    Legal issues often arise for a producer in the earliest stage of the creative process for a film or television project. Entertainment attorney Sebastian Gibson looks at the issues, how to resolve them and what producers can do to protect their rights in a film or TV project.

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  • ContentEntertainment Streaming Platforms Are Affecting the UK Film Industry

    Streaming platforms like Netflix are having a huge effect on the UK film industry. Entertainment attorney Sebastian Gibson looks at the concerns of producers with streaming service production agreements, how the UK film industry can survive in this changed landscape for film and TV production in Britain, and why it is so essential that it does survive.

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  • ContentBand Agreements, Band Entities, Band Trademarks and Copyrights

    In order to avoid disputes later, a band needs a band agreement which states how the band will divide their profits and which provides how decisions shall be made, how departing band members will be paid and the rights to use the band name after a break up or a band member departs. With the advice of a music lawyer, the right business entity can be chosen, and a music attorney in California can be utilized to obtain copyrights, and trademarks for the band name.

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  • ContentPublicity Rights and The Right of Privacy, California Entertainment Law

    The right of publicity is the right of every human being to control the commercial use of his or her identity. When that right is infringed, the individual’s publicity rights have been violated. The right of privacy is the right not have your name or likeness appropriated by another without your permission, your privacy intruded, your private information to be made public, and to not be placed in a false light. In California, damages can be pursued by an attorney for these infringements.

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  • ContentEntertainment Law: Choosing The Right Type of Entity for Film and TV Projects

    Film and TV producers need an umbrella entity for their company as it considers different projects. But when one of those projects is ready for full scale production and development, a separate entity should be formed. Entertainment lawyer Sebastian Gibson examines the pros and cons of the types of entities a film or TV producer can use for their projects.

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  • ContentEntertainment Law: Securities Law and Film Financing

    State and Federal securities laws and regulations are a major concern to film and TV producers as they seek development money and investment funds for their projects. Entertainment lawyer Sebastian Gibson takes a close look at film financing with and without the use of private placement offering memorandums.

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  • ContentEntertainment Issues Which Can Affect Whether a Film Producer Obtains Distribution

    Unless a film or television producer can convince a distributor’s E&O insurance company that they own all the rights to their project, the producer won’t be offered distribution. Entertainment lawyer Sebastian Gibson examines all the steps a producer must take in order to give them the best chance at obtaining favorable distribution for their project and important considerations before submitting films to film festivals.

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  • ContentWhat are the Laws Regarding Paparazzi

    Many will long remember the death of Princess Diana in 1997. She passed away as a result of a fatal car crash during a high-speed paparazzi chase. This led to a number of laws in both England and America relating to the paparazzi.

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