Lawyers' Ethical Rules

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Learn about how lawyers must follow specific ethical rules when it comes to the practice of law. Learn about which rules may apply in a certain case and the entities responsible for implementing and regulations such rules. Understand what types of actions are prohibited and why. Learn how to verify a lawyer’s credential and how to avoid confronting the unauthorized practice of law.

  • Legal Advertising in America

    While billboards and television ads with lawyers’ faces and slogans may be normal, these actions were not just a few years ago for attorneys. Over the last two decades, limits on lawyer publicity have relaxed, allowing the proliferation of ads available in the public. Still, these advertisements are not without restriction.

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  • ABA Model Rules

    The American Bar Association is responsible for establishing the Model Rules of Professional Conduct, which many states directly use or take influence from.

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  • How to Confirm a Lawyer’s Accreditation

    There are several ways that you can confirm that your lawyer is licensed in the state where he or she is practicing and whether any former clients have experienced problems with him or her

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  • Attorney Client Sexual Relations

    Attorneys occupy a position of great trust with their clients. Therefore, sexual relationships between the two are largely dissuaded. Additionally, this type of relationship may be prohibited by professional rules of conduct.

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