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The Process of Obtaining a Medical Licence for Foreigners in Turkey

Provided by MGC Legal
With Decree Law No. 663, foreign doctors and nurses are permitted to work in Turkey. Work permits are granted to those with approved requests. Private healthcare institutions seeking to employ foreign doctors or nurses must apply for a work permit from the Ministry of Health (Provincial Health Directorate) along with the preliminary permit (professional qualification) certificate obtained from the Ministry of Health (Provincial Health Directorate). If the foreign national for whom a work permit is being requested has graduated from a foreign institution, then a certificate of equivalency for their diploma must be submitted.

Appeal for Italian Citizenship Recognition by Descent

Individuals residing abroad have the opportunity to file an appeal for the recognition of Italian citizenship by descent (iure sanguinis) with the assistance of legal representation and without the need to personally attend court hearings.

Advancement of Employment: A Recent Legislative Enactment in Albania

Provided by LPA Law Firm
The Albanian Parliament has already approved the law no. 47/2023, which is otherwise referred to as "Amendments and Enhancements to Act no. 15/2019: A Bill on the Promotion of Employment''. The new legislation will effort to renew and strengthen employment policies, where the focus will also be placed on the empowerment of young people or vulnerable groups, but of high importance to groups with limited abilities. This new legislation will be formally implemented on the 29th of July 2023.

Protecting and Preserving Geographical Signs Indication in Turkey

Discover how Turkey protects and preserves its unique local products through Geographical Indication, ensuring the authenticity and quality of traditional goods.

On-Call Working Arrangements in Malta

Provided by GVZH Advocates
The relevant legislation on Working Time The EU Working Time Directive (2003/88/EC) was transposed into Maltese legislation by virtue of the Organisation of Working Time Regulations, Subsidiary Legislation 452.87, which sets out the minimum requirements for the organisation of working time.

Complying with Accounting Formalities is Necessary to Avoid Directors' Liability in Belgium

Provided by Seeds of Law
Directors can be held liable when their company goes bankrupt, except when the bankrupt company is a small business. But, the Supreme Court ruled recently that small companies are not always immune from this directors' liability. Only if they comply with the accounting formalities. We discuss this ruling in this article.

Romania: Protection Against Unfair Competition

Protection against unfair competition, protection of trade secrets and protection of copyright I will start this short article with a quote: "I love treason, but I hate traitors" (Proditionem amo, sed proditores odi) - Plutarch.

Interpretation of Dutch Contracts

Provided by MAAK Attorneys
As the landscape of contract law continues to evolve globally, the Netherlands remains at the forefront of legal transformation, setting precedents that inevitably shape the manner in which contracts are drafted and interpreted. At MAAK Advocaten, we are deeply invested in these developments, ensuring that our clients remain not just informed, but ahead of the curve.

Five Ways a Director (Administrator) Could Be Held Personally Liable in Romania

The Romanian legislation provides a series of rules and obligations on the Romanian administrator regarding the conduct of his activity. According to the legislation in force, in Romania, the directors (called administrators in Romania) are personally responsible and liable for the damages caused. On the other hand, the administrator will be personally and jointly and severally liable and may be forcibly executed in respect of his personal property (and not of company). Under these conditions, a lawyer specialized in administrative law, litigation and insolvency in Romania can offer you advice and legal assistance and representation in order to ensure and resolve the legal regulations that are the subject of the dispute.

Portugal: Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Provided by MGRA
This guide offers an overview of legal aspects of sexual harassment in the workplace in the requisite jurisdictions. It is meant as an introduction to these market places and does not offer specific legal advice. This information is not intended to create, and receipt of it does not constitute an attorney-client relationship, or its equivalent in the requisite jurisdiction. This guide describes the law in force in the requisite jurisdictions at the dates of preparation. This may be some time ago and the reader should bear in mind that statutes, regulations and rules are subject to change.
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