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European countries each have their own set of laws and rules governing them. The European Union also provides a vast set of laws overseeing many European countries. Learn more about how individual European countries and the EU govern.

  • ContentBrexit Immigration Restrictions and Their Potential Impact

    Immigration and the leaving of a country are both difficult to predict, and this makes placing restrictions on these activities complicated. However, with research and applied data, there is potential to understand how the Brexit Immigration or the vote to leave the European Union may affect current residents of the country.

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  • ContentEuropean Community Law and the Working Time Directive Explained

    Work hours have become an issue with injury, death and efficiency hampered with employees that are too fatigued to complete tasks. Through the European Community Laws these issues have been greatly reduced in conjunction with the Working Time Directive that permits certain hours allocated each day to work and rest and similar time for week and month shifts.

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  • ContentEuropean Community Law and VAT on Energy Bills

    The European Community Law is in use to provide a better quality of life for the EU citizens and increase international cooperation and enforce Treaty specifics. However, the VAT rates may be affected if the United Kingdom remains in the EU, and this could affect energy bills in the negative until a resolution to these matters has been reached.

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  • ContentEuropean Community Law: Free Movement of Labour

    The free movement of labour affects the fundamental principles of workers to find and retain labor within the European communities as explained by law. This exists through the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union through a secondary legislation and runs through Case law with the Court of Justice for EU citizens.

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  • ContentEuropean Community Law: Working Time Directive

    For European citizens in the Union, it is important that work hours are directed and supervised for health and safety. When individuals work over so many hours a week, not only efficiency drops, but the safety and health often declines rapidly the more hours are completed, and these concerns are addressed by the European Community Laws.

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  • ContentGerman Tax Law: Estate Tax, Gift Tax, and Inheritance Tax in Germany

    German taxes are similar to other countries that are part of or near the European Union, that there are multiple sections that handle the estate, gifts and inheritances. When someone has an estate or may gift another with a certain amount of money or other assets, it is important to know how the regulations work and what affects each party.

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  • ContentNew EU E-Evidence Regulation Requires Tech Companies to Hand Over Emails

    Through changes in regulations regarding technology, emails and tech companies, it is a requirement through the European Union that these businesses hand over data within stored locations in the EU even if in another country. This is due to an e-Evidence Regulation that the EU implemented to seek a resolution to certain legal matters.

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