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William C. Stein, Jr., PE, CCM Expert Witness

William C. Stein, Jr., PE, CCM

Louisiana - Serving: All States
Roadway Construction & Materials Engineering Expert Witness
Phone(337) 725-3052

William C. Stein has more than 40 years of roadway / heavy highway construction and materials engineering experience. Offers consulting and expert services for attorneys on issues regarding road, street, highway, temporary traffic control, runway and earthwork; asphalt, concrete,...


  • Joseph J. McHugh, P.E.

    Boston, Georgia

    Highway Construction & Safety Expert Witness

    Phone (229) 226-6354

    Joseph McHugh provides technical investigations, analysis, engineering reports and expert witness testimony regarding construction and construction safety, motor vehicle incidents, high geometrics, bridge clearance and failure analysis, traffic and transportation engineering, New York Labor Law and...

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