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Roger W. Griffith, P.E. Expert Witness

Roger W. Griffith, P.E.

Tennessee - Serving: All States
Forensic Mechanical & Plumbing Engineer, Expert Witness and Litigation Support
Phone(865) 471-8142

Roger Griffith, P.E. provides engineering design, forensic analysis, and expert witness consulting in plumbing, fuel gas systems, HVAC, and fire protection. Specialty areas include hot water systems, scalding, carbon monoxide poisoning related to venting of gas appliances, and legionella.

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  • Everett C. Pesci, Ph.D.

    Greenville, North Carolina

    Medical Microbiology Expert

    Phone (252) 744-2351

    Please visit my website at http://www.ecu.edu/cs-dhs/microbiology/pesci.cfm for a complete description of me. Experience - I have served as an expert for the prosecution in a criminal case involving a bacterial infection.

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