Expungement and Sentence Reductions in Florida

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Convicted of a crime in California that you didn’t commit, or receive a felony sentence rather than a misdemeanor? Learn how to petition for factual innocence and the steps necessary to get an expungement.

  • ContentFlorida's Amnesty Program

    Having a habitual traffic offender status on your license has an effect on your ability to drive for five years. Florida has started an amnesty program which allows qualified people to get their license back.

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  • ContentPlea Bargaining Explained

    Plea bargains account for nearly 90 percent of all criminal cases in Florida, making them the most common way to resolve a criminal case within the American justice system. Critics of plea bargains are of the view that it is an unethical way to easily dispose of a criminal case as plea bargains save the State considerable time, money and resources.

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  • ContentAre Lie Detector and Polygraph Tests Reliable?

    There are many types of machines that conduct lie detector and polygraph tests. They all vary in the way that they conduct the test or the features that they offer. Some machines are more sensitive to others so that they can easily pick-up on the slightest variation in the vitals. The end result is the same an unreliable reading on if a person is actually telling the truth or not.

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  • ContentSupreme Court Offers Reprieve for Some Immigrants with Drug Convictions

    Even minor drug offenses can result in serious penalties, but this is particularly true for non-citizen immigrants in the United States. Whereas a simple charge for possession of marijuana might result in a small fine for a citizen, this same charge may leave a non-citizen just a few steps away from deportation. However, the U.S. Supreme Court recently offered immigrants a reprieve in limited situations.

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