Expungements and Sentence Reductions in New Jersey

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Convicted of a crime in New Jersey that you didn’t commit, or receive a felony sentence rather than a misdemeanor? Learn how to petition for factual innocence and the steps necessary to get an expungement.

  • ContentDismissing Criminal Charges: Top 7 Ways to End the Nightmare

    Getting your criminal charges dismissed is possible. If you’ve been arrested, then you’re interested to know how your criminal lawyer can get your charges dismissed. Of course, you understand that you are innocent until proven guilty. But getting your criminal charges dismissed would bring a quick end to your nightmare wouldn’t you agree?

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  • ContentHow Long Will an Expungement Take in New Jersey?

    Your criminal record does not have to impact your life forever. Depending on your circumstances, such as the number of years since your conviction, the nature of the offense, and whether you have been convicted of other offenses since, it may be possible for you to have your conviction expunged.

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  • ContentWhat Crimes are Eligible for Expungement?

    Some criminal arrests and convictions may be expunged, or sealed, from a public record. A mistake resulting in a criminal arrest and/or conviction can possibly affect the rest of one’s life. Potential employers or landlords can refuse to hire or rent to individuals with criminal history.

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  • ContentDifference Between Sealing and Expunging a Criminal Record

    A criminal record can follow someone for the rest of their life, impacting their ability to find a job or rent an apartment. Often this is an unfair consequence for a mistake the individual made in his or her youth.

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  • ContentHow to Expunge a Juvenile Record in New Jersey

    Teenagers make mistakes. These mistakes are the lessons we rely on later in life. However, sometimes these mistakes result in criminal charges and convictions on one’s public record, which can impact his or her ability to secure a job and housing later in life.

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  • ContentExpungement for a Felony

    Living with a criminal record can hamper your ability to secure a job, rent a house or apartment, or build meaningful relationships with others. This can make it feel like your sentence continued even after you completed its terms. Depending on your circumstances, having your record expunged could be a viable option.

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  • ContentGetting Your Prior Record Expunged in New Jersey

    A discussion regarding the legal pros and cons of filing expungements, as well as what factors to consider in determining eligibility.

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