Federal Tax Law and Real Estate

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Transactions involving real estate taxes are often challenging. It is important to ensure that all real estate tax forms are completed with accurate data, and oftentimes an experienced tax lawyer should be hired for these transactions.

  • ContentAppealing a Real Estate Tax Assessment

    When facing a tax assessment for real estate issues, it is important to start with research first and then hire an experienced tax lawyer. This is necessary due to property tax bills and expenses that may need to be refuted through an appeal, and legal representation may provide the keys required for greater success in achieving an appeal.

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  • ContentFalsification of Taxes and Real Estate Projects

    Filing tax returns which include false information or inconsistencies may lead to criminal charges for fraud. Real estate taxes may be especially challenging. When there is any possible doubt about the numbers on your real estate tax form, it is important to make sure the forms are completed with accurate data.

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  • ContentMisrepresentation of Tax Procedures and Complications for Real Estate Dealings

    Real estate dealings often require exact documentation that specifies certain terms, conditions and details about the buyer, seller and property. There are complications that may arise through numerous pieces of the whole arrangement.

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  • ContentTax Benefits of Using an LLC in Real Estate Transactions

    Real estate transactions are often complicated when attempting to avoid taxation, and using a limited liability company could assist the owner in acquiring benefits for taxes. It is important to ensure the LLC and all other considerations are fully understood before progressing through these plans, and a lawyer is of great help to avoid violations.

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  • ContentWhat Is a 1031 Exchange in Tax Law

    A 1031 exchange per the Internal Revenue Service is a tax law that permits an investor to carry over any capital gains accrued from real estate investment opportunities to new investments once the like exchange has been purchased. The individuals that take advantage of these exchanges are able to ensure taxes are bypassed through these investments.

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