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Law Firm in Bolivia: Becerra de la Roca Donoso & Asociados

Becerra de la Roca Donoso & Asociados

Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Corporate, Energy and Litigation Law Firm in Bolivia

Phone+59 (13) 333-4433

Becerra de la Roca Donoso & Asociados (BDA Abogados) is a law firm with an outstanding professional team with more than ten (10) years of professional experience and law degrees from prestigious universities abroad, which allows its members to have a solid, modern and updated vision of the law, in order...

Other Offices: La Paz

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Law Firm in Bolivia: C.R. & F. Rojas - Abogados

C.R. & F. Rojas - Abogados

La Paz, Bolivia

Legal Services in Bolivia

Phone+591 (2) 2313737

C.R. & F. Rojas - Abogados, founded in 1900 by the late Casto Rojas, is the oldest law firm in Bolivia. The firm is based in the capital city of La Paz with an office in Santa Cruz and correspondent offices in all other major Bolivian cities.
Beginning as a family firm that currently extends to four...

Other Offices: Santa Cruz

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Law Firm in Bolivia: Ferrere


Santa Cruz, Bolivia

Full-Service Law Firm in Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay

Phone+591 3 3419565

Ferrere is a top quality full service law firm with offices in Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Our offices in Bolivia and Paraguay are run by professionals from each of those countries, many of them also holding advanced degrees from foreign universities, with broad knowledge of their local realities....

Other Offices: La Paz

Law Firm's Overview 

Law Firm in Bolivia: Guevara & Gutiérrez S.C. Servicios Legales

Guevara & Gutiérrez S.C. Servicios Legales

La Paz, Bolivia

Leading Commercial, Tax and Litigation Law Firm

Phone+591 2 2770808

GUEVARA & GUTIERREZ S.C. SERVICIOS LEGALES, established in 1989, has become one of Bolivia's leading commercial tax and litigation law firms. Operating from two main offices in La Paz and Santa Cruz, and through a network of affiliates, the firm provides high quality and effective legal service in all...

Other Offices: Santa Cruz

Law Firm's Overview 

  • Aleman, Rocha, Camacho & Asoc. S.C.

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Commercial, Tax, Patent, Trademark & Litigation Law Firm

    Av. Victor Sanjines No. 2795 Phone 591 2 211 6391
  • Alianza Legal Soc. Civ.

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    Industrial Property & Corporate Law Firm

    Phone +59 (13) 330-2783

    Para nuestra firma en primer lugar estan los valores y principios, sobre esa base descansa nuestra practica guiada por una vocacion de excelencia.

  • Asesores Legales CP

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Business Law Firm in Bolivia

    Phone +591 2220-4214

    Asesores Legales CP is a corporate legal firm based in La Paz, Bolivia. Despite our personnel size which may show us as a reduced firm, competence, honesty, and professionalism are the real measures by which our clients have permanently been consulting, judging, and recommending us.

  • B., Bermudez & Bermudez S.C.

    La Paz, Bolivia

    A Law Firme Specialized on Private Law

    Phone +591 705.75357

    B., Bermudez & Bermudez S.C, our Law Firm, is integrated by professionals Attorneys at Law, specialized on private law, with special emphasis in a sub-branch of the Commercial Law: The Intellectual Property (Constituted in turn by the Industrial Property, better known as Trademarks and Patents Law,...

  • Baldivia Unzaga & Asociados

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Calle Reyes Ortíz esq. Federico Zuazo No. 73 Torres Gundlach (Torre Oeste)
    Piso 21 Of.2102 Phone (591 2) 2315105
  • Bufete Aguirre

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Av Arce 2017 ler Piso Depto 6 Phone (2) 440 937
  • Bufete Hinojosa Antezana

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Edificio Litoral P.O. Box 12406
    Piso 10, Of. 2 Phone 591-2 315237
  • Bufete Loayza & Asociados

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Calle Ingavi No. 730 Phone 591-2-2409305
  • Bufete Moscoso

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia
    Calle 21 de Mayo No. 161
    Primer Piso Phone 591 3 32-43-35
  • Burgos Abogados Asociado

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Socabaya Nº 240 EDF. Handal Piso 10, OF 1010 Phone +591 22 406580
  • Burgos Abogados Asociados

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Edf. Handal, Of 1010, c/ Socabaya 240 Phone 591 22406580
  • Carlos Gerke Mendieta Estudio Juridico

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Edificio Illampu, Piso 1 P.O. Box 14606
    Av. Arce N 2132 Phone 591-2-441351
  • Castellanos, Palacios & Cespedes

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Avenida 16 de Julio 1479
    Edificio San Pablo, Suite 801 Phone 591 8114635
  • Cayo Salinas & Asociados Estudio de Abogados S.C.

    Cochabamba, Bolivia

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    Edificio Los Tiempos, Torre II, Piso 8
    P.O. Box 6575 Phone +591 4 425 5554
    Other Offices: Santa Cruz
  • CEBAC Soc. Civ.

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, Mediation

    Av. 6 de Agosto 2160 Edificio HOY-PB Phone +591 2 2440100
  • Ciro Añez Nuñez

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    Constitutional Law, Civil Litigation, Criminal Law and Full-Service Law Firm

    B/Petrolero Sur. C/3 # 37 Phone +591 3 3433560
  • Criales & Urcullo

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Full-Service Law Firm in La Paz, Bolivia

    Phone +591 (2) 277-5656

    Criales & Urcullo is a full-service law firm located in La Paz, Bolivia. We provide legal representation and services to Bolivian and foreign private clients, governmental entities and international cooperation agencies.

  • Escobar & Escobar

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Intellectual Property and Industrial Law Firm in Bolivia

    Phone 591-2-2815312

    We are an Office that offers services of intellectual property and Industrial in Bolivia and offer legal advice in general. Bolivia, from the year 2009, year in which was passed the new "Constitution Policy of the State Plurinational" has had different changes in intellectual property, the same...

  • Estudio de Abogados Mendieta Romero & Asociados

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Corporate and commercial law, securites law, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property

    calle Fernando Guachalla 342, Edificio Victor piso 6 Of 603 Phone 59122441923
  • Estudio Juridico Edgar Lanza Borja

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Calle Mercado #1328 P.O. Box 640
    Edificio Mariscal Ballivian, 3rd Floor, Office 303/4/5 Phone 591-2 342-492
  • Estudio Juridico Empresarial Laredo

    Cochabamba, Bolivia

    Cochabamba, Bolivia Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law Office

    Ayacucho Avenue N 0196 Phone +591 4 4505002
  • Estudio Juridico Herrera-Quiroga

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia
    Av. Monsenor Rivero #245, Edificio Monsenor Rivero
    Bloque - B, 3er Piso, Casilla 2940 Phone 591-3 33-0948
  • Estudio Jurídico Soriano & Loayza

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Ed. Mcal. Ballivian Piso 12 of 1207
    Calle Mercado 1328 Phone 591 2 2201887
  • Estudios Asociados LegalBolivia

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Business Advisors in Bolivia

    Calle 12 Nº 10, Achumani Phone +591 2 2791416
  • Guevara & Gutierrez SC - Servicios Legales

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Calle 15 Calacoto, Torre Ketal, Piso 4, Oficina 2 Phone 591-2-2770808
  • Indacochea & Asociados

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia
    Phone (3) 535 356

    Indacochea & asociados, Abogados,
    founded in 1991, ranks as one of Bolivia's largest and best law firms.
    Indacochea & asociados, Abogados offers a full range of services to its clients. The reputation achieved since its foundation has placed us as a referral for national corporate law, as...

  • Landivar & Landivar

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Av. Arce No. 2618, Piso 8, Of. 802
    P.O. Box 3923 Phone 591-2-432362
  • LTT Abogados Asociados Sociedad Civil

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Calle Jauregui #2248 Phone 591 (2) 444355
  • Machicao Abogados Soc. Civ.

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia

    Corporate Law and Litigation

    8th Street East, Nº 8, Equipetrol Phone +591 3 3413397
  • Miranda & Asociados

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Business and Institutional Advisory Services

    Phone (591-2) 2442222

    Miranda & Asociados is a firm with specialized and innovative juridical, business and institutional advisory services. Its services are efficient, opportune and of top quality. The firm offers a top-notch professional team, devoted to serving its local and international clients with dedication and...

  • Monroy & Arauz Abogados Asociados

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Gundlach Towers, West Tower, Suite 304
    P.O. Box 05642 Phone 591 2 336470
  • Moreno-Baldivieso, Estudio De Abogados

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Capitan Ravelo Street No. 2366 Phone 00591 2 441867
  • Mostajo & Asociados S.C.

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Corporate Law Firm in Bolivia

    Calle 12 Nº 10, Achumani Phone +591 2 2791416
  • Mostajo Sociedad Civil

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Edificio Hilda, Piso 12, Of. 1203 P.O. Box 8533
    Avenida 6 de Agosto 2455 Phone 591-2 443856
  • Ormachea Antezana Abogados

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Constitutional, Corporate, Tax, Labor, Civil, Criminal Law

    Pasaje Jauregui No. 2248 - Edificio
    Sopocachi Phone 591 (2) 2444327
  • Quintanilla & Soria Abogados

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Edificio Castilla 7mo. Piso, Calle Loayza 250
    P.O. Box 3143 Phone 591-2-328865
  • Reynal & Urquidi

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Corporate Finance & Business Law Office and immigration in Bolivia

    Phone +591 78851423

    Reynal & Urquidi is a young law firm in Bolivia that is specialized in Business law. We offer services related to creating and doing business in BOLIVIA. Contact us through our web and witness our proffesional work. Don't hesitate in talking with us.

  • Rigoberto Paredes & Asociados

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Power, efficiency and loyalty

    Federico Zuazo # 1942 Primer Piso Phone (591) 2-2444354
  • Salazar Salazar & Associates

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Calle Rosendo Gutierrez No. 550 (Sopocachi)
    Casilla de Correos No. 11228 Phone 591-234-1378;
  • Sanchez Berzain & Asociados Ssciedad Civil, Estudio De Abogados

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Yanacocha 372, Edificio Cristal 3 piso Phone 591-2-332469
  • Servicios Legales S.C

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia
    Calle 8 Oeste 18 Equi Petrol Phone (3) 330 574
  • Sorvill

    La Paz, Bolivia

    An Intellectual Property Law Firm in Bolivia

    Phone +591-2-233-4795

    SORVILL is a Bolivian law firm with over 30 years of experience in Intellectual Property and has served clients from different areas such as information technology, mining, airlines, laboratories, manufacturers, financial institutions and services.
    We operate primarily in the field of...

  • Trujillo & Fernandez Abogados

    Cochabamba, Bolivia

    Full-service Corporate Law Firm

    Phone +591 (4) 423-5946

    Trujillo & Fernandez Abogados is a full-service corporate law firm, with over 15 years in the market. Our client list includes regional, national and international companies, as well as international organisations with activities in the region.
    One of the core strengths of the Firm is the...

  • Urenda Abogados Sociedad Civil

    Santa Cruz, Bolivia
    Calle Rafael Pena No. 222 Phone 591-3-367788
  • Valle & Asociados S.C.

    La Paz, Bolivia

    Mining and Other Natural Resource Attorneys

    Phone +591 2 2424886

    Dr. Luis Fernando Valle Q. - Bolivian lawyer with more than 37 years of experience practicing law. Mining and Other Natural Resource Law.

  • Von Borries Blanco

    La Paz, Bolivia
    Calle Rosendo Gutierrez Edif. Multicentro Torre B
    Piso 15 y 16 of. 1502, 1601 y 1602 Phone +591 2 2443453

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