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Law Firm in Croatia: Joint Law Office Ivan Župan & Melita Babić

Joint Law Office Ivan Župan & Melita Babić

Zagreb, Croatia

Full-Service Law Firm in Zagreb, Croatia

Phone+385 1 8897684

Joint Law Office Ivan Župan & Melita Babić is a full service firm with offices in Zagreb and Bjelovar, Croatia, serving domestic and international clients. Legal services include a range of civil law matters, commercial and company law, labor and employment law, contracts, collection of claims,...

Other Offices: Bjelovar

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Law Firm in Croatia: Hanzekovic & Partners

Hanzekovic & Partners

Zagreb, Croatia

Full-Service Law Firm

Phone+385 (0)1 61 84 816

Hanžeković & Partners offers comprehensive legal assistance to domestic and foreign enterprises, financial institutions, and private clients.
Our law firm, with its 53 lawyers and 15 years of experience on the Croatian market, is proud to have participated in some of the largest and most significant...

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Law Firm in Croatia: ODI Law Firm

ODI Law Firm

Umag, Croatia

Corporate Law Firm in Croatia

Phone+385 52 743 020

ODI Law Firm provides extensive legal consultancy in numerous transactions, involving complex legal mergers and acquisitions and financial issues. ODI Law Firm has broad spectrum of clients, including the two largest corporations in Slovenia. ODI Law Firm has offices in three other jurisdictions (Serbia,...

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  • Bandalo and Labavic Law Firm

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Zagreb, Croatia

    Phone +385 1 889 1029

    Bandalo and Labavic Law Firm was established by Attorney at law Ana Bandalo, LL.M and Attorney at law Natalija Labavic, LL.M.
    Our team is committed to assisting clients and to provide a first class service.
    We advise and represent, draft legal opinions and take all kinds of legal actions in...

  • Bukovac and Partners Law Firm

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Croatia, Zagreb

    Medjimurska 19/4 Phone +385 1 3764608
  • Cipcic-Bragadin and Associates

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Leading legal Advisors in Croatia

    Phone +385 1 467 88 70

    Cipcic-Bragadin and Associates, legal advisers in Croatia serving companies, financial institutions and private clients.

  • Deissenberger & Partners, D.O.O.

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Andrije Hebranga 38 Phone 385 1 485 6909
  • Divjak, Topic & Bahtijarevic

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Corporate and Commercial Law Firm in Zagreb, Croatia

    Phone +385 15 391600

    Established in 1994, Divjak, Topic & Bahtijarevic Law Firm is recognized as the premier corporate and commercial service to international and Croatian corporations in the Republic of Croatia.

  • Dr. Dragutin Sikiric

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Jurisiceva 5 Phone 3851275276
  • Dragicevic

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Pavla Hatza 13 Phone 385414818001
  • Eugen Zadravec

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Petrinjska 2 Phone +385 1 48 10 643/574
  • Ilic, Orehovec & Partners

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full service Commercial Law Firm in Zagreb, Croatia

    Phone 385 1 244 24 54

    Ilic, Orehovec & Partners, Law Firm Ltd (Ilic, Orehovec & Partneri, odvjetnicko drustvo d.o.o.). is an independent law firm originally established in 1995. The Firm, with its 14 lawyers and over 20 employees, is specialized in advising domestic and international clients in all areas of commercial,...

  • Ivekovic & Vidan

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Strossmayerov trg 8 Phone +385 1 4828 890
  • Karlo Novosel

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full Service Law Firm in Zagreb, Croatia

    Masarykova 24 Phone +385 98 508997
  • Klaic & Klaic

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Boskoviceva 6 Phone 00385 1 4816372
  • Korper & Hamamija

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Prilaz Gjure Dezelica Phone (1) 484 6261
  • Krce & Orlic Law Firm

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Full Service Law Firm in Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Vukovarska 26 Phone +385 20 437076
  • Law Firm Dr. Neven Cirkveni

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Petrinjska 2 Phone 385-1 4811 508
  • Law Firm Galic

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Attorney's Office in Zagreb, Croatia

    Selska cesta 90B - Hrusevecka 3 Phone +385 1 3690774
  • Law Firm Irena Tusak Miletic

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Vlaska 84 Phone +385-1-46 16 013
  • Law Firm Laktić & Partners

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Savska C. 129/III Phone +38516055130
  • Law Office Cukman

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full Service Law Firm in Croatia

    Phone 385 1 5583 925

    Cukman law office provides business oriented legal solutions. Through understanding the needs of clients, we deliver tailored legal solutions - introducing and applying innovative solutions while taking utmost attention to minimizing the risks. Our clients include local businesses and individuals...

  • Law Office Krešimir Galekovic and Damir Linta

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Corporate, M&A, Banking, Finance, Capital Markets and Dispute Resolution Law Firm in Croatia

    Phone 385 1 4814011

    We are Attorneys at Law and members of the Croatian Bar Association, and, as such, fully qualified and authorized to render all kinds of legal assistance We are rendering legal assistance, both to local and foreign legal entities, with major focus of our practice on corporate law, M&A, banking,...

  • Law Office Kuvac

    Rijeka, Croatia

    Full Range of Legal Service with Emphasis on Real Estate

    Phone +385 91 575 1462

    Law office Kuvac provides legal representation and counseling, a full range of legal service both to domestic and foreign clients, with emphasis on real estate.

    Our work ethic is to ensure our clients an individual approach, based on reliability, expertise and efficiency.

  • Law Office of Babic

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Badaliceva 26 B Phone 385 1 3821 124
  • Law office of Doris Obratov Klickovic

    Zadar, Croatia

    Civil & Family Law Office Obratov Klickovic

    Phone 385 (23) 647-605

    Law office Obratov Klickovic practices legal areas of civil litigation, real estate,˛inheritance and family law. We combine expert legal services with a committed and creative approach. Services to our clients are provided in a skillful, efficient, corteous and cost-effective manner. Our...

  • Law Office Owens & Zanetic

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Dalmatinska 5 Phone 385 1 4848115
  • Law Office Sucic

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full Range of Business Legal Services and Property Law

    Phone +385 1 4839048

    Law Office Su&269i&263
    within the statutory authority provides legal assistance to all natural and legal persons in the exercise of their rights and interests. The said legal aid is manifested daily through a variety of legal advisory services, drafting of various documents and representing...

  • Law office Zvonko Kristovic

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Property Law, Contract Law and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +385 99 219-6693

    Law firm is mainly focused on Property law, contractual and obligatory relations, contract making, commercial law, indemnity. Also with our partners we cover all main areas of law including criminal, misdemeanor law, administration law, and enforcement procedures.

  • Law Offices Miroljub Macesic

    Rijeka, Croatia

    Full Range of Business Legal Services

    Phone +385 51 213118

    Law Offices Miroljub Macesic, from its founding has been devoted to the clients in the sector of the business law providing full range of required services. Throughout the years, as one of the oldest business law oriented law offices, it has developed ties and contacts with prominent...

    Other Offices: Zagreb
  • Law Offices Nogolica

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    Phone +38514846826

    Law Offices Nogolica is a full service law firm and a member of AmCham Croatia.

  • Lawyer Hrvoje Tokić

    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Civil, Commercial and Labour Law Firm in Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Phone +385 98 235-039

    Our area of practice is primarily based on representing local and foreign legal and natural persons in the areas of civil, commercial and labour law.

  • Leko i Partneri

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Zagreb

    Phone +385 14501650

    Leko i partneri is established in 1998. The Firm has twenty five employees and five honorary associates. Fifteen of the numbered employees are lawyers.
    Miroslav Leko is the senior partner of the Firm and its authorized person.
    Expertise of the Firm is Commercial and Corporate Law practice...

  • M&S Partners

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Zagreb

    Phone +385 (1) 370-7030

    M&S Partners is a full service law firm able to provide legal advice to clients in diverse sectors.
    We advise both domestically and internationally, in local and cross-border transactions, on day-to-day operations and most challenging deals. We advise financial institutions, commercial...

  • Matijevich Law Offices

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Specializing in IP Transactions, filings, valuations and Corporate Law

    Kurelceva 4 Phone +385 1 482 8855
  • Mirko Bogdanovic & Tin Dolicki

    Zagreb, Croatia
    ul Alexandra von Humboldta 4b III Phone 385 1 615 95 95
  • MSA IP Milojevic, Sekulic & Associates

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full-Service Intellectual Property Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +385 1 4872 545

    MSA IP provides a full range of IP services (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names, etc) in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

  • Odvjetnik Andrija Lalic

    Slavonski Brod, Croatia

    Corporate & Business Law Attorney

    Trg pobjede 17 Phone +385 35 447682
  • Olujic, Pezic & Olujic

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Croatia

    Marulicev Trg 2 Phone +385 14 85 4114
  • Pecarevic & Relic

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Corporate Finance and Bussines Law Firm

    Zaharova 5 Phone +385 1 60 40 200
  • Petosevic

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full Service Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone + 385 1 457 2972

    PETOSEVIC is a wholly owned network of specialized intellectual property (IP) firms providing services throughout the region commonly referred to as Eastern Europe.
    PETOSEVIC is a full-service IP firm with over 100 people working in 14 offices - Albania, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria,...

  • Planinić & Partners Atorneys at Law

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Corporate and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +385 1 4812 562

    Law Firm Planinic & Partners renders legal assistance and supervises investments execution, takes part in takeovers of companies, follows foreign investments, conducts reorganization of companies, gives legal assistance in the operation of holding companies, represents clients in various court and...

  • Porobija & Porobija

    Zagreb, Croatia
    Brescenskog 4/1 pp 92 Phone (1) 455 1325
  • Radenovic Law Office

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    Podolje 34 Phone +385 1 2756072
  • Rokas Law Firm

    Zagreb, Croatia

    International Legal Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 3616816

    Rokas in association with the Zagreb law firm Par & Gradac, provide a full range of legal services in Croatia, specialising in domestic and international company and commercial law and have substantial experience in the local market, while being assisted by a number of local reputable law...

  • Savoric & Partners Law Firm

    Zagreb, Croatia

    International Standards, Corporate, M&A, Banking and Capital Markets Law Firm

    Gunduliceva 15 Phone +385 1 4855900
  • Sego & Partners Law Firm

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Zagreb, Croatia

    Kneza Viseslava 4 Phone +385 1 4572424
  • Sikiric & Hadzija Attorney Partnership

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Intellectual Property, Corporate, M&A and Bankruptcy Law Firm in Zagreb, Croatia

    Phone +385 1 4813554

    Our Law Offices were established in 1967 and have been practising in the field of IP Law for more then 25 years. We are dedicated to provide the most efficient legal service in the field of IP to clients in Croatia.
    Our Law Offices specializes in the field of Intellectual Property, particularly...

  • Studio Legale Sutti

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Full Service Commercial, Intellectual Property & Competition Law Firm

    Phone +385 1 4818972

    Studio Legale Sutti's mission is to provide a full range of legal services to businesses, investors, and foreign colleagues with similar practices, relying primarily on the excellence of our human resources, a customer-driven organisational culture, and cutting-edge information technology...

  • Tafra Law Firm

    Zagreb, Croatia

    Commercial, Corporate and Family Law Firm in Zagreb

    Phone +385 1 4854 - 131

    Established in 1961, the Law Firm Tafra is among the oldest law firms in Croatia and a member of International Chamber of Commerce. We offer great experience in a wide range of legal matters.
    The lawyer Sanja Tafra is a registered mediator for all of those who are interested in an alternative...

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