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Law Firm in Denmark: Law Firm of Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine

Law Firm of Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine

Copenhagen, Denmark

International Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone+45 3313-6920

Law Firm Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine is a traditional law firm based in Denmark which specializes in all business related legal matters. Fabritius Tengnagel & Heine was established in 1865 and we are one of the oldest law firms in Copenhagen. In addition to our expertise in business law, we are the...

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Law Firm in Denmark: Lexsos Advokater

Lexsos Advokater

Odense, Denmark

Full-Service Business Law Firm in Odense, Denmark

Phone+45 (66) 127700

Lexsos Advokater is a full service business law firm based in Odense and Copenhagen, Denmark. The firm’s practice areas include mergers and aquisitions, insolvency and reconstruction, arbitration and litigation, competition law, leases and building contracts, marketing, entity formation and establishment,...

Other Offices: Copenhagen

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Law Firm in Denmark: Accura Law Firm

Accura Law Firm

Copenhagen, Denmark

Corporate Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone+45 3945 2800

As a leading international law firm, Accura provides services to a wide range of large national and multinational corporate clients, financial institutions, private equity and sovereign wealth funds, utilities, public authorities and governments as well as a number of successful medium-sized private...

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Law Firm in Denmark: Bech-Bruun


Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Full-Service Law Firm

Phone+45 72270000

With more than 525 specialised and experienced employees, Bech-Bruun is among the leading law firms in Denmark. From our offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus and Shanghai, we provide advice on all aspects of corporate and commercial law.
Our clients include national and international enterprises, organisations...

Other Offices: Aarhus

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Law Firm in Denmark: Bruun & Hjejle Law Firm

Bruun & Hjejle Law Firm

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Banking & Finance, Real Estate and Construction Law Firm

Phone+45 (33) 345000

Bruun & Hjejle provides legal advice and assistance to Danish and foreign companies, governments, organizations, institutions, foundations, associations and individuals. firm is not divided into sections. Each client is linked to one or more responsible partners, which may include relevant specialists....

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Law Firm in Denmark: Delacour


Copenhagen, Denmark

International Law Firm

Phone+45 70 11 11 22

DELACOUR DANIA has offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Moscow, Kiev, Warsaw, Nuuk and Tórshavn and has approx. 200 employees, of whom approx. 80 are lawyers.
We assist in all legal areas, but as our main line of business we offer counselling in the field of commercial law for Danish and foreign companies,...

Other Offices: Aarhus

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Law Firm in Denmark: Gorrissen Federspiel

Gorrissen Federspiel

Copenhagen, Denmark

International Corporate Law Firm in Denmark

Phone+45 (33) 414141

Gorrissen Federspiel has been positioned as one of the leading corporate law firms in Denmark with strong and long standing international relations.
This position is a result of consistent dedication to quality and understanding of our clients' needs.
Over the years, we have acted on behalf of...

Other Offices: Aarhus

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Law Firm in Denmark: Kromann Reumert

Kromann Reumert

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark Full-Service Law Firm

Phone+45 (70) 121211

Kromann Reumert is the result of a merger in 2000 between Kromann & Münter and Reumert & Partners. We are a leading law firm in Denmark with offices in Copenhagen, Aarhus, London and Brussels.
We employ a team of almost 600 dedicated people, who work together to provide quality services for our clients....

Other Offices: Aarhus

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Law Firm in Denmark: Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen

Copenhagen, Denmark

International Corporate Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone+45 7070 1505

Moalem Weitemeyer Bendtsen is a dedicated Danish corporate law firm with strong, international relations.
We are a fully financially integrated and international law firm with app. 50 employees.
We believe that the legal practice is a service trade with the clients at centre-stage. We are therefore...

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Law Firm in Denmark: Norsker & Co Law Firm

Norsker & Co Law Firm

Copenhagen, Denmark

Full-Service Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone+45 (33) 433100

NORSKER & CO LAW FIRM is a full-service law firm advising primarily business clients in a number of different legal areas. We also advise trusts, private persons and public authorities. Download company presentation here.
NORSKER & CO LAW FIRM is a full-service law firm advising primarily business...

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Law Firm in Denmark: Plesner Law Firm

Plesner Law Firm

Copenhagen, Denmark

Full-Service Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

Phone+45 (33) 121133

Plesner is recognised as a leading Danish full-service law firm. Having about 400 employees, 250 of whom are fee earners, we are able to carry out the largest and most complex legal projects.
We aim to create the greatest possible value for our clients' businesses through focused and pro-active advice,...

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  • Awapatent

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    International Full Service Intellectual Property Lawyers

    Phone +45 43 99 55 11

    Awapatent's practice areas cover all aspects of intellectual property; from prosecution to litigation and commercial contracts; from patents to trademarks and copyright; from agreements to analyses and renewals – on a strategic, operational and administrative level.

    Other Offices: Horsens
  • Bender Von Haller Dragsted

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    IT Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (72) 241212

    BvHD is a modern law firm with focus on the IT-industry and the legal aspects of IT, new technology and e-commerce. With lawyers dedicated to our focus areas we run the leading law firm in Scandinavia within new technology law.

    Knowledge and experience
    In order to provide you with the...

  • Birch Windahl Law Firm

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Danish and European Transportation, Admirality and Maritime Law Firm in Denmark

    Phone +45 (35) 253800

    Birch Windahl is a Danish commercial law firm, founded in Copenhagen by partners Thomas Birch and Jesper Windahl.
    Hands-on expertise
    We are a team of partners and lawyers that have worked together for many years. We have right of appearance before all Danish courts and have vast hands-on...

  • Brandt & Lauritzen Law Office

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Corporate, Business and Commercial Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (40) 70278899

    Brandt & Lauritzen is a specialised consultancy firm with commercially oriented attorneys.
    We emphasise the importance of valuable-creating counselling, where priority is assigned to commercial value rather than theoretical law.
    We experience that a business partnership under stringent legal...

  • Domhusgaarden

    Odense, Denmark

    Private Law, Real Estate and Business Law

    Phone 70 20 68 98

    Domhusgaarden is a law office in Odense with a focus on individual and personal service.
    The office has more than 40 years focused on rental law and private law. We advise both organizations and small and medium business customers and focus on the services and advice.

  • Ghiladi & Dalsgaard

    Aalborg, Denmark

    Experienced Defense Attorney

    Phone +45 52101033

    You can find the quality legal representation you need at the Ghiladi & Dalsgaard Law Offices. We offer experienced, compassionate, and dedicated representation in criminal cases. We defend clients against state and federal criminal charges ranging from DUI and serious traffic crimes to capital...

  • Hauch Fenger Lawfirm

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Criminal Law and Human Rights Firm in Copenhagen

    Phone +45 26 24 06 22

    Defence lawyer providing legal services, covering all disciplines within the areas of Criminal Law, International Criminal Law and Human Rights. 13 years of extensive international experience from the UN and the EU. Representation of Danish and international clients in over 200 criminal cases.

  • Horten Advokatfirma

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen, Denmark Business & Environmental Law Firm

    Phone +45 (33) 340000

    Horten is a law firm in constant development. Today we employ 238 people, 116 of whom are lawyers and 38 of whom are trainee attorneys, always committed to meeting our clients’ needs for solutions-oriented legal advice.
    Clients at Horten may expect
    A high level of legal expertise and ethical...

  • Knop & Co Advokater

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Business and Company Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 33 113636

    Knop & Co Advokater, a business and company law firm, provides legal representations and consultations to small and medium-sized businesses. The firm offers services with emphasis on business law, contracts, corporate law, IT law, commercial lease law, marketing, copyright and entertainment law....

  • LEAD Advokatpartnerselskab

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    International, Company, Employment, Real Estate and Taxation Law Firm in Denmark

    Phone +45 (44) 45 50 00

    LEAD is a new law firm which aspires to become the preferred partner in Denmark for foreign companies as regards legal services. LEAD provides specialized advice to Danish and foreign companies within the practice areas of international trade, company law, employment law, real estate and taxation. ...

  • LETT Law Firm

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Full-Service Lawyers in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 33 340000

    LETT is one of the leading full-service law firms in Denmark. We are even one of the oldest, and our history dates back to 1869. LETT’s specialist areas are set up and geared to provide legal assistance at top professional levels as required by both the corporate sector as well as the public...

  • Lind

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Commercial and Business Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (82) 309000

    LIND is a modern law firm that advises and assists businesses, professional organisations and private individuals. Our advice covers a range of specialist areas and the most important areas of commercial and business law.
    We prioritise quality, and deliver services of the highest professionality...

  • Lindegaard Gregersen

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Criminal Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (33) 138000

    The law firm provides legal services within the area of Danish Criminal Law and covers all disciplines. It is entitled to appear before all Danish Courts, i.e. the District Courts, the High Courts and the Supreme Court.

    The manager, defence lawyer Rolf Lindegaard Gregersen, is member of...

  • Lund Elmer Sandager

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Full-Service Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (33) 300200

    Lund Elmer Sandager is a full-service law firm dedicated to advising clients on business issues and business-related legislation. Our objective is to provide the best counselling possible based on a high professional and ethical level as well as a firm knowledge about each client. Furthermore, we...

  • Lundgrens

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    International law firm in Copenhagen

    Phone +45 3525 2535

    Lundgrens is one of Denmark's leading law firms. We employ approximately 110 people, of which more than 70 are attorneys. We aim to meet the market's demand for accessibility, speed and business understanding that characterizes a modern law firm.

  • Mette Klingsten Advokatfirma

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Danish Labour and Employment Law

    Phone +45 69 15 38 00

    Mette Klingsten Law Firm offers legal services in all aspects of Danish labour and employment law as well as related areas of law. Our many years of advising private companies and institutions gives us the knowledge and experience to provide specific services where a deep understanding of the law...

  • Moltke-Leth Advokater

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Family, Business, Real Estate and Inheritance Law Firm in Denmark

    Phone (+45) 3311 6511

    After more than 70 years in the sector, we consider ourselves what you might call ‘experts in general business advice’. Good legal advice is not only a matter of being specialists in a particular field of law. Quite the contrary. In our experience, the best solutions to complex legal problem areas...

  • Nebelong & Partnere

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Copenhagen, Denmark Commercial and Construction Law Firm

    Phone +45 (33) 117522

    Nebelong & Partnere is an internal, external and integrated communications Information Strategies Media and Press policies Concept of staff magazines, newsletters, advertisements media training presentation skills write journalistic performance appraisal management and collaboration.

  • Nielsen Norager Law Firm LLP

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Corporate & Commercial Law Office in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (33) 114545

    Nielsen Nørager has always been characterised by its ability and dedication to provide a first class service in representing our clients' interests in Denmark and abroad.

    We are renowned for our expertise within our practice areas and our lawyers are distinguished by their dedication to...

  • Nyborg & Rordam

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Employment, Corporate and Commercial Lawyers in Denmark

    Phone +45 (33) 124540

    Nyborg & Rordam provide assistance and advice to individuals and organizations in all privacy legal issues. Nyborg & Rørdam has some of the largest capacities of private justice, both in family law and tax law, and not least in cases with international aspects. In particular, the private justice,...

  • Philip & Partners

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Business and Finance Attorneys in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (33) 131112

    Philip & Partners is an international law firm providing legal advice and assistance to both foreign and Danish clients.
    The firm currently employs a total of 60 people of which half are lawyers. Each lawyer has his/her own area of expertise which gives the firm the ability to provide in depth...

  • Poul Schmith

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Health Law Firm in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (33) 152010

    Our firm is one of Denmark's largest and most versatile law firms.
    We are charged with the task as Legal Adviser to the Danish Government and the State is thus our main client. In addition to this we advise a large number of companies, typically related to the public sector in Denmark in areas...

  • Ret & Raad

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Business, Family and Real Estate Lawyers in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (70) 207070

    Ret & Council is the leading chain of lawyers. We consist of a series of independent law firms, which are distributed throughout Denmark. We advise individuals, businesses and public institutions in all areas of law. Each lawyer in the chain takes pride in advising our clients based on each...

  • Sandroos Law FirmArticles

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Oil and Gas,Energy and Offshore Industries Lawyers in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (40) 885422

    Specialist law firm focusing on upstream oil and gas, renewable energy, infrastructure and related offshore and marine industries. Due to its exclusive industry focus the firm works to the highest professional standards.
    We assist companies and organizations in all legal and commercial matters...

  • Valdal Law Firm

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Business, Litigation and Employment Lawyers in Copenhagen, Denmark

    Phone +45 (35) 385000

    Valdal Law Firm was founded in 1937 by barrister Lars Valdal. The company currently employs 43 people, including 7 lawyers and an MSc (Master of Laws).

  • Viltoft Law Firm

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Construction, Procurement, Employment and Criminal Attorneys in Denmark

    Phone +45 (33) 149300

    The partners of VILTOFT are Hans Lykke Hansen, Michael Gjedde-Nielsen, Claus Berg, Henrik Hauge-Andersen and Steen Hellmann.

    VILTOFT is a firm of specialists. We work primarily within a limited member of specialist areas, which we master to perfection and within which we enjoy a reputation...

  • Zenith Law Firm

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    Corporate, Commercial, Finance, Litigation and Arbitration Lawyers in Denmark

    Phone 45 3347 0000

    TZLF is a corporate, commercial, finance, litigation and arbitration practice firm.We have established a reputation for providing our local and international clientele with legal services of the highest international standard,combining technical excellence with commercial awareness and a practical,...

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