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Law Firm in Greece: Dafni Siopi & Associates

Dafni Siopi & Associates

Thessaloniki, Greece

Immigration, Real Estate, Corporate & Family Law Office in Greece

Phone+30 (231) 3079293

Our Law Office Dafni Siopi & Associates is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. Being fully aware of the high requirements of the era we live, our office aims to provide high quality legal services, adopting a highly customer-oriented and person-centered approach and demonstrating a high sense of responsibility...

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Vardikos & Vardikos

Athens, Greece

Immigration & Tax Law Firm in Greece

Phone+30 210 3611505

Vardikos & Vardikos is an international law firm whose involvement in the practice of law spans five generations. Though we specialize in Patents and Trademarks and the Establishment of Foreign Shipping and Commercial and Industrial Companies we offer a full range of legal services.On the premise that...

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Law Firm in Greece: Karakitis Tax & Law

Karakitis Tax & Law

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece Tax, Administrative Law, Business, Tax & Criminal Tax Litigation Law Firm

Phone+30 210 36 444 88

Karakitis Tax & Law is a business and tax law firm located in Athens, Greece. Practice areas include international tax, transfer pricing, tax controversy and litigation, tax compliance reviews, administrative law, business transactions, commercial and company law, and labor law. The firm serves multinational...

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Law Firm in Greece: Moutzouridou - Sakellariou & Associates

Moutzouridou - Sakellariou & Associates

Athens, Greece

Major Litigation and Full-Service Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Phone+30 21 03636686

Moutzouridou – Sakellariou & Associates Law Firm offers years of experience in legal expertise and render legal services at the highest quality level. The firm is also a young, dynamic legal company and we strive on developing new approaches to improve the process of your legal cases. At Moutzouridou...

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Law Firm in Greece: Spiropoulou & Associates Law Firm

Spiropoulou & Associates Law Firm

Athens, Greece

Data Protection & Internet Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Phone+30 (210) 3388528-9

Spiropoulou & Associates Law Firm is an Athens-based law firm with a vast experience in Internet Law, Data Protection and Intellectual Property Law. We counsel multinational companies as well as local private citizens and companies in areas such as social media, e-commerce and telecommunication, pharmaceutical,...

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Law Firm in Greece: Damiani & Damiani

Damiani & Damiani

Domestic and International Private & Business Italian - EMEA Law Firm

Phone+30 210985996

Damiani&Damiani International law firm & services oversteps the boundaries of territoriality, creating a multi-national network of lawyers located in Italy, UK, Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Greece, Turkey, and Croatia.
Damiani&Damiani is an over-40-year-experienced Italian law firm. We provide...

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Law Firm in Greece: N. M. Kondylis & Partners Law Office

N. M. Kondylis & Partners Law Office

Athens, Greece

Corporate, Business & Administrative Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Phone+30 (21) 0699-5792

N. M. Kondylis & Partners Law Office, located in Athens, Greece, provides a full range of legal services. Our practice areas include administrative and public law, commercial and business law, tax and corporate taxation, real estate and property law, energy and natural resources, intellectual property,...

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Law Firm in Greece: Sflegal law firm (former karydas Fouskarinis & Associates law office)

Sflegal law firm (former karydas Fouskarinis & Associates law office)

Athens, Greece

Litigation & Criminal Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Phone+30 6978156761

Sflegal law firm (former karydas Fouskarinis & Associates law office), located in Athens, Greece, is a litigation law office with more than 45 years of experience in law practice before the Greek and Supreme Courts. Our areas of practice include criminal law – fraud, corruption and anti-trust, money...

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Law Firm in Greece: A. & C. Varnavas Law Firm

A. & C. Varnavas Law Firm

Athens, Greece

Real Estate & Investment Immigration Law - Golden Visa

Phone+30 6934 036 114

A. & C. Varnavas Law Firm 1978 is an awarded boutique Law Firm based in Athens, excelling in real estate law and investment immigration (Golden Visa Greece). Experienced for over 40 years to support prestigious companies and High-Net-Worth individuals, we have developed an entirely client-focused practice,...

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Law Firm in Greece: Christodoulou & Mavrikis Inc.

Christodoulou & Mavrikis Inc.

Athens, Greece

Aviation & Commercial Law Practice

Phone+30 210 32 36 244

Christodoulou Mavrikis & Comninos Inc. has a dedicated office in Athens. The Athens office is headed by Mr. George Mavrikis, a South African qualified attorney, offering advice on South African law, international commercial law and assists clients in their business needs in both Greece and South Africa.

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Law Firm in Greece: AP & Generalis Law Firm

AP & Generalis Law Firm

Athens, Greece

Real Estate, Corporate and Inheritance Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Phone+30 (210) 3239800

AP & Generalis Law Firm, with offices in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece, works predominantly with small- and medium-sized enterprises from English and German speaking countries on legal issues related to doing business in Greece. Our expertise includes corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, commercial...

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Law Firm in Greece: Valmas & Associates

Valmas & Associates

Athens, Greece

Full Service Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Phone+30 210 339 2081

Valmas & Associates - Athens Law Office is an international Greek law firm providing services in a broad range of practice areas. We represent Greek and foreign clients, from corporations and foreign government bodies to private businesses and individuals in transnational transactions and legal matters....

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Law Firm in Greece: Papalois & Associates Law Firm

Papalois & Associates Law Firm

Athens, Greece

General Practice Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Phone+30 6947465153

Papalois & Associates Law Firm was founded in 1980 by Periklis Papalois in Athens and has established since then a circle of well-respected Greek and International clientele. The office has a great history and has handled complex cases in every field of law. We are advising individuals, Greek and International...

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Law Firm in Greece: Amoiridis Law Services

Amoiridis Law Services

Thessaloniki, Greece

International Law Firm in Thessaloniki, Greece

Phone+30 (231) 051-2000

Amoiridis Law Services has given many years of valued legal counsel and representation to both businesses investing in Greece and to Greek citizens. The firm’s five skilled lawyers handle everything from international business to family law, and pride themselves on offering clients affordable counsel...

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Law Firm in Greece: Karaindros Law Office

Karaindros Law Office

Athens, Greece

Administrative, Civil and Criminal Law Firm in Athens, Greece

Phone+30 (21) 0802-6039

Karaindros Law Office is a Greek firm serving individuals, large institutions, and multinational companies. Our clients have ranged from business executives and professional athletes to The World Bank. We offer a wide range of legal services to support our clients in all areas of their life and work.

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Law Firm in Greece: Agapinos Law Firm

Agapinos Law Firm

Athens, Greece

Criminal, Commercial & Civil Lawyers in Athens, Greece

Phone+30 210-3630458

Agapinos Law Firm is a Criminal - Civil and Commercial law firm located in Athens, Greece and offers a broad range of legal services. These practice areas include any kind of Criminal Offence (Hard-core crime and White Collar), Competition Law, Intellectual Property, Damage claims, Family law, Tax law,...

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Law Firm in Greece: Potamitisvekris


Athens, Greece

Commercial Law Practice in Athens

Phone+30 21 0338 0000

Potamitisvekris is an international commercial law firm located in Athens, Greece and operating across southeast Europe. Practice areas include banking and finance, capital markets, corporate mergers and acquisitions, civil and criminal litigation and arbitration, employment and social security, EU,...

Other Offices: Athens

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Law Firm in Greece: Konstandinidis & Associates

Konstandinidis & Associates

Thessaloniki, Greece

Full-Service Law Firm in Greece

Phone+30 2310 222101

Established in 1941, Konstandinidis & Associates is located in Thessaloniki, Greece and offers a wide range of legal and consulting services for national and multinational legal entities and corporations as well as individuals. The firm covers all areas of Hellenic & EC business law, including: corporate...

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Law Firm in Greece: Georgios N. Lampadakis Law Firm

Georgios N. Lampadakis Law Firm

Rhodes, Greece

Full Service Law Firm in Rhodes, Greece

Phone+30 6937168225

Georgios N. Lampadakis & Associates Law Firm is located in Rhodes, Greece and provides a wide range of legal services to both corporate and individual entities. The firm handles cases involving real estate/property law, criminal law, road traffic law such as car accidents and lawsuits against insurance...

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Law Firm in Greece: Theodosia Karalla & Associates

Theodosia Karalla & Associates

Rhodes, Greece

Full-Service Law Firm in Rhodes, Greece

Phone+30 (694) 611-5282

Theodosia Karalla & Associates is located in Rhodes, Greece and provides a broad range of legal services including real estate law; inheritance issues; family law; car accidents; securities law; company law; and industrial/intellectual property law. The firm undertakes cases of foreign citizens and...

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Law Firm in Greece: Clyde & Co

Clyde & Co

Piraeus, Greece

International Law Firm in Piraeus, Greece

Phone+30 210 417 0001

Clyde & Co is a dynamic, rapidly expanding global law firm focused on providing a complete legal service to clients in our core sectors. We advise businesses that are at the heart of worldwide commerce and trade. Our combination of sector expertise, commercial attitude and in-depth regional understanding...

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Law Firm in Greece: Reed Smith LLP

Reed Smith LLP

Piraeus, Greece

International Law Firm

Phone+30 210 4190500

At Reed Smith we truly believe that "It's not just business. It's personal."
We are a top global law firm that has worked in close partnership with its clients throughout a successful 125-year history to grow from being a leading national law firm to a transatlantic law firm committed to providing...

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Law Firm in Greece: Sarantitis Law Firm

Sarantitis Law Firm

Athens, Greece

Corporate Law Firm

Phone+30 210 3670400

Serving clients internationally from offices situated in Athens, Piraeus and Thessaloniki, Sarantitis Law Firm is one of the leading firms in Greece. Established by its senior partner in 1965, from the early seventies, Sarantitis Law Firm experienced demand for a wide range of services, creating today...

Other Offices: Piraeus, Thessaloniki

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Law Firm in Greece: Yiannopoulos & Kozi

Yiannopoulos & Kozi

Thessaloniki, Greece

Civil & Commercial Litigation and Arbitration Practice

Phone+30 (231) 029-9955

Yiannopoulos & Kozi is a Thessaloniki-based boutique law firm focusing in all aspects of civil and commercial litigation and arbitration. We are proud of a traceable record of experience in high profile, international litigation proceedings.

Other Offices: Athens

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  • A Voutsas Law Offices

    Athens, Greece

    Counselors and Attorneys at Law

    Phone +30 210 3612652

    A VOUTSAS Law Offices is located in the city of Athens, capital of Greece and provides comprehensive and full-range legal services in areas of national and international law. The firm assists clients doing business in and from Greece, the European Union and the Balkans through the firm's...

  • Akrivi Depoundi

    Argostoli, Greece

    English speaking lawyer ,property law ,family law ,business law

    Phone +30 26710 26651

    Akrivi Depoundi, an English speaking law, family law, labour law, business law, property law in Kefalonia and all over Greece.

  • Alexandros Alexiadis

    Athens, Greece

    Criminal Defence Law Firm

    Phone +30 2114105456

    Alexandros Alexiadis Lw Office has a team of skilled criminal lawyers dedicated to smart, aggressive and strategic advocacy. Our practice areas include all criminal offences including drug offences, sexual offences, driving offences, violent offences and white collar crime. Recognized for defending...

  • Anastasiades - Katsimani

    Athens, Greece

    Attorneys at Law

    Phone +30 694 787 0794

    The Law Firm focuses on both Greek and European Union law. Established in the center of Athens in walking distance from the Courts.

    We represent our clients in litigation before the civil, criminal and administrative courts, as well as before government agencies and authorities related to...

  • Andreas Lionis & Associates

    Athens, Greece

    Attorneys at Law, Athens Greece

    Phone +30 210 9813351

    Andreas Lionis & Associates is an Athens-based law firm offering a comprehensive range of legal services to private and business clients. Established in 1974, the firm strives to ensure excellent legal advice, professional objectivity and enduring professional relationships with clients.

  • Androulakakis Law Office

    Heraklion, Greece

    Attorneys at Law in Heraklion Crete

    Phone +30 2810 342430

    Androulakakis Law Firm is based in Heraklion Crete.
    Our team consists of highly skilled Lawyers - Solicitors.
    Our ethos is complete partnership, loyal, honest service and total commitment to achieving our clients objectives.
    Our services cover a wide range, icluding the following:

  • Anyfanti & Partners

    Athens, Greece

    Civil and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +30-2130226779

    Anyfanti & Partners Law Firm was founded by Mrs. Anyfanti Vasiliki. She handled a variety of civil and commercial cases. The law firm's vision was to become the pre-eminent law firm in Greece by providing excellent legal services to international standards in a commercial and responsive...

  • Apostolos Georgiades & Associates

    Athens, Greece

    Domestic and International Transactions and Disputes Legal Services

    Phone +30 210 6930960

    Apostolos Georgiades & Associates is a highly respected Greek law firm actively involved in both domestic and international transactions and disputes, with a long legal tradition and profound expertise in most areas of Greek business law.
    Name Partner Dr. Apostolos Georgiades, Professor at the...

  • Artemis Stai & Associates Law Office

    Athens, Greece

    Full-Service Law Firm

    10, Katakouzinou Street Phone +30 210 3827582
  • Ath. Georgiadis - AG. Kaitezidou and Partners Law Firm

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    LEX Legal Services - Full-Service Law Firm In Thessaloniki, Greece

    Phone 30 2310 273484

    Legal services in Greece. Counseling and Representation before the Court (all instances). Experience in Alternative Dispute Resolution. Main field of expertise: Civil, Employment & Administrative Law. Member of IBA & UIA.

  • Athanasios Rozou & Associates Law OfficeArticles

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Legal Support to Businesses: Local Entity Establishment, Debt Collection and More

    Phone +30 (23) 102-80874

    Rozou & Associates law firm is a one-stop spot for legal services in Greece to foreign and domestic businesses. We mainly practice corporate, commercial and e-commerce law but we also specialize in intellectual property, food/food supplements, bankruptcy and real property law.

  • Avramopoulos & Partners Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    Greek Law Firm Servicing Local and Internationl Businesses

    Phone (3010) 69.12.200

    Avramopoulos & Partners Law Firm is committed to provide superior service to our clients. The firm takes pride in the talent of our people, the depth of their expertise and the teamwork employed in responding to our clients' needs. Among the leading law firms of Greece, we serve individuals and...

  • Bahas, Granmatidis and Partners

    Athens, Greece

    Commercial and Industrial Law Firm in Athens. Greece

    Phone + 3013229325

    Bahas, Gramatidis & Partners traces its origins to the Law Office Marios Bahas in 1970. In 1988, the original firm merged with Law Office Y.Gramatidis (in practice since 1978) to form Bahas, Gramatidis & Associates with the participation of Dimitris Emvalomenos (in practice since 1988) in 1990....

  • Basagiannis & Matsoukatidis Law Firm

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Law Office in Thessaloniki, Greece

    Phone +30 23 10523341

    Our legal office is located in the center of Thessaloniki, on Vasileos Herakliou, 14 Street.
    It is a modern law firm with great experience, highly scientific training and up to date information about the new subjects of legal science.
    Our basic objective is to achieve the best possible...

  • Calavros & Partners Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    Commercial and Partners Law Firm

    Phone +30 21 0369 8700

    Calavros & Partners Law Firm was established in 1980 and is already acclaimed as one of the leading law firms in Greece. Managed by a forward thinking team of partners under the leadership of Professor Constantin Calavros, Calavros & Partners enjoys a widely established reputation for its...

    Other Offices: Thessaloniki
  • Chaldoupis & Partners Law Offices

    Athens, Greece
    A. Lazaraki 30 Phone +30 210 898 6568
  • Dimitrios Moustakas Law Office

    Heraklion, Greece

    Commercial, Banking and Civil Law Office

    Phone +30 2810 221008

    Based in Heraklion, the major city and economical center of Crete, since 2004 we provide our legal services with efficiency and consistency, always at affordable prices.
    Our main areas of expertise are Civil Law, Commercial Law and Banking Law and we provide our legal services before all courts...

  • Dr Helen G. Papaconstantinou and Partners

    Athens, Greece

    Intellectual Property Professional Law Services

    Phone +30 210 3625757

    The Firm's staff includes 15 fully qualified Attorneys with considerable experience in intellectual property matters over many years of practice and 40 highly specialized technical counsellors-patent translators. Three of the Firm’s Attorneys are European Patent Attorneys and one has been admitted...

  • Drakopoulos Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    International Law Firm in Greece Romania Albania

    Phone +30 210 6836561

    Drakopoulos Law Firm is providing consulting and legal services to businesses since 1992. The Firm possesses extensive resources and know-how to cover a wide range of services and handle substantial and complex transactions; our highly skilled lawyers provide professional services and legal...

  • Dryllerakis & Associates

    Athens, Greece

    Integrated Legal Services in Athens, Greece

    Phone +30 210 3628159

    Dryllerakis & Associates is a legal entity (and not an informal group), offering as such comprehensive and integrated legal services. The formation of a company has been considered necessary to secure best organisation and therefore better quality of services in serious and big matters, which...

  • Economou and Partners Law Office

    Athens, Greece

    Real Estate, Corporate Finance & Business Law, Corporations & Individuals Immigration Lawyers

    Phone +30 6946252884

    Serving clients internationally Alkis Economou & Partners law Firm provides a wide range of services, representing some of the best known corporate groups, banks, enterprises and high-net-worth individuals, within Greece and abroad. Through cooperation with other premiere law firmsworldwide we...

  • Efstratiadis & Petmezas Law Offices

    Thessaloniki, Greece

    Attorneys at Law in Thessaloniki, Greece

    Phone +30 231 0547706

    EFSTRATIADIS & PETMEZAS Law Office was established in 1985 by Antonis E. Efstratiadis and Pan¬telis G. Petmezas both attorneys at law at Thessaloniki Bar Association.
    Present permanent associates of the office are Nenia Adamidou and Hlias Agelakopoulos, Elina Zerva all attorneys at Thessaloniki...

  • Elias Paraskevas Attorneys 1933

    Athens, Greece

    Business Law Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone (+30) 21 03610333

    Elias Paraskevas Attorneys 1933 is the only Greek Law Firm ever listed in the Financial Times Law 50 Report.
    Founded in 1933 by Elias Paraskevas (1912-1991), widely referred to as the “Dean of Greek lawyers”, Paraskevas consists of one of the most internationally minded Greek legal teams....

  • European Legal Consultancy Law Firm

    Athens, Greece

    European Legal Consultancy in

    Phone +30 210 3613379

    ELC is one of an exciting new breed of law firms, combining local expertise with an international network of like-minded professional associates.
    ELC has extensive legal experience across a broad range of sectors. We offer multi-lingual capabilities to compliment our wide range of specialist...

  • Ev. Papa & Associates

    Athens, Greece

    Intellectual and Industrial Property Law Firm

    Phone +30 210 3808338

    We believe that the best way of serving our clients is to provide them with all services relating to Intellectual Property matters.
    The extensive experience of our Patent and Trade Mark Attorneys, as well as the technical background of our professional team guarantee the competent handling of...

  • Fakontis and Giannakogiorgou Law Office

    Athens, Greece

    Land, Company, Shipping, Personal Injury, Recognition and Enforcement of foreign Judgments

    Phone +30 2104293003

    Our Law firm is based in Athens,Greece and we are mainly focused on Permanent Residence by way of purchase of property in Greece, TOURIST LAW as personal injury car accidents, Shipping Law as vessel registration and mortgages, Labour Shipping Law, Land Law, Criminal Law and any family law cases. We...

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