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Law Firm in Indonesia: Maulana and Partners Law Firm

Maulana and Partners Law Firm

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Jakarta Selatan Corporate, Intellectual Property and Dispute Law Firm

Phone+62 (21) 521-1931

Maulana and Partners Law Firm is a business and commercial firm located in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. Practice areas encompass corporate law, including infrastructure, employment, foreign and domestic investment, franchises, mergers and acquisitions, licensing agreements, shipping, telecommunication,...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Makarim & Taira S.

Makarim & Taira S.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesian Corporate and Finance Law Firm

Phone+62 (21) 50808300/2521272

Makarim & Taira S. (M&T) is a business law firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Practice areas include Aviation, Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Construction, Employment, Foreign Investment/Joint Venture, Insolvency/Bankruptcy, Intellectual Property, International Trade, IT and E-commerce, Litigation...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Mirandah Asia

Mirandah Asia

Jakarta, Indonesia

Intellectual Property Law Firm in Asia

Phone+62 (21) 57935902

Mirandah Asia is a full service, boutique intellectual property law firm with its main offices in Singapore and Malaysia. Practice areas include patents, trademarks, copyright, industrial design, litigation support, investigation and watch service, enforcement action, infringement advice, licensing,...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Kudri & Djamaris

Kudri & Djamaris

Jakarta, Indonesia

Corporate, Investment and Litigation Law Firm in Indonesia

Phone+62 (21) 5225453

Kudri & Djamaris, located in Jakarta, Indonesia, provides a broad range of legal services to domestic and international clients. Our practice areas encompass litigation, arbitration, and mediation in corporate and commercial law matters such as company formation, compliance and corporate governance...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Kartika Hermawan & Partners

Kartika Hermawan & Partners

Jakarta, Indonesia

Business, Intellectual Property, Labor & Family Law Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone+62 (21) 8378-8623

Kartika Hermawan & Partners, located in Jakarta, Indonesia is a law office providing legal services for both domestic and international clients. Our services include corporate law, investments law, insolvency and bankruptcy law, intellectual property law, labor law, marriage and family law, business...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Rajamada & Partners

Rajamada & Partners

Jakarta, Indonesia

Information Technology, Intellectual Property, and Corporate Law Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone+62 (21) 576-2720

Rajamada & Partners provides legal services for local and international businesses in Indonesia. Located in Jakarta, the firm was born as result of deep commitment to continued professional growth. Our young and highly skilled lawyers always seek to establish and maintain a long-term dynamic relationship...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: ADCO Attorneys at Law

ADCO Attorneys at Law

Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia Corporate, Commercial, and Litigation Boutique Law Firm

Phone+62 (21) 5290-3034

ADCO Attorneys At Law is a boutique law firm in Jakarta, Indonesia and was established by professional and talented legal practitioners in 2010. The firm focuses its practice on corporate and commercial, natural resources, and litigation and dispute resolution and has represented various corporations....

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Yuking & Co.

Yuking & Co.

Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia Debt Restructuring & Collection, Capital Market & Commercial Litigation Law Firm

Phone+62 (21) 7599-9993

Yuking & Co. Attorneys at Law is a corporate law firm focusing on foreign clients. We provide legal service to public listed companies, private companies, banks and high profile individuals in Indonesia. We commit to maintain our client’s trust in a professional practice and provide multi-perspectives...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: BP Lawyers

BP Lawyers

Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia

Indonesian Arbitration Law Firm in Jakarta

Phone+62 (21) 806-74920

BP Lawyers is a business and arbitration law firm located in Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia. Practice areas include corporate and company law, banking and finance, capital investment, industry, intellectual property, labor and industrial relations, food and beverage, energy, telecommunications, entity formation,...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Simbolon & Partners Law Firm

Simbolon & Partners Law Firm

Jakarta, Indonesia

Corporate, Intellectual Property and Litigation Law Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone+62 (21) 83793027-28

Simbolon & Partners Law Firm is located in Jakarta, Indonesia and provides comprehensive legal services to domestic and foreign companies and individuals. Practice areas for companies include corporate and commercial law, labor and immigration, intellectual property, bank and finance matters, construction...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Aprilda Fiona & Partners Law Firm

Aprilda Fiona & Partners Law Firm

Jakarta, Indonesia

Full Service Indonesian Law Firm in Jakarta

Phone+62 (21) 7231675

Aprilda Fiona & Partners Law Firm (“AFP”) is a full service firm with offices in Jakarta and Batam, Indonesia. Practice areas include corporate and commercial law, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, litigation and dispute resolution, bankruptcy and liquidation, foreign investments and business set-ups,...

Other Offices: Batam

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Ali Budiardjo, Nugroho, Reksodiputro

Ali Budiardjo, Nugroho, Reksodiputro

Jakarta, Indonesia

Counsellors at Law

Phone+62 21 2505125

Ali Budiardjo, Nugroho, Reksodiputro (ABNR) was founded in 1967 by professionals with a deep respect for the law and a keen interest in assisting clients, both foreign and domestic, to achieve their commercial goals within the Indonesian legal environment.
ABNR has the insight and alertness to look...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Allen & Overy LLP

Allen & Overy LLP

Jakarta, Indonesia

Banking and Finance, Corporate, and Capital Market Law Firm in Indonesia

Phone+62 (21) 2995-1700

Indonesia is one of the most important emerging markets in Asia and Allen & Overy LLP has been active there for many years, representing financial institutions, corporates and the Republic of Indonesia on a wide range of transactions.

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Allens Arthur Robinson

Allens Arthur Robinson

Jakarta, Indonesia

International Law Firm with Offices Throughout Australia and Asia

Phone+62 21 2995 1500

Allens Arthur Robinson has some of the world's longest ongoing client relationships, stretching back more than 150 years. It's a fact of which we are immensely proud and one we never take for granted.
55 of the world's top 100 companies, 8 of Australia's top 10 public companies and 77 of Australia's...

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Ashurst LLP

Ashurst LLP

Jakarta, Indonesia

International Law Firm in London, England

Phone+62 21 29969200

Ashurst is a leading international law firm advising corporates, financial institutions and governments. Our core businesses are in corporate, finance, dispute resolution, and the development and financing of assets in the energy, resources and infrastructure sectors.

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Law Firm in Indonesia: Baker & McKenzie

Baker & McKenzie

Jakarta, Indonesia

Global Full Service Law Firm

Phone+62 21 2960 8888

Hadiputranto, Hadinoto & Partners employs more than 200 lawyers and professional staff. Our legal consultants practice in various legal areas, including mergers and acquisitions, capital markets and securities, corporate and commercial, banking, finance and major projects, employment, tax, commercial...

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  • A & Co

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Intellectual Property, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Civil & Commercial Litigation

    Phone +62 21 799 1135

    Our firm, A&CO. - Intellectual Property, Corporate, Commercial & Litigation Services is founded to provide personalized, cost-effective, and creative legal services to global clients on intellectual property (IP), corporate, commercial, enforcement and contentious matters

  • A. A. Aziz & Partners Law Firm

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Corporate and Litigation Law Firm

    Phone +62 21 5705826

    A. A. Aziz & Partners Law Firm was established in Jakarta in early 2000. It is a fast growing corporate/commercial and litigation law firm which have principal office in Jakarta, Indonesia and Branch Office in Bali. AAA & Partners is committed to understanding each client’s business objectives,...

  • A. Setiadi

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    International Investment Law, International Trade Law & Investment Arbitration

    Phone +62 811877393

    A. Setiadi - International Investment & Trade Law is the only Indonesian firm practicing both public and private law in the area of international investment and international trade including dispute resolution in those areas. We combine outstanding academic knowledge with the practical experience...

  • Abdullah Loetfi & Co.

    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Menara BDN, 12th Floor
    Jl. Kebon Sirih 83 Phone 6221327450
  • ACACIA Octrooibureau

    Depok, Indonesia

    Indonesian Intellectual Property Attorneys

    Phone +62 21 46606067

    ACACIA Octrooibureau is an intellectual property firm who deliver comprehensive and high quality service in all area of IP including patent, trademark, industrial design, copyright, trade secret, plant variety, intellectual property licensing, and all related litigation. We are very progressive...

  • Access International Patent

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Intellectual Property Attorneys in Indonesia

    Phone +62 21 45740555

    Access International Patent (AIP) is an international law firm with over 20 years of experience assisting its clients intellectual property in the Indonesia and abroad. We serve clients across the country and throughout the world.

  • Adams & Co., Counsellors-at-Law

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Client-oriented Full Service Law Firm and Commercial Litigation

    Phone +62 21 5731873

    A Jakarta-based law firm prominent in consumer-protection, anti-dumping, and anti-monopoly laws. Growing over the years, this firm has also established a reputation for excellence in the areas of consumer protection, commercial & capital-market litigation, corporate restructuring transactions,...

  • Adnan Kelana Haryanto & Hermanto

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Banking, Corporate, Energy, Labors, Litigation, and Telecommunication

    Phone 62-21 5208270

    Adanan Kelana haryanto & Hermanto ( AKHH ) is a general practice Indonesian law firm and engaged in transnational legal services. We provide effective and well-coordinated legal representations to foreign and domestic multinational enterprises, as well as government entities and private...

    Other Offices: Batam
  • Ahco Law Firm

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Indonesian Lawyers - Infrastructure & Construction, Commercial Transaction, Dispute Resolution

    Phone +62 21 30420812

    At Ahco Law Firm, our lawyers have extensive experiences in delivering legal advisory and dispute resolution services.

  • Alamsyah & Laskoro

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Phone +62 21 2963 1601

    Alamsyah & Laskoro is a full-service law firm providing both corporate matter and dispute resolutions. With years of experiences in handling high profile cases, we have developed ourselves as reputable lawyers.
    In Alamsyah & Laskoro, we are not only put ourselves as your lawyer, but also your...

  • Alexander Waas & Associates

    Tangerang, Indonesia

    Corporate, Business & Commercials Law and General Litigation

    Phone +62 (21) 222-22448

    Alexander Waas & Associates IS a corporate and commercial law firm established in 2015 to provide legal services varied for all levels of existing business in Indonesia. We are committed to provide the best legal services for all our clients both corporations and individuals.

  • Alfa Patent & Trademark Consulting

    Tangerang, Indonesia

    Intellectual Property Law, IP Commercialization and IP Litigation in Indonesia

    Phone 62 (21) 714-73132

    Alfa Patent & Trademark Consulting is a registered Indonesian IP Consultant and Law Firm, established in 2006, that specifically provide a full range legal service in IP registration, enforcement and IP Commercialization in Indonesia. Since 2006, Alfa Patent & Trademark Consulting has assisted and...

  • Alfapalmer Law Firm

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    General Corporate & Dispute Resolution

    Phone +62 (21) 5701-505

    Alfapalmer is a multi-service law firm in Indonesia encompassing all scope general corporate and dispute resolution. Since our establishment, we have been providing quality legal services to long list of high-net worth foreign and domestic clients, individuals as well as companies, dealing with...

  • Altomas Patent & TM Attorneys

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Intellectual Property Law Firm

    29 Jl. Tembaga Phone +62 21 82610968
  • Am Badar & Partners

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Intellectual Property Rights and Litigation Law Firm in Indonesia

    Phone +62 21 39837314

    Am Badar & Partners law firm comprehends all areas of legal practice with special focus or Intellectual Property Laws and their applications. The law office of Am Badar & Partners was founded by Mr. Toetoen Ambadar and established as legal entity on September 2, 1965.
    Now it is one of the most...

  • AM Oktarina Counselors at LawArticles

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Indonesian International Law Firm for Corporate, Commercial, Finance, and Business Legal Matters

    Phone +62 (21) 22716290

    AM Oktarina Counsellor at Law ("Firm"). We have partners which incorporated from natural and resources background, manufacture, corporate and commercial, maritime and shipping law, aviation and airspace corporation, criminal and litigation, construction, banking and finance, and many others.

  • Amalfi & Partners

    Bekasi Timur, Indonesia

    Intellectual Property Law Firm in Bekasi Timur, Indonesia

    Phone +62 21 82610968

    AMALFI & Partners Intellectual Property Law Firm, concentrated on representing corporations and individuals to protect their intellectual property rights in Indonesia.

  • Amiruddin Zakaria Law Firm

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Civil, Criminal, Intellectual Property Rights, Commercial & Banking Law Firm

    Phone +62 21 72798144

    As a law firm Indonesia, established since early 2004, Law Firm Amiruddin Zakaria & Partners always uphold the commitment to facilitate the provision of quality legal services and the maximum by providing full service to its clients.

  • AMR Partnership

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Boutique Intellectual Property Law Firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Phone +62-21-29036668

    AMR Partnership is a boutique Intellectual Property Law Firm based in Jakarta, Indonesia, which was established by Mrs. Amalia Roosseno in 1986 as Amroos & Partners. The firm is currently among the largest firms of its kind in Indonesia, and consistently ranks among the top filers of IPR...

  • ANC & Co.

    Greater Jakarta, Indonesia

    Full Service Law Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Phone 62 21 3190 0625

    ANC & Co. is one of accountable Advocate and Law Consultant Firms in Indonesia which is managed by those whom posses scores of experience in Law field with the specialization of each. We emphasize our service in Intellectual Property Right matters (trademark/services, copyright, patent and...

  • Andjar Pachta & Pachta

    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Jalan Hang Lekir X No. 2 Kebayoran Baru Phone 62-21 739-8574
  • Anullah & Partners

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Power Generation, Energy, Arbitration and Business Law Firm

    Phone +62 21 575 0843

    We are qualified to practice law in Indonesia and to provide legal counsel to and represent foreign and Indonesia clients. The firm’s strength is developed through its partner’s extensive experience in various legal fields.
    We are experienced in dealing with the power generation and...

  • Arasindo & Partners

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Indonesian Immigration Assistance, Legalization Services, Certification, Divorce, Family Law

    Phone 62 (21) 240-94832

    Arasindo & Partners is an Indonesian law firm providing assistance for Indonesian immigration, family law, marriage registration, marriage legalization, will & testament, Indonesian stay permit for foreign husband, Indonesian prenuptial agreement, visa application to enter to Indonesia. for further...

  • Arcadianpatent Law Firm

    Jakarta Timur, Indonesia

    Advocates & Registered IP Consultants in Indonesia

    Phone +62 21 30973726

    Our law firm specialize in Intellectual Property Rights (Patents, Designs, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, Integrated Circuit Layouts) including litigation to deal with both domestic and international clients.

  • Arifardhani & Partners

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Business & Intellectual Property Rights Law Firm

    Phone 62 (021) 75817340

    The Arifardhani & Partner is a law firm and Intellectual Property Rights Consultant registered in Indonesia. We have specialized in the areas of business law, competition law and intellectual property rights law in Indonesia.

  • Ary Zulfikar & Partners

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Legal Consultants

    60 Jalan Jendral Sudirman Kav.
    Menara Sudirman, 23rd floor Phone +62 21 52922107
  • Asco Law

    Bandung, Indonesia

    Corporate, Banking and Finance Law Firm in Bandung, Indonesia

    Phone +62 22 93333 992

    ASCOLaw is a Law Company who have a specialization in providing Legal Protection Service for your business safety requirement.

  • Assegaf & Partners

    Jakarta, Indonesia
    Menara Rajawali 10th Floor, Jalan Mega Kuningan Lot#5.1, Kawasan Mega Kuningan, Phone (62-21) 5763326
  • Atma Judicio - Samosir, Soukotta & Tobing

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Civil Litigation, Debt Consolidation & Bankruptcy, Representing Business in Financial Matters

    Jl. Sunter Agung Barat I, Blok A3 No.16, 2nd Fl.
    Sunter Agung Phone +62 21 65837440
  • Austrindo Law Office

    Kuta, Indonesia

    Criminal Defense And Civil Litigation Attorneys In Indonesia

    Phone +62 36 18473340

    Austrindo Law office operates in Bali Indonesian and assists expatriates ,locals and visitors with all their legal needs.We have staff who speak Japanese for our Japanese clients as well as an Australian trained and qualified lawyer on staff.

  • Azalea Law Firm

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Full Service Law Office

    Phone (62-21) 31 903 703

    Azalea Law Firm D/H Tawinta Law Office is established with a commitment of providing the best law service to all clients, both individual and corporate. To implement such commitment, we prioritize the principles of professionalism, moral responsibility, time efficiency and cost, and keep all...

  • Bagus Enrico & Partners

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Full Service Corporate and Commercial Law Firm in Indonesia

    Phone +(62 21) 2988 5959

    The firm is a boutique law firm which promises to deliver domestic and international clients with superior and personalized legal services. It is noted for its lawyers’ expertise in diverse aspects of Indonesian law, especially in relation to corporate/commercial law, banking, finance and...

  • Bahar & Partners

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Jakarta, Indonesia Corporate & Investment Law Firm

    Phone +62 (21) 5794-7880

    Bahar & Partners in Jakarta, Indonesia, provides legal services in the field of corporate law. Currently, Bahar & Partners provides legal services in the fields of Investment and Natural Resources, Infrastructure, Securities, Banking and Finance, Governance, Business Competitions and Commercial...

  • Banong Nangoy Juan & Partners Law Firm

    Jakarta, Indonesia

    Litigation, Arbitration & Full Service Law Firm in Jakarta, Indonesia

    Phone +62 21 52903139

    Banong Nangoy Juan & Partners Law firm ( BNJ ) was founded by Sahari Banong, Sandra Nangoy and Melisa Juan. The founders practiced together for more than 10 years in a reputable law firm.
    BNJ is centrally located within the golden triangle of Jakarta. We are located at Gedung Menara Mulia on...

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