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Law Firm in Iraq: Al-Dohan & Associates Law Firm

Al-Dohan & Associates Law Firm

Baghdad, Iraq

Commercial Law Firm

Phone+964 1 5432455 or +8821621100137

Established in 1970, by Dr Malik Dohan Al Hassan, we are today the premier law firm in Iraq, boasting a group of the most respected and trusted lawyers and other professionals in the country. We also have a presence in Jordan where two Jordanian qualified associates practise.
Our emphasis has always...

Law Firm's Overview 

  • Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP)

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Trademark, Patent, Design and Copyright Registration

    Phone (00 964-1) 747 0524

    Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) was established in Kuwait in 1972, under the name of T.M.P Agents in a time when Intellectual Property (IP) protection was still in its early stages of development in the Arab region. However, since our launch, AGIP has consistently been at the forefront of...

    Other Offices: Erbil
  • Abunameh & Partners Law Firm

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Full-Service Business Law Firm in Baghdad, Iraq

    Phone +962 (6) 585-0936

    Abunameh & Partners Law Firm has years of experience in advising and representing clients in relation to their transactions and disputes Iraq. We understand the market, culture, language, and the local legislations. We have assisted many of our clients in expanding to Iraq and have worked on...

  • Airut Law Offices

    Erbil, Iraq

    Banking, Corporate, Commercial and Litigation Law Firm in Erbil, Iraq

    Phone +964 (750) 3863252

    Airut Law Offices is a dedicated law firm with office locations in Lebanon and Iraq. The firm was established in 1995. Since then, we have provided high standard legal professionalism and services to reach a high standard relationship towards clients. By ethics, transparency and trust, clients...

  • Ali & Partners

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Attorneys & Counselors at Law of Arab Countries in Bagdad, Iraq

    Phone +964 718 1223

    Ali & Partners is a Middle Eastern law firm with offices and affiliate offices across the Middle East. In 1991, the firm established an office in Washington, D.C., that exclusively offers legal advice and counseling on the laws of Arab Countries and has acquired an international reputation of being...

  • Alwakeel Law Firm

    Erbil, Iraq

    Full Service Law Firm in Iraq

    Phone +964 770 104 0216

    About Alwakeel
    Founded in 1998, Alwakeel has become the leading commercial law firm in Iraq.
    Alwakeel prides itself in being the trusted choice in legal representation for both local and international companies in Iraq-We understand the complexities of operating in the region and can offer...

    Other Offices: Sulaimaniya
  • Amanj Law Firm

    Sulaimaniya, Iraq

    Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +964 7701548381

    Our principal mission in establishing this dynamic practice is all about our clients legal needs, whether general or specific in nature, and the legal services we wish to deliver to them. We can offer unique and pre-eminent legal services to our clients throughout the Iraq, whether they are...

  • BHC Law Firm

    Baghdad, Iraq

    BHC for Legal Services and Consultancy in Iraq and US

    Phone +964 (0)7802200700

    BHC is managed by duly qualified Iraqi lawyers, supported by international consultants, and national advisors and consultants. BHC is also a duly registered limited liability company and is in good standing with the Iraqi Bar Association and the Ministry of Trade to provide a broad range of legal,...

  • Dler Law Office

    Erbil, Iraq

    Business Law, Oil, Gas and Litigation Law Firm in Iraq

    Phone +964-750-198-8683

    Dler Law Office is a full service Iraq and Kurdistan law firm. We are headquartered in Erbil and we practice law in all of Iraq, both north and south. We specialize in business law, company law, contract law, tax law, labor law, oil and gas law (two of our partners are oil and gas specialists),...

  • Dogramaci for Advocates and Legal Consultancy

    Erbil, Iraq

    Commercial, Industrial, Contracts, Residence & Labor Lawyers in Iraq

    Phone +964 771 6 777 666

    At Dogramaci for Advocates and Legal Consultancy, we are obliged to provide our customers with legal consultation in several areas according to the order and need of our customers including the companies working with us, the employees working in those companies and normal citizen customers as well.

  • Ekram Al-Haq, Law Firm

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Intellectual Property Protection in Iraq

    Phone +964 7705343130

    The law Firm of Dr. Ekram Al-Haq Baker was established in the early eighties. It has been one of the leading law Offices in Iraq for the last 30 years.
    Our Main Areas of practice cover Protection of intellectual property in Iraq, including registration of Trademarks, Patent & Domain names. Other...

  • Gulf International Legal Strategies, S.A.

    Baghdad, Iraq

    International Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Privatization, Dispute Resolution

    Phone +964 7901 480 888

    Gulf International Legal Strategies, S.A is an international law Firm with a base in Iraq and advising on Iraqi law and legal matters in their local and international aspects. We are staffed by highly-qualified Western and Iraqi lawyers with enormous common law and civil-law training and...

  • Hussein AL-Azzawi

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Full-Service and Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +964 7901345810

    The law firm of Hussein AL-Azzawi is an intellectual property firm located in Baghdad, Iraq. The firm was established in 1954 by lawyer Ahmed Walli AL-Azzawi.
    We provide legal representation and services in the following areas of law:
    • Banking;
    • International Trade;
    • Commercial and...

  • Iraq Land Llc

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Civil Litigation, Domestic and International Business Practice, Investments in Iraq

    Al-mansur 6091348 Phone +964 790 1480888
  • Khori Yasa Law Firm

    Erbil, Iraq

    Full-Service Law Firm in Iraq

    Phone +964 0 772 445 8882

    Khori Yasa Law Firm provides its clients with legal advice and services. Khori Yasa has a head office in Erbi and offices in Baghdad, Basra, Sulaimanya and Kirkuk. It also provides legal services in Karbala, Najaf and Dhok.
    The practice areas of the firm are Legal advice, Litigation, Companies,...

  • Newton Law Group

    Erbil, Iraq

    Full-Service International Law Firm

    Phone +964 750 649 5033

    Newton & Partners LLP is a boutique international law firm serving the needs of businesses, governments, non-profit organizations and individual clients around the world. In emerging and established markets, we deploy our knowledge of applicable laws, business practices, and cultures to advise and...

    Other Offices: Baghdad
  • Rassim Law Firm

    Baghdad, Iraq
  • Rovan Law Offices

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Trademark and Business Law Firm in Iraq

    Phone +964 (750) 465-0198

    Rovan Law Offices is an intellectual property boutique firm based in Baghdad, Iraq. Practice areas encompass trademark and copyright searches, trademark application preparation and prosecution, trademark agreements and renewals, copyright registration in Kurdistan (Erbil) and Baghdad, copyright...

  • Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAGLegal)Articles

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Global Legal Services Law Firm

    Phone +96 41 747 0524

    Founded in 1998, Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Legal (TAGLegal) added yet another professional firm to TAGorg’s wide group of internationally acknowledged firms, which are recognized as the largest group of professional service providers in the Middle East.
    TAGlegal is currently a global business law firm...

  • United Lawyers Firm

    Baghdad, Iraq

    Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law

    14 Ramadan St. Phone +964 7905945610

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