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Law Firm in Latvia: Hallowell Law

Hallowell Law

Riga, Latvia

Business Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

Phone+371 67881201

Hallowell Law, founded in 1993, based in Riga, provides international legal services and representation to corporations and individuals in Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.
We focus our services on the following principal legal fields of practice:
-Business and Commercial...

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Law Firm in Latvia: Belyaev & Belyaev

Belyaev & Belyaev

Riga, Latvia

Full-Service Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

Phone+371 2957-1725

Belyaev & Belyaev, located in Riga, Latvia is a full service law firm providing a comprehensive range of legal services for private individuals and business entities. Practice areas encompass immigration and citizenship, family law including matrimonial and parental matters, real estate such as transactions...

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Law Firm in Latvia: Rebenoks & Vilders International Law Firm

Rebenoks & Vilders International Law Firm

Riga, Latvia

Commercial, Regulatory, Criminal and Administrative Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

Phone+371 (2) 633-2366

Rebenoks & Vilders International Law Firm provides businesses, corporations, families and individuals in Latvia and around the world with a full range of proven legal services, serving all with a dedication and diligence that has earned the firm the lasting friendship of both international investors...

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Law Firm in Latvia: Inlat Plus

Inlat Plus

Riga, Latvia

Legal Services in Latvia: Real Estate, Residence Permit, Court, etc.

Phone+371 67505970

Inlat Plus has been offering professional legal advice since 1996. From their offices in the heart of Riga, Latvia, Inlat Plus handles a wide array of services to both businesses and individuals. They are one of the oldest and best-known companies operating in the legal services market of Riga. The...

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Law Firm in Latvia: Agency Tria Robit

Agency Tria Robit

Riga, Latvia

Intellectual Property Lawyers

Phone+371 67320300

Agency TRIA ROBIT is one of the leading intellectual property law firms in the region. We offer to our clients a full range of intellectual property services covering patents, trademarks, designs, copyright and domain names in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, Central Asia, Russia and the...

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Law Firm in Latvia: Klavins Ellex

Klavins Ellex

Riga, Latvia

Legal Services

Phone+371 6781 4848

Klavins Ellex is one of the largest legal teams in the Baltics with broad specialization and deep experience. Our cross-border portfolio includes the most significant international projects and landmark local deals in the region since the beginning of the 1990s.
Klavins Ellex has earned its reputation...

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Law Firm in Latvia: Tark Grunte Sutkiene

Tark Grunte Sutkiene

Riga, Latvia

Full Service Commercial Law Firm in Latvia

Phone+371 6788 9999

Tark Grunte Sutkiene is a full-service commercial law firm with office locations in Lithuania, Estonia, and Latvia. The firm is mainly focused on providing legal advice on complex commercial transactions, covering both public and private law in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.
Lawyers of the firm...

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  • BDO Zelmenis & Liberte

    Riga, Latvia

    Commercial, M&A, Tax, Corporate & Real Estate Law Firm

    Phone +371 67222237

    At BDO Zelmenis & Liberte Attorneys at Law, we understand the business environment in Latvia and know that our client is not merely an inanimate company. We understand that the company is represented by individuals dedicated to, and seeking the best advice for, their company. Therefore we devote...

  • Bennet, Bernstein & Partners Ltd

    Riga, Latvia

    Company Formation & Financial Services Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

    Phone +371 6728 9329

    We are successfully operating in the market of financial and legal services since 1998. Our law office is located in Riga, Latvia.

  • Blueger & Plaude

    Riga, Latvia
    Vilandes Street 12 Phone 371 7225231
  • Blukis, Elksne & Rozenfelds

    Riga, Latvia
    Brivibas Street 40-24 Phone 3717821563
  • bnt attorneys-at-law

    Riga, Latvia

    Legal and Tax Consultancy in Central and Eastern Europe

    Phone +371 6777 05 04

    bnt attorneys-at-law, an international law firm based in 10 Central and Eastern European countries, offers legal advice in all core areas of business law.

  • Borenius Group

    Riga, Latvia

    Estonia Business Law Firm

    Phone 371 7201 800

    Luiga Mody Hääl Borenius is one of the largest law firms in Estonia. We advise mainly corporate clients on all aspects of law to ensure a reliable legal platform for developing new business opportunities.
    Our client portfolio includes enterprises from different fields such as banking, financing,...

  • Carrington, Hall & HamburgArticlesVideos

    Riga, Latvia

    Full Service Business Law Firm with offices in Latvia (Riga)

    Phone +371 67226566

    Carrington, Hall & Hamburg is one of the leading law firms in Latvia (located in Riga). We offer highly qualified advice in every area of commercial law and that we occupy an outstanding position in the Latvian legal landscape.
    All our lawyers are authorized to represent clients in the courts...

  • Davis Baiza and Kristīne Kalnina, Attorneys at Law

    Riga, Latvia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

    K.Barona 51-1 Phone +371 67274473
  • Gencs Valters Law Firm

    Riga, Latvia

    Full-Service, Tax Advising, Immigration and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

    Phone +371 67 240090

    Gencs Valters Law Firm is a full service, general practice international business law firm specializing in tax, mergers and acquisitions, labour law, corporate, intellectual property, immigration and litigation.
    Our firm is frequently involved in international assignments. This means that our...

  • Hansa Law Offices

    Riga, Latvia

    Full Service Law Firm

    Phone +372 6603800

    Hansa Law Offices bases its practice on the experience of lawyers who have been successful in their work for more than 16 years.
    The expertise of Hansa Law Offices is gained over a decade of active assessment of both local clients and foreign investors primarily from Scandinavian countries when...

  • Kaiser

    Riga, Latvia
    Valdemara Centre Valdemara Street 21 Phone 371 7035381
  • KPMG Latvia

    Riga, Latvia
    Kr.Valdemara iela 33 Phone (00371) 703 8000
  • Kronis & Kronis Law Firm

    Riga, Latvia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

    Burtnieku Street 39 Phone +371 6 7564714
  • Law & Finance Consulting Group

    Riga, Latvia

    Business Law Firm

    Brivibas Str. 37 Phone +371 29284149
  • Law Firm Sorainen

    Riga, Latvia

    Baltic & Belarusian Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +371 67 365 000

    Sorainen provides the highest quality one-stop-shop legal and tax services in the Baltics and Belarus in all areas of business law.
    It is the only fully integrated regional law firm with more than 150 professionals working under one know-how and ISO-certified quality management system.

  • Law Office of Blueger & Plaude

    Riga, Latvia
    Vilandes Street 12 Phone 3719225231
  • Law offices O.Cers & J.Jurkans

    Riga, Latvia

    full service legal firm

    Strelnieku 9-4 Phone (2) 371 7365865
  • Leja Law Office

    Riga, Latvia
    Imantas 3.lin. 1, Riga, LV-1083, Latvia Phone +371 7422104
  • Lejins, Edzins, Torgans & Vonsovics

    Riga, Latvia
    Kr. Valdemara 20 Phone 3717821525
  • Liberte Legal Services

    Riga, Latvia

    Intellectual Property Protection in Latvia and European Union

    Phone +371 262 26 262

    Liberte Legal Services, fast, reliable and cost-effective services provided by the attorneys with more than 10 years experience in the field of IP protection. A boutique law firm with the quality and standarts of the large companies.

  • LLA Europe SIA, Attorneys at Law

    Riga, Latvia

    Provides Local & Europe-Wide Legal, Business & Arbitration Services

    Phone +371 67554330

    Specialists in European commercial and corporate law, family, criminal, regulatory and administrative law.

  • Loze & Partners

    Riga, Latvia

    Full Service Business Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

    Phone +371 677 44444

    Loze & Partners is a national full service business law firm. The specialization of the professionals and the joint capacity of the firm are aimed at tailor-made approach towards each client, offering the highest quality legal assistance, as well as implementing large-scale international...

  • Maria Mishyna

    Riga, Latvia

    Insolvency Law and Debt Recovery in Riga

    Phone +371 277 067 62

    Marija Mishyna is a practicing attorney-at-law, mainly offering legal advice in civil matters, especially, in defending civil rights in courts of all instances (litigation), and insolvency/bankruptcy law. Marija Mishyna advices both natural and legal persons.

  • Markvarte Lexchange Law Office

    Riga, Latvia

    Corporate & Business Lawyers, Mergers & Acquisitions, Real Estate & Bankruptcy Law Firm in Latvia

    Phone +371 6 7812783

    Markvarte Lexchange Law Office specializes in advising and representing foreign businesses in Latvia. Our staff has significant knowledge and experience in business and management to understand our client, especially the needs of a foreign client investing in Latvia. The office advises both large...

  • Martins Bunkus Law Office

    Riga, Latvia

    Insolvency, Corporate & Business Law Office in Latvia

    Elizabetes Str. 27-6 Phone +371 26535145
  • Petrovs & Partneri, Law Office

    Riga, Latvia

    Business Law Attorneys in Riga, Latvia

    Phone +371 67035381

    Petrovs & partneri is a small commercial and private client law firm in Riga, Latvia. Since 2001 we provide a wide range of legal services for people in business and for those who need a lawyer to help with their personal legal needs. We speak Latvian, Russian, and English.

  • Primus, Attorneys at Law

    Riga, Latvia

    Full-Service Business Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

    Phone +371 67 357 010

    Primus is a pan-Baltic full-service business law firm with specific expertise in the fields of Corporate, M&A, Banking & Finance, Dispute Resolution and Real Estate. The firm has three offices with over 70 lawyers and support staff in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. Primus is acting for leading...

  • Public and Private Law Consulting

    Riga, Latvia

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    3 Viandes Street Phone +371 6733 4183
  • Rasa & Esenvalds Law Firm

    Riga, Latvia

    Full-Service Business Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

    Phone +371 6728-0685

    The Law Offices Rasa & Esenvalds, located in Riga, Latvia, provides a broad range of legal services to businesses and individuals. The firm offers representation and legal assistance in commercial law, company restructuring processes, insolvency, judicial and extra-judicial legal protection,...

  • Reihmanis & Partners

    Riga, Latvia

    Full Service Law Firm

    Phone 371 67288876

    Full service law firm
    Individual attitude
    High value
    International approach
    Dynamics & Result orientated

  • RM Bureau Law Firm

    Riga, Latvia

    Corporate and Competition Law, M&A, Litigation, Mediation

    Phone +371 29696866

    Languages: English, Russian, Latvian.
    Legal help in commercial ((M&A, due diligence), civil (real estate, labor law) and administrative law (tax), providing the legal assistance in litigation.
    Mediation, including the cross border mediation, we value as the significant area of our provided...

  • Sonders Law Office

    Riga, Latvia

    Maritime, Real Estate, Tax and Corporate Law Office in Latvia

    Phone 371 2 6003062

    Riga downtown based lawyers with substantial experience in litigation. Flexible rates and result oriented, practicing in Ship Arrests, Cargo Claims, Charter-Party Disputes, Litigation and Arbitration and Tax returns.

  • Spigulis & Kukainis

    Riga, Latvia

    Riga, Latvia Lawyers - Corporate Law, Property Law, Arbitration, Immigration Law, Debt Collection

    Phone +371 28390346

    We are a Business Law firm in Riga, Latvia. We deal primarily with Real Estate Property Law, Arbitration, Litigation, Immigration and Intellectual Property Law.

  • Spilbridge, Attorneys-at-Law

    Riga, Latvia

    Business Law Firm in Riga, Latvia

    Phone +371 67507722

    Unlike most attorneys in Latvia, Spilbridge, Attorneys-at-Law, specialize in challenging international business matters, especially the protection of foreign investors and their business in Latvian ports and their relations with local partners and the government. We provide all necessary daily...

  • Tamberga & Partneri

    Riga, Latvia

    Business Law Firm in Latvia

    Phone +371 6 783 0000

    Tamberga & Partneri provides a full range of legal services. Our attorneys at law have over 10 years of experience.

  • Tark Grunte Sutkiene

    Riga, Latvia

    Full Service Business Law Firm in Latvia

    Phone +371 6788 9999

    Tark Grunte Sutkiene is a top-tier commercial law firm with offices in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

  • Treilons&Petrovics

    Riga, Latvia

    Business Law Practice in Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania

    Phone (371) 7356100

    Treilons&Petrovics is a quality legal service provider for overseas and local clients in Latvia and the Baltic states. Treilons&Petrovics provides legal services related to business transactions and corporate governance in accordance with internationally accepted business practice. All services are...

  • VilgertsArticles

    Riga, Latvia

    M&A / Competition / Litigation & Arbitration / Tax / IPR Lawyers in Latvia

    Phone +371 67 320000

    The firm’s work philosophy is deeply rooted in a sincere desire to help clients to the best of its ability. VILGERTS takes client matters personally. Its lawyers deliver down-to-earth advice. This is the essence of the quality delivered by VILGERTS. Quality is the reason why clients come back to...

  • Zverinata Advokata Andra Grutupa Birojs

    Riga, Latvia
    Skolas lela 12A-2 Phone 949 6823

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