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Law Firm in Luxembourg: Kleyr Grasso

Kleyr Grasso

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Full-Service Law Firm in Luxembourg

Phone+352 227 330-1

Kleyr Grasso, formed 20 years ago, opened its offices on 5 December 1994. At that time, four young lawyers, having successfully passed their final bar exams, became Avocats à la Cour, and opened their office at 17 rue Louvigny, very near to the City Center, the Palais de Justice and other court buildings.

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Law Firm in Luxembourg: Afschrift  Law Firm

Afschrift Law Firm

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Lawyers Specialized in Tax Law

Phone+352 26 84 54 16

Afschrift Law Firm is settled in Brussels with office locations in Madrid, Geneva and Luxembourg, Tel Aviv, Freiburg and Hongkong. We are a lawyer association specialized in fiscal right, defending the taxpayers in their relationships with tax administration.
Afschrift Law Firm was created in 1994,...

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Law Firm in Luxembourg: Allen & Overy LLP

Allen & Overy LLP

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

International Banking Law Firm in Luxembourg

Phone+352 444-4551

Allen & Overy LLP deals with all types of domestic and cross-border transactions, from local matters to pivotal international transactions

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Law Firm in Luxembourg: Baker & McKenzie

Baker & McKenzie

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Global Full Service Law Firm

Phone+352 26 18 44 1

Baker & McKenzie defined the global law firm in the 20th century, and we are redefining it to meet the challenges of the global economy in the 21st.
We bring to matters the instinctively global perspective and deep market knowledge and insights of 3,750 locally admitted lawyers in 67 offices worldwide....

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Law Firm in Luxembourg: Clifford Chance LLP

Clifford Chance LLP

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

M&A, Corporate, Private Equity, Banking, Finance and Industry Specialists

Phone+352 4850501

Clifford Chance is one of the world's leading law firms, with 29 offices in 20 countries and some 3,200 legal advisers.

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Law Firm in Luxembourg: Dechert LLP

Dechert LLP

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

International Asset Management, Corporate & Securities and Litigation Law Firm

Phone+352 45 62 62 23

Dechert’s multilingual lawyers in Luxembourg combine profound legal knowledge with practical commercial judgment. We provide local and multinational clients with legal representation of the highest quality.

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Law Firm in Luxembourg: Linklaters LLP

Linklaters LLP

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

International Full-Service Business Law Firm

Phone+352 2608-1

Our aim is to be the leading global law firm, building relationships that endure through business cycles to ensure that top companies and financial institutions instinctively turn to us for support on their most important and challenging assignments.

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Law Firm in Luxembourg: Nauta Dutilh

Nauta Dutilh

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Corporate, Banking, and Finance Law Firm

Phone+352 26 12 29 1

NautaDutilh is an independent law firm in the Benelux. We are among the largest law firms in Europe, with over 400 lawyers, civil law notaries and tax advisers in offices in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Luxembourg, New York and Rotterdam.
Although we specialise mainly in corporate, banking and finance...

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Law Firm in Luxembourg: Stibbe


Luxembourg, Luxembourg

International Full-Service Law Firm

Phone+352 266181

Stibbe is an internationally oriented full-service Dutch legal practice.
Key features of our services are:
-pragmatic advice
-deep sector and industry knowledge
-well positioned for cross-border transactions due to longstanding experience and a dense international network
-at the forefront...

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  • Adam & Bleser

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    5, Boulevard Royal Phone 352-47 24 24
  • Alegis

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    German Tax, Auditing, and Corporate Consulting Lawyers

    Phone +352 2666 537-0

    Alegis offers international tax, auditing, and corporate consulting services in Luxembourg and Germany.

  • Alves & Martinot

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Luxembourg Business Law Firm

    Phone (+352) 26 45 84 20

    Alves & Martinot provides legal services both in terms of advice and litigation. Our firm specializes in corporate, banking and financial law, commercial law, competition law as well as in civil and labor law.

  • Avocats Associés ChristmannSchmitt

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Business law, business litigation, enforcement of foreign judgments, attachment proceedings

    45, rue Laurennt Menager Phone +352 24 61 00 00
  • Barreau de Luxembourg

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Full Service Law Firm

    Phone (+352) 46 72 72-1

    A lawyer involved in the legal field and within the limits of the mandate entrusted to him by his principal. Because of his training and experience, it can be accessed and intervene in all legal matters. However, the law becoming increasingly numerous and complex, lawyers tend to specialize in a...

  • Bonn Steichen & Partners

    Howald, Luxembourg

    Full-Service Law Firm in Luxembourg

    Phone +352 26 025-1

    Bonn Steichen & Partners (BSP) is an independent full-service law firm based in Luxembourg. Consistently ranked as top-tier firm by leading international legal directories, we take advantage of the fruitful synergy between departments to ensure reliability and consistency of high-standard...

  • Chevalier & Sciales

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Investment Management, Banking & Finance Lawyers in Luxembourg

    Phone +352 26 25 90 30

    Chevalier & Sciales is a Luxembourg law firm that specializes in investment management, banking & finance, corporate & tax, and Islamic finance.

  • CMS DeBacker Leclere Walry

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Full-Service Business Law Firm in Luxembourg

    Phone +352 2627531

    CMS DeBacker Leclère Walry, established in Luxembourg in 2008, is an independent business law firm which has a broad based corporate and commercial practice.
    Its experienced lawyers combine a wealth of legal skills and industry knowledge to provide practical and business-focused legal solutions...

  • Dechert Luxembourg

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    10 Rue De Vianden
    BP 709 Phone +352 45 62 62
  • Dennemeyer Group

    Howald, Luxembourg

    Luxembourg Intellectual Property, Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights and Design Lawyers

    Phone +352 499841-1

    In the past decades Dennemeyer Group, founded as a patent law firm in Luxembourg, has developed into the leading global full-service provider for the IP management.

  • DSM Di Stefano Moyse

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    International Corporate, Banking & Finance Law Firm in Luxembourg

    Phone +352 262 562 1

    DSM Di Stefano Moyse offers seamless services to its clients with comprehensive and responsive advice, within the Luxembourg jurisdiction. The firm’s multi-specialist approach has earned DSM a reputation as a leading player amongst independent law firms, within one of the world's major financial...

  • Dupong & Dupong

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    14A rue des Bains Phone 352461838
  • Elvinger, Hoss & Prussen

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    2 Place Winston Churchill
    B.P. 425 Phone (352) 4466440
  • Etude Faltz & Kremer

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    B. P. 1147 Phone 3524850501
  • Etude Moyal

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    International Law Firm, Qualified in Luxembourg and Germany

    31, Grand-rue Phone +352 691801109
  • Faltz & Kremer

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    6 Rue Heine Phone (485) 050
  • Hance Law

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Legal Services, Business Law, Corporate Finance & Family Law Office

    Phone +352 279 404

    Hance Law in Luxembourg handles cases involving business transactions and contracts. The firm provides legal advice in business, finance and tax as it pertains to doing business in Luxembourg. The firm has international reach and is available to clients around the clock. Hance Law has been awarded...

  • Jacques Neuen

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    1 Place du Theatre Phone 352-22 27 18-1
  • Jurisconsul

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Investment Funds, Corporate, Intellectual Property, Broadcasting

    Phone +352 26389808

    Our practice offers our clients legal services regarding the creation and structuring of many types of investment funds for retail, institutional and sophisticated investors. Our local and international clientele encompasses promoters, investment managers, administration agents, custodian banks and...

  • Kayser & Lenert

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Commercial Litigation and Business Law in Luxembourg

    Phone +352 20 600 555

    Kayser & Lenert, a Luxembourg law firm specialised in Commercial and Civil litigation, Asset Recovery, Business Law and Labour Law.
    Partners are fully qualified Luxembourg lawyers ("Avocat à la Cour") with many years of experience in major Luxembourg business law firms.

  • Kill & Associates

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    22-24 Boulevard de la Foire Phone 352 450427
  • Law Office Frank Schaffner

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    22-24, boulevard Royal Phone +352 26 20 28 20
  • LCG International AG

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    11A, Boulevard Joseph II Phone +352 25 03 45
  • Legoueff Advocats

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    9 Avenue Guillaume Phone 352443737
  • Lex Fori

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    3, rue de la Chapelle Phone 33 1 45 27 77 77
  • LG@vocats

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    M&A, banking, insurance, private equity, taxation, IT, telecommunications

    Phone +352443737

    We are a Luxembourg based business law firm with particular expertise in mergers and acquisitions, banking and insurance, financing transactions, private equity, commercial and corporate law, taxation, labour and litigation in these sectors.
    We are also known for our cutting edge expertise in IT...

  • Loesch & Wolter

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    11 rue Goethe
    PO Box 1107 Phone (352) 48 11 48 219
  • M Partners

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Investment Funds, Corporate Tax and Trust Law Firm

    Phone +352 263868

    M Partners offers its clients professional advice in the areas of commercial contracts, company formation, corporate governance, and more.

  • McSorley Legal

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Luxembourg Law Firm Specialising in Investment Management and Cross Border Transactions

    Phone 352 26 84 50 30

    McSorley Legal, an independent Luxembourg Law Firm with over 20 years of experience in Investment Management, Banking & Financial and Corporate Law.

  • MNKS

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Luxembourg Business Law Firm

    Phone 352 26 48 42 1

    MNKS is a leading business law firm with an in-depth expertise in corporate law (in particular M&A and corporate restructuring), regulatory and financial law, employment law and IP/IT law, including European and international aspects.

  • Molitor, Feltgen & Harpes

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    55 Boulevard de la Petrusse Phone 352297297
  • Mosar - De Wolf & Partners

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Commercial and Corporate Law Firm in Luxembourg

    Phone +352 227 4301

    Located in one of Europe’s most business, corporate and tax friendly jurisdiction, MOSAR - DE WOLF & PARTNERS has been founded in 2008 as a result of a partnership between the Brussels based law firm DE WOLF & PARTNERS and the almost 50 years existing Luxembourg law firm ETUDE MOSAR.

  • Ober & Beerens

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Corporate Law, Banking and Finance & Investment Management Law Firm in Luxembourg

    Phone +352 2626791

    Ober & Beerens is a trusted, versatile law firm in Luxembourg. Facing demands from clients for whom legal advice is more than about just law, Stéphane Ober and Bernard Beerens have launched Ober & Beerens Avocats on October 1, 2010. Ober & Beerens aims to maintain the highest standards of service....

  • Office Ernest T Freylinger SA

    Strassen, Luxembourg
    234, route d'Arlon
    BP 48 Phone +352 31 38 30
  • Pierre Thielen Avocats

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Corporate Advisory, Litigation, Regulatory, and Tax Practice

    Phone +352 4462411

    Pierre Thielen Avocats, established in 1976, is located in the heart of Luxembourg City, is an independent boutique law firm that mainly operates in the fields (both in the advisory and litigation role) of corporate law, tax law and regulatory.
    Our firm relies on an integrated team of...

  • Reding – Avocats à la Cour

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Full-Service Law Firm, LUXEMBOURG

    Phone (+352) 26 92 72 - 1

    REDING - AVOCATS A LA COUR is active as well as business law firm ( setting up of corporations, investment funds, domiciliation, fiduciary agreements ) and as litigation firm in areas such as civil law, contractiual law, real estate transactions, labour law ao Luxembourg is a prime area for setting...

  • Rutsaert Legal

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Business Law, Corporate, Finance & Tax Law, Capital Markets

    Phone 352 26 26 50 50

    Founded in 2010, Rutsaert Legal is a niche business law firm focused on corporate law, investment funds, financial law and capital markets. We assist our clients with tax aspects in relation to their transactions.
    Rutsaert Legal is recommended by The Legal 500 and by Global Law Experts.

  • Schiltz & Schiltz

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    2 rue du Fort Rheinsheim Phone 352456480
  • SCR Lawyers

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    IP, IT, Media, Corporate, Tax, Private Equity, Finance, Estate Planning & Litigation

    Phone +352 2712801

    "SCR AVOCATS", or SCOTT, CHATEAUX & REICHERTS, was created in December 2008, and is the result of a combination of different talents, both in the litigation and business legal sectors.
    The litigation department, lead by Maître SCOTT, is curently comprised of 3 lawyers, cumulating over 25 years...

  • Tabery & Wauthier

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Luxembourg Business Law & Litigation Lawyers

    Phone +352 251 51 51

    Tabery & Wauthier is a Luxembourg law firm that offers wide expertise and experience relating to all fields of business law including litigations aspects. The firm has a strong international emphasis dedicated to finding solutions for its clients. Originally founded in 1992, Tabery & Wauthier has a...

  • Thielen & Krieger

    Luxembourg, Luxembourg
    10, rue Willy Goergen Phone 352222969

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