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Law Firm in Nepal: Kto Inc.

Kto Inc.

Kathmandu, Nepal

Corporate, FDI, Intellectual Property and Business Law Firm in Nepal

Phone+977 (1) 2299497

Our firm roots date backs more than half a century to 1961, when Late Mr. Mohan Krishna Kharel established Kharel & Karn Law Firm. Mr. Kharel became Senior Advocate, and continues legal practice for more than half a century.
Kto Inc. is the continuation of this legal legacy to the 21st century....

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Law Firm in Nepal: Neupane Law Associates

Neupane Law Associates

Kathmandu, Nepal

International Business, Corporate and Litigation Law Firm in Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone+977 (1) 4101631

Neupane Law Associates is an established Nepalese law firm with offices in Kathmandu. For over 30 years we have been providing a full range of business-related legal services to both local and international clients. The attorneys at Neupane Law Associates are proactive and straightforward in their legal...

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Law Firm in Nepal: Sinha Verma Law Concern

Sinha Verma Law Concern

Kathmandu, Nepal

Taxation, Foreign Investment, Energy and Litigation Law Firm in Nepal

Phone+977 (1) 4222107

Sinha Verma Law Concern (SVLC) is a commercial and corporate firm located in Kathmandu, Nepal. Established in 1955, the firm offers a variety of legal services to local and international clients. Areas include litigation at all levels of Nepalese courts including special courts and tribunals, mergers...

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Law Firm in Nepal: Gandhi And Associates

Gandhi And Associates

Kathmandu, Nepal

Domestic and International Business Practice Law Firm in Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone+977 1 4102888 /880

Mr. Gandhi Pandit founded Gandhi and Associates in 1987. In a relatively short period of time the firm has successfully established itself as a major legal solution provider and a pioneer in the corporate legal picture in Nepal.
The firm's areas of practice include the following:


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  • Advocate Janak Prasad Bhandari

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    G.P.O.Box: 10194, Putalisadak, Kathmandu Phone +977 1 44 38 722
  • Advocate Mr. Satya Narayan Pakka

    Bhaktapur, Nepal

    Intellectual Property Attorney and Lawyer in Nepal

    S.L.A. House, Sallaghari, P.O. Box 75
    Bhaktapur Phone 00977 1 6616150
  • Advocate Service Network Pvt. Ltd.

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Trademarks, Trade and Commerce, Adoption and Marriage Especialist

    Babarmahal Phone +977 1 4218239
  • Bg Law Firm

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Specialized in Tourism Business, Advocacy for Tourists Rights, Company and Trademark

    Thamel, Tridevimarga Phone +977 98 51051819
  • Chamber Of Defense Lawyers P. Ltd. (Adv. Dhruba Bhattarai)

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Business, Criminal, Human Rights, Civil, ADR, Immigration, All Legal Cases

    Kathmandu-10 Thapagaun, Bijulibazar
    P O Box No. 13480 Phone +977 9841 404808
  • CRC Law Links

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Business and Corporate Law Legal Firm

    P.O. Box 24358
    Tanka Prasad Ghumti Sadak, Anamnagar Phone +977 1 4218608
  • Development Law Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Thapathali, Kathmandu-15, Phone 977-1-4242683
  • Dhruba Bar Singh Thapa & Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone 977 1 425 991

    Firm Profile
    One of the pioneer law firm in Nepal for international consultancy. The firm was established by Late. Prof. Dhruba BS Thapa LL.M. (McGill) and offers a full range of legal services. The Law firm has represented big business houses and law firms from USA & Europe. Law Firm presently...

  • Dhruba Bhattarai, Attorney at Law

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    IP, Business, Taxation, Banking, Insurance and Immigration Law Firm in Kathmandu, Nepal

    11 Maitighar Mandala, Red Ten Storied Building Phone +977 1 4101516 / 985 1042211
  • Ghimire Law Associates

    Chitwan, Nepal

    Human Rights and Administrative, Employment and Familiy, Environmental, Consumer and Juvenile

    Bharatpur 10 Phone +977 56 520471
  • Global Law Associates P. Ltd.

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Phone + 977 1 438722

    Nepal,s leading law firm in the field of Intellectual Property as well as company, contract, foreign investment, joint venture and lincensing law.

  • Global Trademark & Patent Services

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    G.P.O.Box: 10194, Putalisadak, Kathmandu Phone +977 1 44 38 722
  • Hari Bilash Sapkota, LL.M.

    Chitwan, Nepal

    Business & Intl' Trade Laws

    Bilash Street
    Bharatpur-10 Phone +977 98 41223247
  • Intellectual Property Protection Bureau (P.) Ltd.

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    GOP Box 21061
    Other Offices: Kathmandu
  • Ishwari Chandra Sharma

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Kathmandu Plaza Phone 977-1-494634
  • Jurist And Company Pvt. Ltd.

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    "Purna-Kunj" Adwaitmarg, P.O.Box: 2023, Bagbazar Phone 977-1-4227029
  • Karky Law Chamber

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    G.P.O. Box 3079 Phone 977-1 421824
  • Koirala & Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Foreign Investment Related Services and Total Corporate Matters Solution

    Sahayog Marg, Anam Nagar Phone +911 4 261911
  • Kusum Law Firm

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    2-Chha-110, Lazimpat Kathmandu Phone 9771412060
  • Law Office for Trademark & Company Registration

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    G.P.O.Box: 10194, Putalisadak, Kathmandu Phone +977 1 44 38 722
  • Law Offices of Hari Bilash Sapkota

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Business and International Trade Law Firm in Nepal

    Phone +984 12 23247

    The Law Offices of Hari Bilash Sapkota began in 2001 as an outgrowth of the existing legal practice of Hari
    Bilash Sapkota. Mr. Sapkota is an experienced advocate and legal consultant. He is a member of the
    Nepal Bar Council and Nepal Bar Association. His areas of specialization are...

  • Law Practitioners' Office

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Intellectual Property and Corporate Law

    Phone +977 (1) 422-2358

    Law Practitioners' Office (P) Ltd. (LPO) is one of the leading law firms of Nepal mainly practicing in the area of company and corporate law, revenue law, trade law as well as litigations under domestic laws.

  • Legist Legal Consultancy & Research Forum

    Bijuli Bazar, Nepal

    Corporate and Business Law, Foreign Investment Laws

    34 Kathmandu Ward Phone +977 1 4465377
  • Mainali Law Office

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Newplaza, Ramshahpath Phone 977-1-4429444
  • Nepal Consulting Lawyers, Inc

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Constitutional, Human Rights and Public Law Firm

    New Plaza, Putali Sadak
    Bansghari Side Phone +977 98 41125456
  • Nepal Intellectual Property Law Services

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Trademark, Patent, Design, Copyright Protection and Enforcement

    PO Box: 10194, Putalisadak, Hiuwa Galli Phone +977 1 4438722
  • Nepal Trademark Lawyers Inc.

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    IP Matters in Nepal

    G.P.O. Box - 8350, Sundhara
    Putalisadak -31 Phone +977 4212622
  • Niraula Law Chamber

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Corporate Governance in Nepal

    Anamnagar, Pragatimarga-2 # 163 Phone 977-1-4264609
  • Niraula Law Chamber & Co

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Full Service Law Firm in Nepal

    Phone +977 142 52246

    We have well established reputation in the area of Corporate, Property Civil / Criminal Rights along with exclusive litigation on every commercial as well as civil and criminal cases including Intellectual Property Law.
    Now the law firm has been recognized and commended by local business...

    Other Offices: Kathmandu
  • Panth & Panth Corporate Law Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Corporate and Business Law Firm in Kathmandu, Nepal

    817 Sabal Bahal, Newroad Phone +977 1 4251089 / 4249410
  • Panth, Panth & Bhatta

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Kha 2-97, Shanti Kuty
    G. P. O. Box 14387, Dillibazar Phone 977 1 4 30688
  • Pioneer Law Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Putali Sadak Phone 977-1 221340
  • Polestar Legal Advice & Research Center ( PLARC)

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    New Plaza, Putalisadak Phone +977 1 2003449
  • Pradhan & Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Commercial Law Firm in Nepal

    Phone +977 1 425 2272

    Pradhan & Associates is a top-tier full service commercial law firm in Nepal. Since its establishment, the firm stands out from the crowd and is widely recognized as Nepal's premier commercial law firm. The firm is well known for its expertise in commercial transactional work as well as in complex...

  • Premier Law Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Business and Hydropower Electricity Litigation Law Firm in Kathmandu

    Phone +977 1 4021616

    Premier Law Associates (PLA), a law office based in capital of Nepal, focuses on representing clients with cases involving business law, hydropower, electricity, insurance, intellectual property, securities, corporate finance, merger, and acquisitions as well as business commercial litigation. PLA...

  • Prime Law Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Corporate and Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property and Immigration Law

    Phone +977-01-4102849

    Prime Law Associates (PLA) is a dynamic law firm, founded by a group of young and energetic lawyers. PLA has been a successful firm with a good repute among its clients and the legal fraternity in Nepal. Owing to our strong responsiveness to clients need and innovative approach to solve legal...

  • R.P. Pokhrel & Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Foreign Investment, IP, Court Practice, Criminal Law

    Phone +977 (1) 421-9266

    R.P. Pokhrel & Associates is incorporated under the private firm registration Act of Nepal that, mainly engaged in the Business Law, foreign investment law, Joint venture, technology transfer, technical know- how, Intellectual property law. The Firm, being one of the leading law firms in Nepal,...

  • Reliance Law Firm

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Banking, Corporate, Property, Civil, International Trade, Arbitration and Foreign Investement

    Jawalakhel Ward no. 20 Phone +977 1 552 6789 / +977 9 85 102 7503 (cell)
  • Sangrila Law Associates

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    2/19, Dallu Phone 977 9810 26711
  • Sarit legal consultancy

    Biratnagar, Nepal
    Biratnagar -11,Madhumara
    Byasashrampath Phone 00977-21-31984
  • Social Research and Community Development Training Centre

    Ramrekha, Nepal

    Social Research and Legal Aid Centre

    Baglung Municipality-1, Ramrekha, Lampata Phone +977-9857620076
  • Solar Law Associates

    Bhaktapur, Nepal

    Intellectual Property Attorneys, Lawyers, Legal Consultants, IP Watch, Registrations & Litigation

    S.L.A. House, Sallaghari -17
    P.O. Box 75 Phone +977 1 6616150
    Other Offices: Kathmandu
  • Srimar Law

    Kathmandu, Nepal
    Opp. Shankerdev college, Putalisadak,
    Kathmandu-31 Phone 00977-1-251341
  • Sun Shine Law Firm

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Civil, Criminal, Banking, Company, Tax & Immigration Law Firm in Kathmandu, Nepal

    Putalisadak (behind from capital hospital) Phone +977 1 4225541
  • Vijaya Shree Law Associates Pvt. Ltd.

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Criminal Law, Family Law, IPR, Finance & Business, Immigration, Environmental & Natural Resources

    Chaarkhaal Marg, Dillibazar Phone +977 9851091414
  • WIPS Law Associates Pvt. Ltd.

    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Intellectual Property Attorney, Trademark, Patent, Design Lawyer

    Phone +977-1-4412660

    WIPS is a leading law firm of Nepal in Intellectual Property protection and enforcement. WIPS provides reliable and cost effective service to the client. WIPS services encompass all elements of intellectual property matter from registration and renewal to protection and litigation in Nepal. We have...

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