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Law Firm in Paraguay: Achucarro Faría & Asociados Estudio Jurídico

Achucarro Faría & Asociados Estudio Jurídico

Asuncion, Paraguay

Asuncion, Paraguay Civil & Commercial, Trademarks & Patent, Constitutional and Municipal Law Firm

Phone+595 (21) 205753

Achucarro Faria & Asociados Estudio Jurdico is located in Asuncion, Paraguay. Legal areas include civil and commercial law such as inheritance matters, divorce and child-related issues, real estate, local and international contracts, licensing and franchise/distribution agreements, insurance of material...

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Law Firm in Paraguay: Salomoni & Asociados

Salomoni & Asociados

Asuncion, Paraguay

Full-Service Law Firm in Paraguay

Phone+595 (21) 228-704/5

Salomoni & Asociados, located in Asunción, Paraguay provides legal services related to Corporate and Commercial Law, Contracts, Litigation, General Counsel and Administrative Law, Real Estate, Investments, International Law, Immigration and Nationality, Joint Ventures, Labor and Tax Law, Licensing and...

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Law Firm in Paraguay: Ferrere


Asuncion, Paraguay

Full-Service Law Firm in Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay

Phone+595 21 227 066

Ferrere is a top quality full service law firm with offices in Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Our offices in Bolivia and Paraguay are run by professionals from each of those countries, many of them also holding advanced degrees from foreign universities, with broad knowledge of their local realities....

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Law Firm in Paraguay: Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja

Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja

Asuncion, Paraguay

Firm Specialization Includes Mergers & Acquisitions, Foreign Investment, Maritime, Aviation and More

Phone+595 21 663536

Peroni Sosa Tellechea Burt & Narvaja (PSTBN) is one of the largest firms in Paraguay. PSTBN was established in 1968, growing with a high international profile, strong client base and diversified areas of specialization. Through its members, PSTBN has been an active participant in legal innovation in...

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Law Firm in Paraguay: Vouga Abogados

Vouga Abogados

Asuncion, Paraguay

Full-Service Law Firm in Paraguay

Phone+595 21 202 049

Established in 1976. Since then, Vouga Abogados has ranked among the most prestigious and largest law firms in Paraguay. always seeking creative solutions to the competitive challenges facing modern business today while not affecting their ability to provide a full service, high quality legal practice....

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  • ABC Consultores

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Full-Service Law Firm in Asuncion, Paraguay

    Phone 595-21-603-453

    ABC Consultores is a full service law firm located in Asuncion Paraguay.
    ABC Consultores is committed to providing quality legal services to clients in all aspects of their businesses and investment activities. Personal attention from the firm partners allows us to offer individualized counsel...

  • Altra Legal

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Full Legal Services

    Phone +595 21 237 6695

    Altra Legal distinguishes itself by simplifying what originally seems complex.
    Our law firm offers world-class legal services in a wide range of areas. More than a mere conventional advisory, we strive to accomplish the clients´ expectations in a unique way. Our team is composed by both...

  • Altra Legal Services

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Asuncion, Paraguay Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +595 21 237 6695

    At Altra we offer world-class full legal services. Distinguishing features of our legal practice are our strategic thinking, our aim to foster creativity and innovation, and the capacity to build high performance teams who deliver effective solutions. We strive for a combination of modern legal...

  • Bareiro Modica & Asociados

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Intellectual Property Law

    Calle Rio De Janeiro Nº 892 Phone +59 52 121 0895
  • Berkemeyer Attorneys and Counselors

    Asuncion, Paraguay
    P.O. Box 285 Phone 595-21 446706
  • Cáceres Salvioni & Associates

    Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

    Domestic and International Business Practice in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay

    Avenida Centro Democrático c/ Andrés Rodríguez Phone +595 9 93253378
  • Despacho Jurídico CS

    Lambare, Paraguay

    Civil, Criminal, Administrative, Intellectual Property & Municipal Law

    Hernan Cortés 1136 Phone +595 981381563
  • Estudio Juridico Gross Brown

    Asuncion, Paraguay
    P.O. Box 730 Phone 595-21 494 644
  • Estudio Mersan, Abogados

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Solid National and International Reputation, Legal Advice and Consultancy Services

    Phone (595-21) 447 739

    The Firm provides a variety of specialized services, as well as legal representation before judicial courts and administrative agencies in Paraguay. The Firm is a member of the Bomchil Group, and is also part of the CONSULEGIS network. Equally, the Firm participates as a member of the International...

  • Fiorio, Cardozo & Alvarado

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Full-Service Law Firm in Paraguay

    Phone +595 (21) 205 052

    Fiorio, Cardozo & Alvarado, a full-service law firm, is considered as one of the most important firms of the country. The firm was established in 1981.

  • Globalex - Abogados & Consultores

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Criminal Law, Divorce Practice, Civil Litigation, Corporate Finance & Business Law, Medical Law

    Phone +595 984269782

    Servicios de Consultoria Legal Integral a nivel local e internacional en las diferentes especialidades, representación en los tribunales y los organismos administrativos, incluyendo fusiones y adquisiciones, inversiones extranjeras y los asuntos de propiedad intelectual.

  • Jiménez R. y Asociados.

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Civil, Commercial, Constitutional, Labor and Administrative Matters.

    Phone 59521498684

    We are a group of attorneys-at-law fully committed in rendering an optimal defense of our principals’ rights and interests, whether in court or out of court – with a background of more than thirty uninterrupted years working in Paraguayan courts, focusing ourselves in a high-level and continuous...

  • Legalstudio Bartolozzi & Asociados

    Asuncion, Paraguay
    Calle Oliva 393 - Edif. Segesa - 6to - Ofic. 605/7 Phone +595 21 444373
  • Marpat Abogados

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Intellectual Property, Civil and Comercial Law

    195 Herrera
    Interexpress Building, 2nd Floor, Suite 201 Phone +59 5 21445223
  • Moreno Ruffinelli & Asociados

    Asuncion, Paraguay
    Phone (595.21) 214.688

    The firm's solid position in the market is due to a unique combination between the extraordinary accomplishments, expertise and reputation of the founder and other senior partners, and a locally unrivalled new generation of attorneys with a dynamic and modern outtake on the local and international...

  • Muñoz & Asociados

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Intellectual Property

    Hernandarias 816 c/ Humaitá Phone +595 21 445 882
  • Muñoz & Associates

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Intellectual Property - Civil and Commercial Law

    Hernandarias 816 Phone +595 21 445882
  • Olmedo Abogados

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Full Service Law Firm in Paraguay

    Phone +595 21 207 185

    Olmedo Abogados is a full–service law firm based in Asuncion, Paraguay, whose strong roots extend to more than 36 years of recognized professional practice in the national and international legal market.
    The challenging need to find efficient, responsive, specific and cost-sensitive solutions to...

  • Parquet & Associates, Attorneys

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Administrative and Commercial Law Firm in Asuncion, Paraguay

    Azara 1595 y Cnel. Irrazabal Phone +595 21 200255
  • Pavia Benitez & Asociados

    Asuncion, Paraguay
    Guarania 2044 c/ Av. Proceres de Mayo Phone +595 21 201163
  • RMG Abogados

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Full-Service Law Firm in Paraguay

    Narciso López, 792 and Cuba Phone +595 21 420995
  • SKW Rechtsanwaelte

    Asuncion, Paraguay

    Civil, Family Law, Immigration Law Consulting

    Coronel Fernandez 2156 c Genaro Romero Phone +595 21 294525
    Other Offices: Asuncion
  • Vouga & Olmedo, Attorneys at Law

    Asuncion, Paraguay
    Av. Peru Nr. 505 and Av. Espana Phone +(595 21) 230 100
  • Zacarias & Fernandez

    Asuncion, Paraguay
    Boungermini N 1174 c/Ygatimi Phone 595-21-490 608

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