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Law Firm in Peru: Iriarte & Asociados

Iriarte & Asociados

Lima, Peru

Information Technology and Intellectual Property Law Firm in Lima, Peru

Phone+51 (1) 203-5400

Iriarte & Asociados is a full service business law firm located in Lima, Peru, focusing on the interrelationship between law and the information society. Practice areas encompass the law of new technologies such as digital signature and certificates, e-banking, cloud computing, technology transfer,...

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Law Firm in Peru: Estudio Delion SRL

Estudio Delion SRL

Intellectual Property, Corporate Law & Health Registrations Law Firm in Lima, Peru

Phone+51 1 222 2795 or +51 1 441-1857

Estudio Delion since 1985, is a full service Law Firm whose statement of practice are Intellectual Property such as: antipiracy, trademarks, patents, copyrights, artistic property, arbitration, enforcement, infringement, licensing, litigation, prosecution, protection designs and industrial designs,...

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Law Firm in Peru: Ísmodes & Abogados Asociados SAC

Ísmodes & Abogados Asociados SAC

Arequipa, Peru

Corporate & Business Law Firm in Peru

Phone+51 (54) 251610 or +51 936068993

Ismodes & Abogados Asociados is a full service law firm located in Arequipa, Peru. Practice areas include administrative law, foreign trade, competition law, compliance, communications and privacy, concessions and public private initiatives, corporate law, fusions and acquisitions, transport and energy,...

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Law Firm in Peru: Monteblanco & Associates, LLC

Monteblanco & Associates, LLC

International Law Practice in Lima, Peru

Phone+51 (1) 2519628

Monteblanco & Associates, LLC is a full-service, international law boutique headquartered in Lima, Peru and serving clients from all over the world, operating in 18 additional countries. Founded in 2000, the firm’s services include international child custody and abduction under the Hauge Convention,...

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Law Firm in Peru: Baker & McKenzie

Baker & McKenzie

Lima, Peru

Global Full Service Law Firm

Phone+51 1 618 8500

Through our local member firm, Estudio Echecopar, clients are provided with more than 60 years of experience in helping companies optimize business opportunities and navigate the evolving regulatory environments throughout Peru. Our creative solutions place us at the forefront of the country’s most...

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Law Firm in Peru: Clarke, Modet & Co.

Clarke, Modet & Co.

Lima, Peru

Intellectual Property Law Firm

Phone+51 1 4612073

Clarke, Modet is the largest Intellectual Property Group for Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries.
Established in Spain in 1879, today the Group is composed by 10 Companies and 32 branches across 10 countries.
We offer more than 134 years of experience and combine deep local knowledge with...

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Law Firm in Peru: Estudio Olaechea

Estudio Olaechea

Lima, Peru

Full-Service Law Firm in Peru

Phone+51 1 2190400

Estudio Olaechea, founded in 1878, is one of the most prestigious and largest law firms in Peru. For more than 130 years, the firm has provided practical and innovative solutions in a timely and efficient manner to a broad base of local and international clients.
The firm is an independent full-service...

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Law Firm in Peru: Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados

Rodrigo, Elías & Medrano Abogados

Lima, Peru

Since its creation in 1965, Rodrigo, Elias & Medrano Abogados introduced to Peru a novel legal practice that offers advice through experts covering all areas of law, operating on the basis of a structure built on teamwork, responsiveness and proactivity to meet our clients' needs. Fully identified with...

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  • Aramburu, Camino, Boero & Asoc.

    Lima, Peru
    Lord Nelson N. 245, Miraflores Phone 5112211063
  • Arturo Diaz & Asociados Law Offices

    Lima, Peru

    Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys - Intellectual Property - Civil Litigation

    Phone + 51 1 7124312

    THE LAW OFFICES OF ARTURO DIAZ & ASOCIADOS, is a firm established since 1996 which has grown in the last years as one of the most innovative juridical counseling group of Peru, its main objective is to provide our client with an adequate legal advice based on a philosophy representation and quality...

  • Avila & Vidal

    Lima, Peru
    Alfredo Salazar 409 Phone 5114406318
  • Avila y Vidal Abogados

    Lima, Peru

    Administrative, Commercial & Contract, Corporate & Business

    Phone +511 4406318, 4411698, 4216441

    Highly specialized in business law, energy, mining investment and financing. Complex litigation, drafting and negotiation of contracts. Our firm has participated in major projects Peru, BOOT agreements. Represents the French, Belgium Embassies. Acknowledge by the U.S. Embassy and Department of...

  • B&V Legal

    Lima, Peru

    Full-Service Law Firm in Lima, Peru

    Phone +51 1 242-3273

    B&V Legal is a law firm with sound knowledge of the Peruvian market and comprised of lawyers with international experience. We have a global vision and a comprehensive approach of the needs of our clients, which enables us to find better solutions to them. We enjoy of an expertise serving foreign...

  • Barreda Moller

    Lima, Peru

    Full Service Law Firm in Lima, Peru

    Phone 51 1 221-5715

    Barreda Moller is a full service intellectual property law firm, engaged in registration of trademarks, patents, industrial designs and copyrights, licensing, franchising, transfer of technology and prosecution of every matter regarding intellectual property.
    The firm is specially capable in...

  • Barrios, Fuentes, Urquiaga

    Lima, Peru
    Julian Arias Araguez 250 Phone 51-1-241-0513
  • Benites, Mercado & Ugaz

    Lima, Peru
    Jr. Independencia 663 Phone 5114444966
  • Bracamonte, Lamas Puccio & Abogados

    Lima, Peru

    Full-Service Legal & Tax Planning Law Firm

    Phone (511) 221-2444

    BRACAMONTE, LAMAS PUCCIO, DE PIEROLA, CLARKE, DEL ROSARIO & ABOGADOS, bufete de abogados peruanos que representa y atiende profesionalmente a clientes de Perú y del extranjero cuenta con expertos profesionales en las distintas áreas de carácter Tributario, Contable, Derechos de Autor, Propiedad...

  • Castro Law Office

    Lima, Peru
    Calle de la Prosa 103 Torres de San Borja Phone (+511) 225-9840
  • Chavez & Maurtua Abogados

    Lima, Peru

    Intellectual Property Litigation and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +51 1 2430808

    Our office was created with the main purpose of providing solutions to gain access and continuance in the Peruvian Market. From an accurate IP advice and litigation, to the elimination of any illegal barriers from competitors or Government, our business experience combined with our legal expertise...

  • Corrales-Melgar & Castaneda-Echegaray

    Lima, Peru

    Boutique Corporate Law Firm in Lima, Peru

    Phone +51 1 2415063

    We represent foreign and domestic clients in every aspect of Peruvian law with efficient, responsive, high quality, and cost-effective legal services. The firm’s practice is primarily focused on domestic and international business and corporate, contract, tax and employment law. We also advise our...

  • CPB Abogados

    Lima, Peru

    Full-service Law Firm for Domestic and Foreign Clients

    Phone +51 (1) 205-3030

    Founded in 1999, CPB Abogados is a full-service law firm that offers legal services for both domestic and foreign clients. With offices in Lima and Arequipa, the firm offers a direct, inmediate and efficient service to solve all clients' legal requirements in their operations throughout the...

  • Duany & Kresalja, Abogados

    Lima, Peru
    Av. Reducto 1534, Miraflores Phone 511 241 4545
  • Dumas Abogados

    Lima, Peru
  • Estudio Alvarez-Calderon, Attorney

    Lima, Peru

    Civil & International Law Attorney

    Phone +51 1 999447381

    Estudio Alvarez Calderon operates with the highest degree of professional and ethical integrity. It is proud of the excellent working relationships developed with its clients and the trust that has been built over the years.
    Our law firm is very selective with every assignment it undertakes, and...

  • Estudio Anibal Quiroga Leon Abogados

    Lima, Peru
    Calle Roma Nº 254, San Isidro Phone 51-1-4212820
  • Estudio Araujo-Alvarez

    Lima, Peru

    Full-Service Law Firm in Peru

    Phone +51 1 2225218

    Estudio Araujo-Alvarez - Attorneys offers a full range of legal services to multinational companies, local corporations.
    Establishment of national and foreign companies and branches, transfer of companies, corporate agreements, conflicts between partners. Companies Advise. Advice in breach,...

  • Estudio Calle Abogados

    Lima, Peru

    Corporations, Business, Start Up Services, Government regulations

    Phone +51 1 2643039

    Estudio Calle - Attorneys at law offers a full range of legal services to multinational companies, local corporations and individuals. We have the full range of corporate legal services, including corporate governance and compliance, securities, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, labor,...

  • Estudio Chabaneix & Asociados, Abogados

    Arequipa, Peru
    Mariscal Benavides 307-Selva Alegre Phone 5154217676
  • Estudio De Trazegnies & Uria

    Lima, Peru
    Av Victor Andres Belaunde 147 Via Principal 155 Edificio Real 3 Phone (51) 11 222 3202
  • Estudio Echecopar

    Lima, Peru
    Av. de la Floresta 497, piso 5, San Borja Phone 51-1-618 8500
  • Estudio Fernandez, Portocarrero, Canelo, Carpio Abogados

    Lima, Peru
    Benavides 1217, Miraflores Phone 51-1-446-2800
  • Estudio Ferrero

    Lima, Peru
    Victor Andres Belaunde 395, San Isidro Phone 511421320
  • Estudio Francisco Espinosa Bellido Abogados

    Lima, Peru
    Av. Paseo de la Republica 3832, Of. 701 San Isidro, Lima Phone 51-1 4409955
  • Estudio Galvez Abogados

    Lima, Peru

    Corporate, Oil & Gas Law Attorneys in Peru

    La Santa Maria 185, San Isidro Phone +51 1 4407099
  • Estudio Ishida, Brain & Rocca Abogados

    Lima, Peru
    Phone (511) 435 4125

    Law firm in Peru dedicated to Foreign Investment, Taxation, Commerce and Intellectual Property.
    Firm Profile:
    Times are changing.
    Traditional legal services must evolve to be efficient instruments for clients.
    In that view Ishida, Brain & Rocca Attorneys At Law offers their clients a...

  • Estudio Jorge Avendano V.

    Lima, Peru
    San Ignacio de Loyola 160 Phone 5114449002
  • Estudio Juridico Andres Coello & Asociados SAC

    Lima, Peru
  • Estudio Llona & Bustamante Abogados

    Lima, Peru
    n 370, 7 Piso Phone 5112212634
  • Estudio Muniz

    Lima, Peru

    Full Service Law Firm in Peru

    Phone + 51 1 6117000

    Estudio Muniz, founded in 1981, aiming a leading role in the legal market in Peru and Latin America,

  • Estudio Navarro, Abogados

    Lima, Peru
    Las Garzas 206 Phone 5114429714
  • Estudio Rossello Sociedad Civil de Responsabilidad Limitada

    Lima, Peru
    Avenida Camino Real 348, Torre Phone 5112227700
  • Estudio Yori & Bustamante Asociados

    Lima, Peru
    Av. Canaval y Moreyra 454, 5th Floor, San Isidro Phone 5112212861
  • Fernandez, Heraud & Sanchez Abogados SCRL

    Lima, Peru

    Business Lawyers in Lima, Peru

    Phone (511) 242-6327

    Fernández, Heraud & Sánchez Abogados SCRL is an experienced law firm located in Lima, Peru. Since its establishment, our firm has maintained a position of leadership in the Peruvian legal market and enjoys a well-recognized prestige. We provide legal representation and services in different areas...

  • Fernandini Abogados Asociados

    Lima, Peru
    Av. San Felipe 539 Phone 51-1 461-2073
  • Ferrero Diez Canseco & Asociados

    Lima, Peru
    Jose D. Anchorena No. 09 - 015, San Isidro Phone 5112643066
  • García Sayán Abogados

    Lima, Peru

    Corporate Law Firm in Lima, Peru

    Phone +51 (1) 615-0202

    García Sayán Abogados is a well known law firm, with a long standing reputation, high quality advice and professional ethics. We provide legal representation and services in corporate, finance, capital markets, taxation, bankruptcy, environmental law, real estate and intellectual property matters.

  • Garcia-Calderon, Ghersi & Asociados

    Lima, Peru
    Libertadores 350, San Isidro Phone 5114413424
  • GFI Group Inc

    Lima, Peru

    Corporate Law Department Profile in Hong Kong

    Phone +51 1 711 83 38

    GFI Group Inc provides competitive wholesale market brokerage services in a multitude of global over-the-counter (“OTC”) and exchange listed cash and derivatives markets for fixed income, equities, financials and commodities. GFI is an industry leader in various fixed income and energy and...

  • Grau Abogados

    Lima, Peru

    General Practice Law Firm in Lima, Peru

    Phone +51 (1) 513 9430

    Grau Abogados is one of the most prominent law firms with 80 years of experience aimed to rendering a comprehensive legal advice.

  • JP Van Hasselt

    Lima, Peru
    Thomas A. Edison 261 Phone 51-1 221-3800

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