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Law Firm in Puerto Rico: Cruz Niemiec & Vazquez

Cruz Niemiec & Vazquez

Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Commercial Litigation, Employment & Labor, ERISA, Distribution & Sales Contracts

Phone+1 787 7770495

Cruz Niemiec & Vázquez is a litigation oriented, full service law firm located in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. At Cruz Niemiec & Vázquez we strive to provide our clients with the highest caliber representation in civil & commercial litigation in areas such as Labor & Employment Law in both the Private and...

Law Firm's Overview 

Law Firm in Puerto Rico: McConnell Valdés

McConnell Valdés

Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

Corporate & Business Law Lawyers

Phone+1 787 7599292

McConnell Valdés was founded in Puerto Rico by attorneys Herbert McConnell and Adolfo "Wally" Valdés in 1946, when Puerto Rico was embarked on an industrialization process that would bring to the island the giants of manufacturing, as well as creators of new industrial technologies. Many of these businesses...

Law Firm's Overview 

  • Adsuar Muniz Goyco & Besosa, P.S.C.

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Phone (787) 756-9000

    Adsuar Muniz Goyco & Besosa, P.S.C. is a full service law firm dedicated to efficient and expedient service for both international and local clients.

  • Adsuar Muñiz Goyco Seda & Perez-Ochoa, P.S.C.

    Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

    Litigation and Full Service Law Firm in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

    Phone +1 787 2811813

    Litigation and full service law firm based in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. Go to firm for complex, business, and commercial litigation, in both federal and local courts. Also, provide a full array of cost-effective legal services to diverse clients, including Fortune 500 companies, in the areas of...

  • Alejandro Guzman ZengotitaArticles

    Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico Estate Planning, Inheritance and Business Attorney

    Phone 787-834-5814

    Alejandro M. Guzman, Esq., is an attorney in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico with 15 years of experience handling civil cases. Its practice areas are: Inheritance, Estate Planning, Civil Litigation, Real Estate, Licensing, Contract Negotiation, Commercial Litigation, Wills, and Probate.
    Attorney Guzman...

  • Alex Fleming Law Office

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Commercial, Corporate, Employment and Litigation including Personal Injury

    Phone (787) 304-0455

    Strategic legal counsel & representation to protect and help grow organizations.
    Legal representation for individuals and organizations in state and federal courts.
    The law firm is headed by Robert Alex Fleming who has counseled & represented businesses in the health care, manufacturing,...

  • Asesores Legales Incorporados, CSP

    Santurce, Puerto Rico
    Ave. de Diego #322
    Suite 202 Phone (787) 723-8733
  • Aviles Pagan Law Offices

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Business Law Attorney in San Juan, Puerto Rico

    261 Tanca Street, Suite 600 Phone +1 787 509-4100
  • Belen Rivera & Associates

    Caguas, Puerto Rico

    Attorney at Law and Public Notary in Caguas, Puerto Rico

    Phone (787) 258-1336

    The law firm Belen Rivera & Associates (BR & A) was founded in the city of Caguas, Puerto Rico, in 1991, by Mr. Jose J. Belen Rivera, who began practice as a lawyer and notary in January 1989. Since then he has had great public support, its customers and especially of cooperative enterprises in the...

  • Briere Law Offices

    Ponce, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico Lawyers - Personal Injury & Wrongful Death

    2510 Obispado Avenue Phone (787) 590-1850
  • Cabrera & Rico

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    867 Muñoz Rivera Ave.
    Suite D403 Phone 1-787-754-9754
  • Cancio, Nadal, Rivera, Diaz & Berrios

    Hato Rey, Puerto Rico
    403 Munoz Rivera Avenue Phone 787-767-9625
  • Castaner Law Offices

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Maritime, Admiralty, Insurance, Business & Corporate

    Phone +1 787 707 0802

    The law firm, located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, provides legal representation to corporate, commercial, and business clients in the maritime, transportation, real estate and insurance industries, among others.
    And while the Firm is dedicated to maritime and admiralty law, we also provide high...

  • Colon, Colon & Martinez

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    BankTrust Plaza Suite 725
    255 Ponce de Leon Ave. Phone (787) 758-6060
  • Fernandez, Collins & Rivero-Vergne

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Civil Litigation, Bussiness and Estate Planning

    Suite 201, Ochoa Bldg., Tanca St. #500 Phone (787)977-3772
  • Ferraiuoli, LLC

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Intellectual Property and Corporate Law Firm in Puerto Rico

    Phone +1 787 7667000

    Ferraiuoli Torres Marchand & Rovira, P.S.C., located in the midst of the Golden Mile in the Hato Rey ward of the Municipality of San Juan, Ferraiuoli Torres Marchand & Rovira, P.S.C. is a thriving law firm that boasts a select staff of energetic and responsive attorneys knowledgeable in a broad...

  • Fiddler Gonzalez & Rodriguez

    Hato Rey, Puerto Rico

    Full-Service Law Firm in Puerto Rico

    Phone +1 (787) 753-3113

    Fiddler, González & Rodríguez, P.S.C. is a full-service law firm located in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. We offer our clients experience in nearly all areas of law.

  • Goldman Antonetti & Cordova, P.S.C.

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico Full-service Law Firm

    Phone +787 759-4117

    For nearly a century, Goldman, Antonetti & Córdova, now one of the largest law firms in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, has provided local, regional and international clients with legal counsel marked by excellence, credibility and creativity. Our firm has grown and changed in response to the...

  • Graffam & Biaggi

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Medical Malpractice, Personal Injury and Worker's Compensation Law Firm in Puerto Rico

    Phone (787) 764-7585

    Graffam & Biaggi law offices is a small firm providing for over a decade personalized professional legal services to both claimants and defendants throughout the island of Puerto Rico. The firm handles litigation in all local courts and administrative agencies of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico,...

  • Hoglund & Pamias, PSC

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Intellectual Property, Patents & Trademarks Attorneys

    Phone +1 787 7729200

    Hoglund & Pamias, P.S.C., is an Intellectual Property Law Firm with offices in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We practice in the courts of Puerto Rico, both local and federal and regularly handle trademark matters before the Puerto Rico Department of State. We also handle trademark and patent matters...

  • Igor J. Dominguez Law Offices PSC

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Civil, Banking, Foreclosures, Medical Malpractice, Insurance Litigation in San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Vig Tower
    1225 Ponce De Leon Ave. Suite 1105 Phone +1 787 250-0220
  • Ivan M. Alers, Attorney at Law

    Carolina, Puerto Rico

    Personal Injury & Family Lawyer in Puerto Rico

    Phone (787) 448-2408

    Admitted to Puerto Rico Supreme Court and the US District Court for the District of Puerto Rico.
    We provide effective legal representation to plaintiffs and defendants, which enable us to represent a broad spectrum of clients.
    Personal Injury Claims: Slip and Fall, Accident,...

  • Jimenez, Graffam & Lausell

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Phone 787-767-1030

    Located in the business district of San Juan, Puerto Rico, JGL is a long established and recognized law firm that has been providing top quality legal services for over 40 years. Integrity, excellence and dedication, along with hard work and a strong commitment to client service, have allowed our...

  • Jose A. Moreda del Valle Law Office

    Ponce, Puerto Rico

    General Civil Practice to Banking, Notary and Negligence Law

    Phone +787 842-1609

    José A. Moreda del Valle Law Office is strategically located in Ponce, Puerto Rico where it offers effective Legal Services to the entire Commonwealth treating every case with integrity, diligence and candor; be it an individual or the largest financial institutions in our jurisdiction.

  • Lampon & Associates

    Bayamon, Puerto Rico

    Real Estate and Inheritance Law

    Phone 787-273-6767

    Lampon & Associates a real estate and inheritance law firm. Most of our clients are non-residents of Puerto Rico.

  • Law Office Francisco Fernandez Carbia

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    San Rafael Building Suite 2-B
    601 Miramar Ave Phone 787-722-3040
  • Law Office of Artemio Rivera

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    P.O. Box 193189 Phone 787-774-7620
  • Law Office of Sylvia C. Lugo-Sotomayor

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Probate, Civil and Real Estate Law Attorneys in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Florida

    Phone +1 (787) 390-9140

    Small law firm providing legal services to clients with inheritance, probate, real estate and civil law issues in Puerto Rico and Florida. Experience in handling estates with assets, real property and litigation in both jurisdictions. General Civil Law practice as well as Notario Publico in Puerto...

  • Lopez Lopez & Associates Law Offices

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Domestic and International Business and Trade Practice Civil Litigation

    2 Ponce de Leon Avenue
    PH 1616 Phone +1 787 5020554
  • Martinez Alvarez, Menéndez Cortada & Lefranc Romero, PSC

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    701 Ponce De Leon Ave. Suite 407
    Centro de Seguros Bldg. Phone 787-721-1140
  • Mercado & Soto

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Full Law Office

    Caso Building Penthouse 1225 Ponce de Leon Avenue (Santurce) Phone (787) 723-5434
  • Morales-Morales Law Offices

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Litigation and Business Lawfirm

    Phone +1 787 7551570

    This Firm was founded by Proprietary Partner, Mr. Jaime E. Morales-Morales, in 2000. We began as a sole attorney office with corporate clients, but have since grown into a Firm. The Firm also boasts consultants, associates, and a compliment of support staff.
    Over the years, our scope of services...

  • Munoz Boneta Gonzalez Arbona Benitez & Peral

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Popular Center Building Suite 1800 208 Ponce de Leon Avenue (Hato Rey) Phone 787-751-9393
  • Nolla, Palou & Casellas, LLC

    Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

    Puerto Rico Lawyers, Attorneys and Counsellors in Labor, Corporate, Personal Injury Law and Litigati

    Phone (787) 625-6535

    Puerto Rico attorneys / lawfirm with plenty of big firm, corporate and litigation experience, but we have small firm rates and flexible arrangements.

  • O Neill, & Borges

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    American International Plaza, Eighth Floor, 250 Munoz Rivera Avenue Phone 787-764-8181
  • Quiñones & Sanchez PSC

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Corporate Finance, Business Law, Telecommunications, Commercial Litigation

    33 Resolucion Street
    Doral Bank Plaza, Suite 701 Phone +1 787 6206776
  • Ramos Cruz & Cortes Ramos

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    San Juan Attorneys - Civil, Pharmaceutical Compliance, Corporate Law, Criminal

    Phone (787) 508 2525

    Ramos Cruz & Cortes Ramos, a Puerto Rico legal office distinguished for providing quality services in a reliable and efficient manner. Litigation and consulting services for enterprises and individuals in the fields of commercial, corporate, legislative, criminal, pharmaceutical compliance,...

  • Rosas & Associates, P.S.C.

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Corporate Finance and Business Law Office in Puerto Rico

    Phone +787 765 3536

    Welcome to ROSAS & Associates. We deliver what we call our E square approach. We are EXPERIENCED, EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE and are committed to EQUALLY providing our clients with the kind of high-quality, sophisticated legal services that are traditionally found at larger firms. Your challenges, our...

  • Rubén Cerezo Law Office

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Federal & State Criminal Defense Law Firm in San Juan, PR

    Phone +787 282-0646

    Law firm dedicated to criminal defense mainly in the Federal Courts and jurisdiction. Criminal defense in Puerto RIco's states courts also available. Over25 years of experience. In Aviation Law, you would be represented by a licensed pilot. In the International arena, the firm is experienced in...

  • Servicios Legales de Inmigración de Puerto Rico

    Bayamon, Puerto Rico

    Civil Litigation and Immigration Law Firm

    10-17 Aguas Buenas Avenue
    Suite 8 Phone +1 787 786-4001
  • Torres & Garcia

    San Juan, Puerto Rico
    Union Plaza Building , Suite 1602
    416 Ponce de Leon Avenue Phone (787) 771-0001
  • Torres & García PSC

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Environmental Litigation and Counseling Law Firm

    Phone +787 7218220

    Torres & García, P.S.C. (“T&G”) offers a full range of specialized services in the areas of environmental, natural resources, planning and land use law. Our attorneys bring depth of experience and a refreshed desire to assist in the sound management of the environmental, land use and natural...

  • Torruella Law Firm

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Intellectual Property, Business, Corporate, & Commercial Law & Litigation

    Phone (787) 378 - 0795

    At Torruella Law Firm we focus on being responsive to our clients’ needs and providing quality legal work. However, we know the most important measure of our work is results. Upon request and depending on the case, we can offer flat-fee billing. We also offer a free initial consultation.

  • Usera, Figueroa & Giner, P.S.C.

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Labor and Employment Law Firm in Puerto Rico

    Phone (787) 725-8080

    Usera Figueroa & Giner, P.S.C. ("UFG")is a boutique law firm providing representation to management in all areas of labor and employment law and collective bargaining, as well as in the areas of employee benefits, civil and commercial litigation. Our clients include local, national and...

  • Velazquez Law Offices, PSC

    Ponce, Puerto Rico

    Medical Malpractice & Hospital Negligence Law Firm

    Phone +787 2593778

    Mr. Velazquez and his associates are highly experienced attorneys. They are engaged in medical malpractice and hospital negligence field, representing exclusively victimsplaintiffs for almost three decades. They have obtained important judgments and jury verdicts, principally in cases involving...

  • Vivoni Law Office

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Promotions & Advertisement Law

    Phone (787) 753-8140

    We provide personal, responsive, and reliable legal counseling with the quality standards every top tier firm should pursue while servicing all clients. Our dedication to understand and integrate with our clients’ priorities allows us to provide accurate and effective representation in order to...

  • William Estrella Law Offices, PSCArticles

    San Juan, Puerto Rico

    Civil Law Attorneys

    Phone (787) 9775050

    William Estrella Law Offices, PSC is located in the historic center of Old San Juan. Our law firm's history dates back to the beginning of the 20th Century. Early that Century, in the same building where our Firm stands, the New York City law firm of Rounds, Hatch, Dillingham & Debevoise (later...

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