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Law Firm in Serbia: Rajic Law Office

Rajic Law Office

Belgrade, Serbia

Full-Service Law Firm in Serbia

Phone+381 (69) 363-7170

Rajic Law Office is a full service law firm located in Belgrade, Serbia.
The firm is specialized in corporate and business law, providing services in various areas of law, such as corporate and M&A, Commercial Law, Real Estate & Construction, Finance, Employment, Energy, IT, Litigation, etc.

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Law Firm in Serbia: Petrovic Mojsic & Partners

Petrovic Mojsic & Partners

Belgrade, Serbia

Full-Service Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

Phone+381 11 39 10 370

Petrovic Mojsic & Partners is a full service law firm located in Belgrade, Serbia. Practice areas include aviation and MRO law, bankruptcy, civil registry, construction and real estate, contracts, company law, data protection and privacy, enforcement of claims, foreign investment, insurance and reinsurance,...

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Law Firm in Serbia: bluecounsel


Belgrade, Serbia

Trademark and Due Diligence Law Firm in Serbia

Phone+381 63 1991 930

Blue Counsel is a boutique trademark and due diligent firm located in Belgrade, Serbia. Services include multi-jurisdictional trademark filings, trademark and patent registration trademark license agreements and litigation, and due diligence related to anti-money laundering, commercial investigations,...

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Law Firm in Serbia: Mrakovic & Partners Law Office

Mrakovic & Partners Law Office

Belgrade, Serbia

Commercial, Contract, Administrative and Labor Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

Phone+381 (11) 3239564

Mrakovic & Partners Joint Law Office, located in Belgrade, Serbia, provides a wide range of legal services to domestic and foreign clients. Services include forming of entities, privatization, commercial law, corporate structure management, commercial torts, dispute resolution, procedure before administrative...

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Law Firm in Serbia: ODI Law Firm

ODI Law Firm

Belgrade, Serbia

Corporate Law Firm in Serbia

Phone+381 11 2430 407

ODI Law Firm provides extensive legal consultancy in numerous transactions, involving complex legal mergers and acquisitions and financial issues. ODI Law Firm has broad spectrum of clients, including the two largest corporations in Slovenia. ODI Law Firm has offices in three other jurisdictions (Serbia,...

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  • Advokat Bojan P. Tomic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Commercial Representation and Litigation

    Bulevar Despota Stefana 15 Phone +381 11 3246826
  • Advokat Dragan Gajin

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Business Law Firm in Serbia

    Phone +381 (62) 767-883

    The firm's founder is an attorney admitted in Serbia and New York, providing legal services in Serbia. While the focus of the practice is on business law, the firm also provides assistance to individuals in property matters.

  • Advokat Dragoljub Cosovic IP Law

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Intellectual Property in the Balkans

    Phone +381 11 2435600

    Full IP protection in the Balkans ....of our clients' rights (prosecution and enforcement), recordal of assignments, licenses, franchises, dividing of the application and registration, preparing and filing cancellation actions, response to the provisional refusals, customs monitoring of our clients...

  • Advokat Simic Zeljko Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Belgrade, Serbia Civil Litigation, Estate Planning and Criminal Law Firm

    Phone +381 6 3304305

    Zeljko Simic began his career as a court in the Palace of Justice in Belgrade First Municipal Court, District Court and the Commercial - Commercial Court in Belgrade. Zeljko engaged since 2005. The attorney Zeljko Simic is a member of the Bar Association of the Bar Association of Serbia and...

  • Advokat Veljko M. Velickovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full -Service Law Firm in Belgrade

    Phone +381 064 514-6577

    Law Office "Velickovic" is located in the center of Belgrade. We provide services in almost all branches of law or core business.

  • Advokatska Kancelarija

    Belgrade, Serbia

    International Business Practice, Commercial and Foreign Investment Law Firm

    Phone +381 6 3383116

    We are a specialized Law Office firm from Serbia which represents a number of
    domestic and international-foreign companies on domestic market.
    Our legal consulting field of work includes: domestic and international business law, registration
    of the companies, Representatives offices, mix...

  • Advokatska Kancelarija Radovic & Ratkovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Investing in Serbia Law firm

    4 Kolarceva street Phone +381 11 3287255
  • Advokatska kancelarija Vuckovic

    Novi Sad, Serbia

    Novi Sad, Serbia Civil Litigation, Insurance, Corporate Finance, Business and Criminal Law Firm

    Futoska 31 Phone +381 21 540427
  • Aleksandar R. Lojpur

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Belgrade Law Firm

    Phone 38111182248

    Aleksandar R. Lojpur is a Belgrade, Serbia lawyer.

  • Aleksic Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate and Commercial law, Intellectual Property

    Phone +381 11 303 61 32

    Aleksić Law office provides legal services to foreign and domestic business entities, entrepreneurs and individuals in the fields of corporate and commercial law and intellectual property. Competence, experience and local information enable us to provide our clients withconstant support even in the...

  • Andrija Jovanovic Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full Service Law Firm

    Licka 4 Phone 011/3322-192
  • Blecic & Partners

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full Legal Support Law Firm Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +381 (11) 3287246

    Blecic & Partners Law Firm
    Office: Belgrade, Serbia
    Juristidictions: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Republic of Srpska
    Banking & Finance
    Capital market
    Company Law and Corporate governance
    Competition Law
    Dispute resolution
    Energy Law

  • Bojovic & Partners Attorneys at Law

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Leading Full-Service Commercial Law Firm Operating in Serbia and Montenegro

    Phone +381 (11) 785-0336

    We take an integrated approach to client service and are organized by practice groups that nurture industry specific in-depth knowledge. Each case and client is unique, which is why our approach is business oriented to tailor to our clients’ business plans and goals in the most efficient manner.

  • Bozic & Milosavljevic

    Novi Sad, Serbia
    street Miroslava Antica 5
  • Chaldoupis & Partners Law Offices

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Offering a Wide Range of Business Legal Services in Greece, Serbia and Germany

    Hilandarska 23 Phone +381 11 303 3649
  • Cvetkovic & Co.

    Belgrade, Serbia
    25 Marsala Birjuzova Str. Phone 381113281949
  • Ds Petosevic, Patent & Trademark Attorneys and Attorneys at Law

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Intellectual Property Law

    Phone +381 11 306 62 62

    Ds Petosevic, Patent & Trademark Attorneys and Attorneys at Law provides a full range of intellectual property (patents, trademarks, industrial designs, copyrights, etc) services in Serbia & Montenegro and other countries of former Yugoslavia(Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Macedonia, Slovenia) and...

  • Gecic Law

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +381 (11) 404-3570

    Gecić Law provides comprehensive legal services in all areas of Serbian business law.
    A new firm with an international outlook: Gecić Law was founded in 2015 through a merger of a number of prominent law firm spinoffs. The firm takes an international approach to legal services,...

  • Graovac Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Law Firm Specializing in Intellectual Property

    Phone +381 11 2411541

    Graovac IP Law Office in Belgrade, Serbia, is a law firm devoted exclusively to intellectual property and offers comprehensive top quality services to establish, protect and exploit our clients' IP rights in Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and other countries of former Yugoslavia.
    We possess...

  • Jankovic, Popovic & Mitic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Law Firm in Serbia

    Palmoticeva 16a Phone +381 11 2076850
  • JMS Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Tadeusa Koscuska 8 Phone +381 11 3031227
  • Knezevic Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate and Business Law Office, Belgrade Serbia

    Phone +381 63 150-4144

    Law Office Knezevic iLaw Office is located in the center of Belgrade. We provide services in almost all branches of law. Law Office Knezevic deals with the representation of natural persons and legal entities in different legal fields. As a client of the Law Office Knezevic you may expect plenty of...

  • Kosta D. Lazic law office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    We are specialized in corporation law, property and litigation.

    Phone 00381 63 745 4513

    Our law office was founded with a goal to meet all the client’s needs for effectiveness and efficiency in solving all legal issues. At the time of economic transition in Serbia it is absolutely a necessity to have a good legal support for investments in Serbia and regional countries. Our Law office...

  • Kuvizic & Tadic Law Office

    Novi Sad, Serbia

    Representing Businesses and Individuals in Serbia

    Phone +381 21 521 815

    Representing YOUR legal interests in Serbia
    We represent variety of businesses, domestic and foreign, as well as individuals with their legal needs in Serbia, so you can entrust us with your legal needs, whether small or big. We believe that every client deserves an honest, truthful and fair...

  • Law Office Aleksandar N. Djordjevic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone +381 60 0139969

    We are specialized in Litigation, Corporate Law, Intellectual property, Real estate, Labor and Family Law. We also provide legal services in Criminal Law.

  • Law Office of Igor Prlja

    Belgrade, Serbia
    Phone 381 11 630 214
  • Law Office Stamenkovic

    Nis, Serbia
    Kosovke Devojke 22 Phone +381 63 470 733
  • Law Office Veljovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Belgrade, Serbia Securities, Corporate Finance and Business Law Firm

    Phone +381 6 31675191

    We are a full-service law office which provides legal services on the principles of professionalism, ethics, and efficiency. The specialties of our law office are the areas of criminal law, civil law and business law.
    By providing legal services, our legal team enables full realization of the...

  • Legal Advisory Group, Belgrade

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate, Business, Employment and Commerical Litigation Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Admirala Geprata 17/5 Phone +381 11 3620975
  • Mihaj, Ilic & Milanovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Representation in Arbitration, Litigation, Bankruptcy

    Phone +381 11 30 33 435

    Mihaj, Ilić & Milanović Law Firm - MIM Law is one of the first dispute resolution boutiques in Serbia and Montenegro. MIM Law's aim is to set a standard for both clients and the market in the following practice areas: Arbitration, Litigation, Insolvency & Restructuring, Labor Disputes,...

  • Mikijelj Jankovic & Bogdanovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Intellectual Property & Business Law Office

    Phone +381 (11) 323-1970

    Mikijelj Jankovic & Bogdanovic (MJB) is a law firm based in Belgrade, Serbia. MJB actively handles IP cases in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Kosovo and Macedonia and has considerable experience in handling patent and trademark infringement cases. The firm also has a...

  • Milos Paligoric Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia
    Cara Nikolaja II 54 Phone +38163364363
  • Milosevic Law Firm

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Commercial Law Firm Operating in Serbia

    Phone +381 605008884

    We are modern and progressive law firm trusted to deliver pragmatic and innovative solutions even when faced with the most complex challenges.
    We would be delighted to talk to you about your business, your ideas and how we can help you to succeed.

  • Mitrovic IP

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Intellectual Property Protection - Serbia, Balkans

    Alaska 36 Phone +381 11 3160 836
  • MSA IP Milojevic, Sekulic & Associates

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Intellectual Property Law Firm in Belgrade, Serbia

    Phone 381 117856820

    MSA IP provides a full range of IP services (patents, trademarks, designs, copyrights, domain names, etc) in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Hungary, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia.

  • Nebojsa Stankovic, Attorney at Law

    Nis, Serbia

    Corporate Finance & Business Law Firm

    Phone +381 63 7741298

    Stankovic & Partners Law Office is corporate, finance & business Law Office specialized for foreign investments in Serbia & South East Europe on the base of domestic and international law as well as reach legal and business practice.
    Full-Service in legal practice, representing, litigation,...

  • Newton Law Group

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service International Law Firm

    Phone +381 63 1915 663

    Newton & Partners LLP is a boutique international law firm serving the needs of businesses, governments, non-profit organizations and individual clients around the world. In emerging and established markets, we deploy our knowledge of applicable laws, business practices, and cultures to advise and...

  • Nikolic Kokanovic Otasevic Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Commercial Law Firm in Serbia and Montenegro

    Phone +381 11 7150500

    Nikolic Kokanovic Otasevic is one of the leading law firms providing full scope of commercial law services in Serbia and Montenegro.
    The firm’s lawyers possess a wealth of industry knowledge and experience and are among the most distinguished professionals in their respective practice areas. Our...

  • Ninkovic Law Office

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    Phone +381 11 361 4632

    Our client base is worldwide and includes various corporations from Europe, the United States, South Korea and Japan, as well as many multinational companies, banks and insurers. For over 25 years Ninkovic Law Office has provided legal services to the London insurance market through representing...

  • Patentna Kancelarija Plavsa

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Patents, Trade Marks, Designs, Assignments, Licenses & Searches

    Strumicka 51 Phone +381 11 263 0 667
  • Petosevic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Full Service Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +381 11 78 55 900

    PETOSEVIC is a wholly owned network of specialized intellectual property (IP) firms providing services throughout the region commonly referred to as Eastern Europe.
    PETOSEVIC is a full-service IP firm with over 100 people working in 14 offices - Albania, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria,...

  • Popovic Popovic Samardžija & Popovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Corporate and Business Law Firm

    Phone +381 11 32 39 442

    Popovic, Popovic, Samardzija & Popovic is one of the oldest working law firms in Serbia. Established in 1933 by Miodrag P. Popovic (1907-1987) the family practice has continued to provide the highest level of service to our clients ever since.
    Through revolutions, counterrevolutions, wars, the...

  • Radovic & Ratkovic

    Belgrade, Serbia

    Leading Experts in Commercial Litigation

    Kolarceva Street 4 Phone +381 11 3287255
  • Ristic & Partneri

    Novi Sad, Serbia

    Commercial, Litigation, Property Law; English, German and Italian Speaking

    Phone +381 21 6611568

    Founded in 1985, today Ristić & Partneri law office is one of the leading Serbian law firms in the field of commercial law. Ever since, our experience has raised and trained six young attorneys, with constant care for our clients in the entire region of SE Europe.

  • Rokas Law Firm

    Belgrade, Serbia

    International Legal Firm in Athens, Greece

    Phone +381 11 2080265

    The firm’s objective is to provide professional advice by combining technical expertise while assessing the commercial environment in which its clients operate. Our experience in Serbia includes a wide range of corporate advice to clients that extends from the establishment phase of corporations,...

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