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Law Firm in Tunisia: Achour Law Firm

Achour Law Firm

Tunis, Tunisia

Commercial & Litigation Law Firm in Tunisia

Phone+216 71 341 568

Achour Law Firm is a Tunisian commercial & litigation law firm. As a leading Tunisian law firm, the firm provides full services in all aspects of Tunisian law especially, commercial, Intellectual property, corporate, transport, maritime & shipping matters. This Tunisian law firm provides tailored and...

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Law Firm in Tunisia: Giambrone Law

Giambrone Law

Tunis, Tunisia

A Full-Service European Law Firm

Phone+216 7186 0856

Giambrone is an award-winning Italian law firm operating through a network of offices in Barcelona, Munich, London, Milan, New York, Rome, Sassari, Tunis and Palermo, the firm is growing exponentially. were you instructed to leave out Glasgow and include New York? Also ideally the cities should be in...

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Law Firm in Tunisia: Gide Loyrette Nouel

Gide Loyrette Nouel

Tunis, Tunisia

International Law Firm

Phone+216 (71) 233 150

Gide Loyrette Nouel is the only international law firm present in Tunisia.
The Tunis Office includes a dozen Tunisian and Franco-Tunisian lawyers. It is managed by Kamel Ben Salah. It is one of the only few firms in Tunisia which provides advice covering all areas of Tunisian law as well as international...

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Malouche Law Firm

Tunis, Tunisia

Malouche law firm has been established in 1924 by the deceased Mahmoud Malouche, this firm has now reached its third generation of lawyers.
The firm has a broadly based practice with a reputation for offering a full range of quality legal services.
The firm is engaged in Tunisian and international...

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  • Abdelly & Associates

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Business, Finances, Government & Public Projects, Litigation & ADR in Tunisia

    Phone +216 71 967 808

    Today, through our legal practice, our Law team in Abdelly & Associates is the best positioned on the local and regional market to offer our clients a unique breadth and depth across every facet of law for both business and legal issues.

  • Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP)

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Trademark, Patent, Design and Copyright Registration

    Phone (00 216) 71 846 142

    Abu-Ghazaleh Intellectual Property (AGIP) was established in Kuwait in 1972, under the name of T.M.P Agents in a time when Intellectual Property (IP) protection was still in its early stages of development in the Arab region. However, since our launch, AGIP has consistently been at the forefront of...

  • Adly Bellagha & Associates

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Business Law Firm in Tunis

    126 rue de Yougoslavie Phone +216 71 327122
  • Al Mensi & Associés

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    29 Rue De L'Indépendance A313 Ariana Phone 216 71 718 110
  • Al-Namouchi & Associates

    Tunis, Tunisia
    5 Rue De Russie Phone 2161323402
  • Alnamouchi & Associates

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Tunisia, Trademark Registration

    5, Rue De Russie Phone +216 71 323 402
  • Bargui Law Firm

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Representation in Several Areas of Law, Notably Commercial, Civil and Business Law

    Phone +216 98 364 623

    Our Law Firm is also the favored adviser of the German and Austrian embassies in Tunis, the Austrian foreign Trade representation in Tunis as well as he is recommended Lawyer by the Tunisian -German foreign chamber of Industry and Trade.

  • Ben Gana Zaafrani & Associates

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Finance and Business Law Firm in Tunis, Tunisia

    37, Charles Nicolle Street, Pasteur Place, Belvedere Phone +216 71 286824
  • Ben Lakhal International Consulting

    Ariana, Tunisia

    Banking & Finance, Corporate, Business and Investment Law Firm in Ariana, Tunisia

    Rue Med Neifar, Soukra Phone +216 70 939289
  • Ben Mahfoudh & Ben Hassen Law Firm

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Full-Service Legal Firm; International Negotiations and Consulting

    Phone +216 71 783 345

    Full-Service Legal Firm; International Negotiations and Consulting in Tunis, Tunisia.

  • Ben Salem Law Firm

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Business, Economic, Financial Law Firm

    Phone +216 71 24 25 40

    The Firm has acquired significant experience in all aspects of project financing, Business law and economic law

  • Boussayene Knani & Associés

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Bbusiness Law Firms in Tunisia

    Phone 00 216 22580907

    Boussayene Knani & associés is one of the leading business law firms in Tunisia. The firm stands out locally by virtue of its size, structure and commitment to international professional standards. Its international client base constitutes the major part of its activities. As a multidisciplinary...

  • Cabinet Ben Salah & Chebbi

    Tunis, Tunisia
    5 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau
    Menzah 1004 Phone 216-1 886 508
  • Cabinet Ghazouani - CAG Law Firm

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Corporate and Business Law Firm in Tunis, Tunisia

    Phone +216 20333602

    Ghazouani Law Firm is a leading Tunisian law firm. It provides a comprehensive worldwide service to national and multinational corporations, financial institutions and governments.
    Founded in February 1973 by Noureddine Ghazouani, Ghazouani Law firm is one of the oldest and the most prestigious...

  • Cabinet Islem Hamza

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +216 71875199

    Cabinet Islem HAMZA is one of the leading firms in the Intellectual Property field in Tunisia, with partners, agents in all over the world.
    Our Cabinet is entitled to provide its customers with a high-quality service in protection of their rights.
    Cabinet Islem HAMZA is qualified, experienced...

  • Cabinet Maitre Marouani

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Martime Law in Tunisia

    Phone +216 71 28 32 87

    Cabinet Maitre Marouani is specialized in international transport and maritime law

  • Cabinet Saber Ben Ammar Attorney at Law

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Tunis, Tuisia Full Service Business and Rights Law Firm

    Phone +216 9 8651169

    Cabinet du Maitre Saber Ben Ammar est implanté à Tunis inscrit au barreau des avocats de Tunis; offre disponibilité, aide judiciaire, conseils juridiques et défense personnalisés à tous ses clients, avec une volonté constante de qualité et de rigueur.
    Cabinet Saber Ben Ammar, répond aux...

  • Cabinet Sarah Hachaichi

    La Marsa, Tunisia

    Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Tanit Center
    Bloc B2 Phone +216 70 938585
  • Caid Essebsi & Partners

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Specialized in Commercial and Business Law

    14 Avenue Alain Savary Phone +216 7 178 5611
  • Chafter Raouadi Law Firm

    Tunis, Tunisia

    General Practice, Business and International Law Firm in Tunis, Tunisia

    Phone +216 718 40588

    Chafter Raouadi Law Firm, established in 1981, is one of the leading law firm in Tunisia.
    The members of the firm are highly qualified in all fields of Business law, notably in commercial law,corporate law, intellectual property, labour law, arbitration, private international law, foreign...

  • Dr. Brahim Latrech Law OfficeArticles

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Admiralty and Maritime Litigation, Corporate, Banking & Family Law Firm in Tunisia

    Phone +216 24292700

    Dr. Brahim LATRECH Law Office is a Tunisian Law Office practicing predominantly in the fields of maritime & shipping law and associated commercial matters. We also represent clients with matters in the areas of corporate law, banking law, criminal, family law, and real estate. Our law office has...

  • El Ajeri Lawyers

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Corporate, Finance, Business, Taxation and International Law Firm

    5, rue de Chypre Mutuelle Ville Phone +216 71 288 251
  • Ellafi Lawyers

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Full-Service Law Firm in Tunis

    Phone 0021655642586

    The firm also represents many national and multinational corporations in business sectors such as tourism, manufacturing, shipping, air transportation and services.
    The law firm has played an important part in the founding and growth of several major Tunisian companies and has also played an...

  • Fathi Belaiba

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Debt Collection, Investment Law, Privatisation

    14, rue Imam Moslem
    El Menzah - Tunis Phone 21671/767341- 754546
  • Ferchiou & Associes

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Business Law Firm

    34, Place du 7 Novembre 1987 Phone +216 71 120 500
  • Gallala Law Firm

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Corporate Finance & Business Law Firm

    8, Rue du Brésil 1002 Tunis-Belvédère Phone +216 71 281062
  • Ghazouani Avocats

    El Menzah, Tunisia

    General Practice, International Business Law & Corporate Law Firm

    Phone +216 71 883 207

    Ghazouani Avocats is a general practice, international business law & corporate law firm in Tunisia.

  • H & M International Consulting

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law

    41 Kheireddine Pacha Avenue
    Immeuble Les Jardins du Pacha Montplaisir Phone +216 24 338 337
  • Immateria-e

    Tunis, Tunisia
    Phone +216 71 708274

    The main mission of our cabinet is to assist, represent and advise our clients to obtain, exploit and defend their intellectual property rights in Tunisia and abroad. In addition, we are eager to bring to our customers an added value services in order to meet their needs. In fact, our services...

  • International Law Corp

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Full Service Law Firm

    38 Bis, Av Bab Bnet 2nd Floor Phone +216 21 684904
  • IP-Protect

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Intellectual Property Law Firm in Tunis, Tunisia

    Phone +216 71 909342

    IP-Protect is an intellectual property law consists of patent agent and technical expert lawyers providing IP legal services. The firm focuses on all technical and legal IP issues related to trademarks and patents. IP-Protect offers filling services, registrations and litigation of rights.

  • Juris International Lawyers Network Tunisia Branch

    Sousse, Tunisia

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Tunisa & Arab Countries

    97 Habib Bourguiba Avenue Phone +216 73 202013
  • JurisMed

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Multidisciplinary law firm particularly well known for its banking and financial law practice.

    Phone 216 71 862 025

    JurisMed provides advisory and litigation assistance to clients in all areas of business law. Its main practice areas encompass banking and financial law, corporate law, employment law, real estate & construction law and civil and commercial litigation.
    JurisMed is composed of multilingual and...

  • Kallel & Associates

    Tunis, Tunisia
    2 Rue de Marseille Phone 2161241167
  • Karim Ben Hamida Law Firm

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Full Service Business and Contracts Law Firm in Tunisia

    Phone +216 71 806098

    KBH Law Firm operates in all fields of business law. We define ourselves as being corporate counsels: We advise organizations in all business sectors, strengthened by our knowledge of the Tunisian economic fabric and our recognized command of several branches of the law.

  • Kefi Badri and Ass.,

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Civil and Commercial Litigation/Arbitration Law firm

    Phone 216 71 880 287

    Kefi Badri and co is a Tunisian Law firm based in Tunis. Partner Nabiha Kefi had an experience of 37 years in civil, commercial and labour litigation. Partner Malek Badri, before founding Kefi Badri and co. had been member of the Legal Direction of one of the most important bank in the country....

  • Laouani, Laouani & Pawletta

    Tunis, Tunisia
    5, rue de Chypre Mutuelleville Phone 216 71 288 251
  • LOMEA - Law Offices of M. EL Euch & Associates

    Tunis, Tunisia
    Residence Du Lac, Rue Du Lac Tanganyka Immeuble E Bureau E 22 Phone + 216 71 964 880
  • Maitre Dkhil Walid

    Sousse, Tunisia

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Tunisia

    Phone +216 98 403408

    Lawyer law firm Sousse Tunisia Avocat Sousse Tunisie General practice Full-Service Legal Firm in Tunisia

  • Malek Rejiba Tunisian Law Firm

    Sousse, Tunisia

    Full range of commercial legal services in Tunisia

    Phone +216 73211637

    English Speaking Lawyers in Tunisia
    Consulting lawyers for several businesses based in Tunisia. We provide proactive and straightforward guidance and we offer a full range of civil, commercial and criminal legal services including:
    Purchasing or selling property
    Setting up a...

  • Mannai Avocats & ConseilsArticles

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Corporate & Business Law Firm in Tunisia

    Phone +216 99 110-978

    MANNAI Avocats & Conseils is a leading Law Firm based in Tunisia. The distinguished law firm specializes in business and corporate law including international structures. Our lawyers take pride in offering professional legal services. They emphasize efficiency, transparency and availability....

  • Mili and Associates

    Tunis, Tunisia
    Phone 216-1 791 233

    Mili and Associates is based in Tunis and serves Tunisian clients, as well as international clients with stakes in Tunisia. This firm generally deals with business law, notably investment and corporate law, and specializes particularly (though not exclusively) in intellectual property.

  • Nasrip

    La Marsa, Tunisia

    Patent and Trademark Attorneys in Tunisia and Algeria

    Phone +216 93 645 193

    Nasrip is the first Industrial Property Law firm specialized in Patent Law in the Maghreb region via its offices located in Algiers (Algeria), Tunis (Tunisia) and soon in Casablanca (Morocco). NASRIP skills are worldwide recognized.
    Nasrip team has several years of professional experience with...

  • Nizar Sdiri Law Firm

    Tunis, Tunisia

    General Tunisian and Arabic Law Attorney in Tunis, Tunisia

    47, Avenue Hédi Chaker, 2ème étage Phone +216 99506329
  • Nourdeddine Ferchious Associes

    Tunis, Tunisia
    34, Place du 7 Novembre 1987 Phone 216-1-345 373
  • Saber Ben Ammar, Attorney

    Tunis, Tunisia

    Commercial, Company & Intellectual Property Law Attorney

    Phone +216 98301403


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