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Law Firm in Uganda: Newmark Advocates

Newmark Advocates

Kampala, Uganda

Kampala, Uganda Corporate Advocates, Solicitors & Legal Consultants


Newmark Advocates is located in Kampala, Uganda. As corporate advocates, solicitors, and legal consultants, the lawyers are at the forefront of legal issues. They have expertise in a broad range of legal matters including government and regulatory law, real estate development, land use, business counsel,...

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Law Firm in Uganda: Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates

Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates

Kampala, Uganda

Company Formation, Trademark, Investment Law & Family Law Firm in Uganda

Phone+256 774477656

Angualia Busiku & Co. Advocates is a Law Firm in Kampala, Uganda, that represents clients in the areas of company law, trademarks law, foreign investment law and family law. We have over time built reputation for representing the legal needs of foreign clients in Uganda. Representing foreign clients...

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Law Firm in Uganda: Dentons


Kampala, Uganda

International Law Firm

Phone+256 41 344123

SNR Denton is a new name in the legal marketplace. At the same time, SNR Denton is a firm with a 225-year pedigree of excellence and professionalism in service to law firm clients. A spirit of multidisciplinary collaboration and teamwork infuses the culture of the firm—across sectors and service lines,...

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Law Firm in Uganda: ENSafrica


Kampala, Uganda

Business, Trade & Finance Law Firm in South Africa

Phone+256 31 222 5500

ENSafrica is Africa’s largest law firm with over 600 practitioners and was established over 100 years ago.
The firm has a breadth and depth of experience and specialist expertise that spans all commercial areas of law, tax, forensics and IP and benchmarks itself according to international standards...

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  • Agaba Muhairwe & Co. Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Commercial Transactions, Banking & Finance, General Litigation & Legal Advisory Firm in Uganda

    Phone 256 414252069

    Agaba Muhairwe & Co. Advocates is a premier law firm in Uganda founded by two partners with extensive backgrounds in corporate law, procurement law, banking & finance, real estate law, energy law, mergers & acquisitions, tax and revenue law, intellectual property and sports agency.

  • Andrew and Frank Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Commercial, Corporate, Conveyancing and Civil Litigation

    Plot 1, Portal Avenue
    Span House Phone +256 71 2801380
  • Apio, Byabazaire, Musanase & Company Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Full Service Law Firm in Kampala, Uganda

    Phone +256 414-530-844

    ABM & Company Advocates is a female owned firm that is driven by integrity, innovation and exceptional service to its clients. We offer and provide our clients a full range of legal services in commercial corporate law, banking and finance law, litigation, bankruptcy law, property law, employment...

  • Birungyi, Barata & Associates-Legal & Tax Consultants

    Kampala, Uganda

    Tax. Corporate Finance and Business Law Practitioners

    Phone +256 41 348 669

    BIRUNGYI, BARATA & ASSOCIATES is a Legal and Tax consultancy firm with its offices at plot 3 Portal Avenue, Crusader House, 3rd Floor, Annex in Kampala. BIRUNGYI, BARATA & ASSOCIATES presently has five partners/consultants with excellent academic and professional qualifications. They all hold vital...

  • BSG Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Corporate & Commercial Law Firm in Kampala, Uganda

    Phone +256 41 4250091

    BSG ADVOCATES is a corporate & commercial law firm set in the heart of Kampala, Uganda. We provide both consultancy and litigation in the areas of law we practice. Our major thrust in investment law, corporate and commercial law consultancy.

  • Buwembo And Company Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Commercial Law,Corp. Governance,Intellectual Property,Immigration,Insolvency &Recovery,Litigation

    Phone +256 41 4341335

    This fully equipped commercial law firm of a Director and Associates is dynamic and progressive, both in its thinking and in the way in which it is building its practice as one of the largest and leading commercial law firms in Uganda.

    Buwembo and Company Advocates has an acknowledged...

  • Byenka, Kihika & Co Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Commercial Transactions, Financing, Foreign Investment & Due Diligence

    22 Jinja Road Phone +256 414 250 203
  • Byenkya, Kihika & Co. Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda
    4th Floor Spear House,
    22 Jinja Road, P. O Box 16401, Kampala Phone +256 41 250 203
  • Dreja & Associates

    Kampala, Uganda
    P.O Box 36616 Phone +256 782 545572
  • Jn Kirkland and Associates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Uganda's Finest Corporate Lawyers and Attorneys

    9th Floor, Greenland Towers
    Plot 30, Kampala Road Phone +256 414 577028
  • Kabega, Bogezi and Bukenya Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Full Service Law Firm in Kampala, Uganda

    Phone +256 414 340453

    We are very mindful of the fact that some of the major problems dogging the legal system in Uganda are delays/red tape which is so firmly entrenched in the system. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive organized work plan for all our clients where we adopt a time driven quality service delivery...

  • Kaggwa & Kaggwa Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Construction Law, Arbitration, Litigation, Employment, Intellectual Property, Uganda

    Phone +256 414 237680

    Kaggwa & Kaggwa Advocates is a Ugandan mid-size firm established in 1996 which is majorly involved in numerous contract Litigation, Construction and Dispute Resolution. It is also experienced in all fields of commercial litigation and alternative dispute resolution, including litigation,...

  • Katende, Ssempebwa & Company Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda
    Radiant House, Plot 20 Kampala Road
    P .O .Box 2344 Phone 256 41 233770
  • Katende, Ssempebwa and Company Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Full-Service Law Firm

    Radiant House, Plot 20 Kampala Road
    P. O. Box 2344 Kampala Phone (256) (41) 233770
  • Kibeedi & Co. Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Law Firm in Uganda

    Plot 2 Bombo Road
    P.O. Box 5780 Phone +256 41 4231197
  • Kiiza & Kwanza Advocates & Legal Consultant

    Kampala, Uganda

    Corporate & Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +256 414 661467

    Kiiza & Kwanza Advocates is one of the leading pioneer energy law firms in Uganda with our practice spanning oil and gas, petroleum, power, infrastructure and project finance.
    We also have a strong law practice in commercial and corporate transactions representing various clients from...

  • KMNN Solicitors and Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Full Service Commercial and Corporate Law Firm

    Phone 256772582909

    Kawalya Mubiru Nansubuga & Nsubuga Solicitors & Advocates is a full service commercial and corporate law firm located in Uganda.

  • Kwesigabo, Bamwine & Walubiri Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Full-Service Law Firm and Legal Consultancy in Kampala

    Phone +256 414 341 295

    The firm of Kwesigabo, Bamwine & Walubiri Advocates was founded in 1990 to provide specialized legal services to corporate clients in the fields of Corporate law and practice, Domestic Relations, Land and property, International trade and Transnational investment, Immigration matters, Employment...

  • Lex Uganda Advocates & Solicitors

    Kampala, Uganda
    1 Colville street, Phone +256 41 232 733
  • Ligomarc Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Corporate, Commercial Litigation and Tax Law Firm

    5th Floor Western Wing, Social Security House
    4 Jinja Road Phone +256 77 2799177
  • Lumonya, Bushara & Co. Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Full- Service Law Firm in Kampala, Uganda

    Phone 256 772 706015

    Lumonya, Bushara & Co. Advocates is an established law firm in Kampala aimed at providing expert legal services to the satisfaction of its clients. We specialise in Commercial and Corporate law, Land Transactions and Employment Law. We also render assistance in dealing with Immigration issues,...

  • M B & A™ Group Legal Division, LLP

    Kampala, Uganda

    Full Service Law Firm in Kampala, Uganda

    Phone +256 414 2897 51

    Consult & Counsel, LLP is a general legal practice and consultancy firm with edging experience and a formidable manpower base, which, no doubt has enabled the firm to be among the market leaders in the legal profession in Uganda. The firm’s practice was established in 2008 and throughout the years,...

  • Magezi, Ibale & Co. Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    A Commercial and Corporate Law Firm in Trademarks and Patents Matters

    Phone +256 41 4235740, 4256718

    Magezi, Ibale & Co. Advocates, is a general practice handling a wide range of legal matters from advice, litigation to settlement of intellectual property, Trade Marks Searches, Registrations, Renewals, Restorations, Assignments, technology, transfer agreements; change of name/address; Oppositions,...

  • Matsiko & Co. Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Intellectual Property & Civil Litigation Law Firm in Uganda

    Phone +256 312 370634

    We have both the expertise and experience ranging from commercial transactions and litigation to international trade agreements and investments. Over the years we have conducted several arbitrations involving building contracts among others. We have grown to build a team that can handle a wide...

  • MB Gimara Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda
    Plot 1 Pilkington Road, 7th Floor, North Wing Suite 701, Workers House Phone +256 712 338956
  • MMAKS Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Civil Litigation, Securities, Corporate & Business Law, Domestic and International Business Practice

    3rd Floor, Diamond Trust Building
    17/19 Kampala Road Phone +256 414 343859/254374
  • Monac Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Full Service Law Firm in Uganda

    Phone +256 414 233002

    We are a dynamic team of lawyers whose passion is to offer all round legal solutions to our clients. We have specialized in helping start-up companies in Uganda and watched them grow and become Multi-million Dollar companies because of our custom-made services and legal support.

  • Mugalula & Omalla Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Real Estate & Natural Resources Law Firm in Uganda

    Phone 0772425729

    Mugalula & Omalla Advocates is a multi-dimensional business law practice and is committed to providing unparalled client service with outstanding results of exceptional value. We believe that our clients are entitled to highly personalized and quality legal services and our common success is hinged...

  • Mugimba & Tibesigwa Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Real Estate, Corporate Finance & Litigation - Appellate Practice

    Communications House, 1st Floor
    Plot 1 Colville Street Phone +256 31 2105017
  • Muhumuza- Kiiza Advocates & Legal Consultants

    Kampala, Uganda

    Comprehensive legal services to all persons and entities

    Phone 256 (31) 251 3953

    Muhumuza- Kiiza Advocates & Legal Consultants conducts a diversified general practice with particular emphasis on Commercial law-company matters, Legal consultancy, Arbitration, Immigration Consultancy, Land Law, Trade Marks and Patents, Family Law.
    In addition we assist clients in Civil Law,...

  • Nambale, Nerima & Co., Advocates and Legal Consultants

    Kampala, Uganda

    Commercial, Civil, Real Estate, Immigration and Government Law

    2nd Floor, Conrad Plaza, Plot 22 Entebbe Road
    P.O. Box 7217 Phone +256 41 4252698
  • Nsibambi & Nsibambi Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Commercial and Corporate, Civil Litigation, Full Service Law Firm

    5th floor King Fahad Plaza, Kampala Road
    P.O. Box 11408 Phone +256 41 4237899
  • Nsubuga and Company Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Transactional, Corporate Finance & Business Law Office

    Phone +256 712383504

    Nsubuga & Co. Advocates is a firm with a distinguished reputation and growing record, with lawyers, economists and other professionals of repute with specialised professional experience in commercial law legal advisory,litigation and transactions.
    We are committed to providing the highest...

  • Nyanzi Kiboneka & Mbabazi

    Kampala, Uganda
    Phone (41) 348504

    Law firm in Uganda

  • Odokel Opolot & Co. Advocates and Legal Consultants

    Kampala, Uganda

    Litigation and Consultancy Services

    Kampala Road, Plot 28-60, Ambassador Hse, 2nd Floor, Suite 17 B. Phone +256 77 3226155
  • Onyango & Co Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Corporate and Business Law Lawyers

    Phone +256 392003495

    Onyango Advocates is a law firm based in Uganda, East Africa with associated firms in the region. We have been ranked by IFLR1000 as one of the recognised corporate and financial law firms in this country.
    Our firm specializes in assisting businesses startup in east Africa. We support both...

  • OS Kagere Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Corporate and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +256 414 255477

    OS Kagere Advocates is a specialised practice providing corporate and commercial law advisory services to its clients.
    We are creative in representing our client’s interests. We are devoted to our clients, to excellence, to the collaborative process and to teamwork.
    We have cemented our...

  • Osh Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Corporate, Commercial, Dispute Resolution, Real Estate, Banking, Projects & Infrastructure Practice

    Phone +256 (392) 175 929

    OSH Advocates is a full service law firm that is well known for its Corporate Commercial practice. The firm has been providing legal services for over a decade to a diverse clientele that includes local companies, large multinational corporation, government entities both local and national level,...

  • Semuyaba, Iga & Company Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Legal Practice in Civil Service, Judiciary, Parastatals

    P.O. Box 12387 Phone +256 41 250663
  • Sengendo & Co. Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    International Intellectual Property Law

    Parliamentary Avenue Phone +256 31 2265260
  • Shonubi, Musoke & Co.

    Kampala, Uganda

    Corporate, Commercial, Litigation & Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Plot 7 Parliament Avenue
    Baumann House Phone +256 41 233204
  • Signum Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Law Firm Handling Local and Multi-National Corporations Doing Business in Uganda

    Phone +256 793 995 082

    Signum, is a specialised law firm that exists to nurture growth and offer peace of mind. The firm’s partners have had the opportunity to handle some of the most complex business transactions in London, Kenya, Zambia and Uganda.
    We provide tax and legal services to various prominent private and...

  • Sipi Law Associates-Trademark Agents

    Kampala, Uganda

    Expert Counsel in Intellectual Property Asset Protection

    Teachers House, Bombo Road
    P.O. Box 4180 Phone +256 41 23 5391
  • Synergy Solicitors and Advocates

    Kampala, Uganda

    Commercial law and investment

    Phone 2560414250023

    Synergy is an established law firm in Uganda that aims at providing specialised legal and advisory services. The firm offers legal advice in the financial services industry, Petroleum Industry, business development, conveyancing, debt collection, corporate and commercial transactions and advises...

  • Taslaf Advocates & Consultants

    Kampala, Uganda

    Specialist Tax and Legal Law Firm in Uganda

    Phone +256 (392) 081 345

    Taslaf provides blended legal and tax services in impact finance, oil and gas, energy and infrastructure, and also provide services to corporate entities, and leading non-profits and social enterprises.

  • Uganda Immigration Services, Ltd

    Kampala, Uganda

    Immigration Law Firm in Kampala, Uganda

    Phone +256 753 098499

    UGIS is Uganda’s premier immigration and relocation agency dedicated exclusively to immigration and relocation consulting. We serve clients from global, multinational firms seeking to invest in, and relocate to, Uganda. UGIS is comprised of an international team of experts who have more than 7...

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