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Law Firm in Uruguay: Fischer & Schickendantz

Fischer & Schickendantz

Montevideo, Uruguay

Legal, Tax and Real Estate Law Firm in Montevideo, Uruguay

Phone+598 (2) 915-7468

Fischer & Schickendantz provides businesses and entrepreneurs the world over with the experienced counsel necessary for working and investing in Uruguay, serving all clients with a dedicated team of legal, accounting, and tax specialists. The firm is a one-stop shop for advice and representation and...

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Law Firm in Uruguay: Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman

Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman

Montevideo, Uruguay

International Commercial and Finance Law Firm in Uruguay

Phone+598 2 604 0787

Icaza, Gonzalez-Ruiz & Aleman is a full service law firm based in Panama City, Panama with additional locations in Geneva, Switzerland and Montevideo, Uruguay. Practice areas include administrative law, banking and finance, capital markets, communications and information technology (IT), consumer protection...

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Law Firm in Uruguay: Cikato Lawyers

Cikato Lawyers

Montevideo, Uruguay

Law Firm Specialized in Intellectual Property

Phone+59 82 902 6131

Cikato Lawyers has been developing since 1962, when its founder, Dr. Manfredo A. Cikato begin its professional career as an attorney in the field of the Intellectual Property Law.
In the early eighties, the Firm gained an important reputation and begun diversifying its work to other areas of the...

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Law Firm in Uruguay: Ferrere


Colonia, Uruguay

Full-Service Law Firm in Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay

Phone+598 4523 1517

Ferrere is a top quality full service law firm with offices in Uruguay, Bolivia, and Paraguay. Our offices in Bolivia and Paraguay are run by professionals from each of those countries, many of them also holding advanced degrees from foreign universities, with broad knowledge of their local realities....

Other Offices: Montevideo, Punta del Este, Tacuarembo, Zonamerica

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Law Firm in Uruguay: Guyer & Regules

Guyer & Regules

Montevideo, Uruguay

Law Firm in Uruguay

Phone+598 2 9021515

Guyer & Regules was founded in 1911, and before long it was acknowledged one of the leading law firms in the country. With prestige came growth, buttressed by a strategy of service to its clients, a firm endeavoring to give them practical assistance, at the right time and in whatever field it was required,...

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  • Aguirre, Algorta & Langwagen

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Corporate, Contracts and Private International Law Firm in Uruguay

    Phone +598 2 418 4591

    AGUIRRE, ALGORTA & LANGWAGEN is a law firm headquartered in Montevideo, the capital city of Uruguay.
    Our practice is focused on Corporate Law, Contracts and Private International Law.
    We provide legal advice to both individuals and legal entities.

  • Bado, Kuster, Zerbino & Rachetti

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Paysandu 935, Piso 3 Phone 59829020395
  • BBP Consultores

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Civil & Commercial Law Firm in Montevideo

    Phone +598 29161211

    Civil and Commercial Law.
    Legal advice in Company Law. Real Estate and Construction Law.
    The acquisition development and financing of real estate and the consultation of real estate funds are a focus of our activities.
    We represent clients in all questions of lease agreements.

  • Blanco & Etcheverry - Abogados

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    Treinta y Tres 1374 piso 5 Phone (598)2 915-5548
  • Carina Soffer Klecki, Attorney

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Commercial, Civil, Probate, Divorce, Trademarks, Debt Recovery, Notary Services

    25 de Mayo #541, Suite 502 Phone +598 2 9157526
  • Carlos Cosac Abogado

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    General Practice Law Firm in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Phone +598 2 3085915

    Looking for an attorney for business law, corporate law, construction law, commercial litigation, insurance litigation, personal injury, estate planning/probate, family law/divorce, alternative dispute resolution, or civil law? Carlos Cosac Law Firm can help you.
    Carlos Cosac Law Firm is proud...

  • DFABB & Asociados, De Freitas, Aguerre, Balsa, Bugallo & Asociados

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Phone (+5982) 9011191

    Law firm specialized in Corporate and Commercial Law with professional experience in Intellectual Property subjects, such as copyright, trademarks, patents, designs. Mercosur Law specialists. Joint venutes, Offshore and Free Trade Zone Companies. Franchising, transfer of technology and trade...

  • Echevarria Leunda & Echevarria Petit

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Full-Service Law Firm in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Andes 1365 901-907 Phone +598 2 9014010
  • Escribania Quagliata

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Treinta y Tres, 1420 Piso 4 Phone 5982960864
  • Estudio Bergstein

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    General Litigation & Corporate Advice Law Firm

    Phone (598-2) 901-2448

    Estudio Bergstein is an international law firm based in Montevideo, Uruguay. The firm was established in 1957, and has developed a strong reputation for general litigation and corporate advice. Our client base is diversified, including national and multinational clients alike, engaged in a wide...

  • Estudio Dr. Mezzera

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Plaza de Independencia 811 Phone 598-2 9022415
  • Estudio Juridico Abreu & Asociados

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Divina comedia 1595
  • Estudio Juridico Faget Olivera

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Missiones 1424 Phone (598-2) 916 5859
  • Estudio Juridico Muxi

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Misiones 1305 Phone 5982 9151734
  • Estudio Ros Garese

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Full Service Legal Firm in Uruguay

    Juncal 1355
    Esc 307-308 Phone +598 2 9161897
  • Fernandez Secco & Asociados

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Montevideo, Uruguay Intellectual Property and Corporate Law Attorneys

    Phone +598 2 9161913

    Since 1980 our firm has become a multi disciplinary team of Attorneys, Accountants and Public Notaries.
    At Fernandez Secco & Asociados we provide attentive and proactive assistance to our clients by delivering value-added solutions. We provide services of the highest quality due to our...

  • Ferres Law

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Administrative, Antitrust Law and Economic Regulation

    Miraflores 1470 Phone +59 82 600 7947
  • Fischer Abogados

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Phone 598-2 908 71 67

    FISCHER ABOGADOS is recognized as one of Uruguay's leading law firms which specialize and practice exclusively in the IP field, supported by a team of attorneys and specialists enjoying substantive experience in obtention and maintenance of IP rights - including patents, designs, trademarks and...

  • Fraschini & Asociados

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Uruguay

    Wilson Ferreira Aldunate 1342 Esc. 201 Phone 598 (2) 900 69 68
  • Galante & Martins

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Full Service Law Firm in Uruguay

    Phone +598 2 708 7172

    Tradition: More than half century of tradition they consolidate to Galante & Martins like referring between the companies of professional services. Since 1951, the company/signature has successfully developed areas of agreed services to the present exigencies of the enterprise world and of...

  • Haskel Güinle Wonsiak & Asoc.

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Full Service Legal & Notary Firm in Uruguay & South America

    Plaza Independencia 822 suite 802 Phone +598 2 9005194
  • Hughes & Hughes

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    25 de Mayo, 455 - 4th Floor Phone 5982-9160988
  • Hughes & Hughes International Consulting

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Full-Service Law firm in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Phone (598) 2916 0988

    We stand by the formation of a team of prominent lawyers, notaries and accountants, who are backed by a solid staff.
    Training and retraining of professionals through courses, seminars and conferences, is continuous. Looking for your own specialization, most of them also performed graduate...

  • Invidio & Perez Berinduague

    Punta del Este, Uruguay

    Real Estate, Labor, Tax, & Corporate Law Firm in Uruguay

    Phone +598 4244-5336

    Invidio & Perez Berinduague, founded in 1980 by professionals related to the area, has developed a strong activity in notarial and legal fields, prioritizing the offering of a reliable and responsible service.
    Satisfying the demanding needs of today, the firm finds itself in a process of...

  • Itis Pittaluga & Associates

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Florida 1485 Phone (2) 902 5627
  • Julio Soffer Laws

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Family, Debt Collection and Civil Law Firm in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Phone +598 (2) 915-7526

    Julio Soffer Laws is a major law firm based in Montevideo, Uruguay. The firm was established in 1970 and has a strong reputation in litigation and business advice.

  • Laake & Moebius

    Punta Del Este, Uruguay

    Lawyer in Punta del Este Uruguay

    Phone +598 42 483-021

    Laake & Moebius is a law firm with offices in Isernhagen, Germany and Punta del Este, Uruguay. They represent German companies or individuals based in Uruguay who have legal concerns on their investment in tourism and on the purchase of real estate in Uruguay.
    Laake & Moebius legal services also...

  • Lapique, Santeugini & Berro Abogados

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Cerrito 507 Piso 5 Phone 59829166513
  • Leiza - Schurjin

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Treinta y Tres, 1420 Flat 3 Phone 5982963840
  • M. Solari Barrandeguy & Asociados

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Paraguay 1321, Piso 7 Phone 5982907785
  • Marquez, Stirling & Asoc. Escribanos

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Montevideo, Uruguay Commercial, Civil, Intellectual Property and Family Law Firm

    Zabala 1504 piso 2 Phone +598 2 9166068
  • Navarro Abogados

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Full-Service Law Firm in Uruguay

    Sarandi 420 Phone +598 2 915 0266
  • Olivera & Delpiazzo

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Misiones 1424, Piso 2 Phone (5982) 916-5859
  • Perez del Castillo - Navarro - Inciarte - Gari

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Juncal 1355 Piso 10 Phone (598)2 915-0742/43
  • Pittaluga & Associates

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Florida 1485 Phone 5982 901 22 78
  • Posadas, Posadas & Vecino

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Full-Service Law Firm in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Phone +598 2604 1604

    We are a group of professionals trained in all four corners of the world, talented and passionate about our profession: we are committed to our firm and our clients.

  • Reyes Rius

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Circunvalación Durango 383 4th Floor
  • Rodriguez Tabo & Asociados

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Comercial and Trade Investment Law Firm in Uruguay

    Yaguaron 1407/614 Phone +598 290 22594
  • Scelza Montano

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Commercial & Corporate Law

    Plaza de Cagancha 1335, Esc. 1104 Phone +598 2 903 0780
  • Serviley Abogados

    Montevideo, Uruguay
    Av. 18 de Julio 1076 Esc. 17 Phone 5982-902 22 55
  • Teuten Abogados

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Intellectual Property, Immigration, Real Estate

    Juncal 1408 esc 702 Phone +598 2 9088638
  • VDM Consultores

    Montevideo, Uruguay

    Foreign Investment, Tax, Labour, Banking and Partnership Law Firm in Montevideo, Uruguay

    Juncal 1378 oficina 902, Edificio Torre X Phone +598 2 9084793

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