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Law Firm in Venezuela: Diaz Reus, LLP

Diaz Reus, LLP

Caracas, Venezuela

International Law Firm in Caracas, Venezuela

Phone+1 (877) 247-9277

Diaz Reus, LLP is a global law firm based in Miami, Florida, with additional offices in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. The firm serves U.S. and global clients, including companies, individuals, and government entities.
Practice areas encompass appeals and trial support, arbitration and litigation,...

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Law Firm in Venezuela: Baker & McKenzie

Baker & McKenzie

Caracas, Venezuela

Global Full Service Law Firm

Phone+58 212 2765111

Operating in the heart of Venezuela's commercial, financial, and industrial centers for more than half of century, Baker & McKenzie is among the country's top law firms and consistently ranks in the top tiers of leading industry and legal directories. With offices in Caracas and Valencia, and presences...

Other Offices: Valencia

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Law Firm in Venezuela: Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque

Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque

Caracas, Venezuela

A Venezuelan Law Firm

Phone+58 212 2018611

Hoet Pelaez Castillo & Duque traces its origin to the founding in 1942 of an office dedicated to Intellectual Property matters. Today, in addition to being one of the oldest, largest and leading full practice law firms in Venezuela, it serves many of Venezuela’s top of the line private companies and...

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  • Adrian & Adrian Abogados Consultores

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Phone (58)(212) 286-1605

    Venezuelan law firm with a tradition of more than a hundred years, from father to son.

  • Almenara & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Civil Litigation, Labor Rights, Copyright, Inmigration, Family & Minors

    Calle El Colegio. Edf: Calle Real. Piso 1. Ofc: 104 - 105
    Urb. Sabana Grande Phone +58212-7621313
  • Alvarez, Gamus & Padron

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Edificio Centro Financiero Latino, Office 25-1
    Avenida Urdaneta Phone 58-2 564 02 11
  • Anzola Raffalli Y Rodriguez

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Cosporate, Arbitration, Administrative, Litigation, Tax. Labor

    Phone 58 212 952-0995

    The firm is set up to service corporations and business individuals

  • Aranguren Rincón - Abogados -

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Phone 58 212-267 9778

    Aranguren Rincon –Abogados-, founded in Caracas, nearly 25 years ago, is a prestigious law firm based in Venezuela.
    Aranguren Rincon –Abogados- operates as a single law firm. All of our offices are fully integrated through sophisticated state-of-the-art communications systems which allow our...

  • Araque Reyna Sosa Viso & Pittier

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Centro Lido, Torre C, Piso 5 y Piso 8 Avenida Francisco De
    Miranda el Rosal Apartado 50925, Sabana Grande Phone 58-2 953 92 44
  • Arteaga Palacios & Ortega

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Corporate & Legal Consultants

    Phone +58 212 7402842

    Arteaga Palacios & Ortega arises in the Venezuelan legal market from the separation of its founding members from an important firm in Venezuela in which they practice law for an average of ten (10) years for corporate clients, both at the national and international level.
    The members of Arteaga...

  • Atencio - Bello & Associates - International Law Practice

    Caracas, Venezuela
    10th Floor, Torreon Building
    Calle Veracruz, Las Mercedes Phone 58-2-992-07-23
  • Aveledo, Klemprer, Rivas, Perez & Trujillo

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Torre Delta, Piso 11, Avenida Francisco de Miranda Phone 5822611522
  • Baumeister & Brewer

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Torre America - P.H. "B" Este
    Avenida Venezuela - Bello Monte Phone 58-2 762 2651
  • Bentata Abogados

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Intellectual Property and Corporate Law

    Torre Las Mercedes - 2nd Floor
    Chuao Phone +58 212 600 7400
  • Blanco & Blanco

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Multicentro Los Palos Grandes, Piso 8
    Av. Andres Bello, Los Palos Grandes Phone 58-2 285 5380
  • Borges & Lawton

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Maritime, Immigration, Oil and Gas Law Firm

    Phone +58 414 3684563

    Since 2002 Borges & Lawton law firm has provided legal support to local and foreign maritime companies. Our scope of services includes legal and litigation assistance regarding maritime transportation, oil and gas.
    In addition, our firm provides labor and immigration support to transnational...

  • Briceno & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Edf. Exa, Piso 1, Ofc. 110 y 111
    Av. Libertador cruce con Av. Alameda Phone 58-2 953 0918
  • Bufete Alvarez, Rodriguez & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Av. Venezuela, Torre Clement Piso 3, Ofic 3-A, El Rosal Phone 58-2 951-0148
  • Candal Taxand

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Tax, Legal & Corporate Consulting Firm

    Final Avenida, Libertador Con Avda Avila,
    Torre Xerox, Piso 1, Off 1 B, Bello Campo Phone +58 212 750 0095
  • Citemark International S.C.

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Caracas, Venezuela Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Chuao, Av. Araure
    Qta. Marel Phone +58 212 9911293
  • Continental IP

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Patent and trademark attorneys

    Phone +58 212 2619840

    Continental IP is a legal firm established in Caracas, Venezuela, specializing in intellectual property consulting, formed by a group of professionals specialized in this area with over 15 years of experience.

  • Cordido-Freytes & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Av. Paseo Colon, Torre Polar Oeste, Piso 6, Oficia
    Apartado 6613 Phone 58295161808
  • Croquer & Amparan Abogados

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Business & Corporate Law

    Phone +58 212 9597994

    Croquer & Amparan is able to provide counseling in matters related to civil, commercial, tax, custom, competition, real state, banking, administrative, constitutional, environmental, and civil procedure law, including but not limited to: the creation and registration of branches of foreign...

  • D'Empaire Reyna

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Recognized by Chambers Latin America with the “Client Service Award”

    Phone 58-2 264-6244

    D'Empaire Reyna since 1972 has been providing legal services in Venezuela

  • De Sola & Pate

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Torre Domus
    Av. Abraham Lincoln Phone 58-2 793-9898
  • De Sola Pate & Brown

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Globalized Legal Services for Business Ventures in Venezuela

    Phone +58 (212) 793-9898

    De Sola Pate & Brown is a general practice law firm offering legal services in many practice areas, including: corporate, business law, intellectual property, litigation, dispute resolution, and more. We are located in Caracas, Venezuela.

  • Disney D. Thompson Associates, PAArticles

    Caracas, Venezuela

    International Law Firm in Caracas, Venezuela

    Phone (011) 58-212-714-833

    Private International Law, Intelectual Property. U.S. Consular Processing & Immigration Law

  • Econlex Development Strategies Venezuela

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Corporate and Planning Taxation, Administrative and Antitrust Law Firm

    Av. Libertador entre calle Elice y La Joya
    Centro Parima, PH-2, Chacao Phone +58 4142929045
  • Eiris, Leanez & Adrian, Abogados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Avenida Francisco de Miranda Edificio Torre Cavendes, Piso 3,
    Oficina 303 Los Palos Grandes Phone 58-2 283-6044
  • Escobar, Vethencourt Consultores Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Avenida Venezuela, Edificio Venezuela
    Segundo Piso, Oficina 25, El Rosal, Chacao Phone 58-2 952-2406
  • Escovar Leon Abogados, S.C.

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Labour, Civil and Corporate Law Firm

    Avenida Principal El Bosque, Credicard Building, 6th Floor, Office 61
    Chacaito Phone +58 21 29523632
  • Escritorio Bauder & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Qta. Villa Evelyn No. 66, 4ta.Av. con. 6ta. Transv
    P.O. Box 61541 Phone 58-2-2860133
  • Escritorio Beltran Haddad & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Edificio "Provincial," Oficina 3-D, Piso 3
    Boulevard de Sabana Grande Phone 2 761-1581/2042
  • Escritorio Calcano-Vetancourt

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Edificio Seguros Venezuela, 7th Floor
    Avenida Francisco de Miranda Campo Alegre Phone 58 212 953.04.44
  • Escritorio Juridico Garcia Valentiner

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Phone (+58212) 761.4451

    We provides the following services:
    Legal corporate advice: to the point answer to requests made by companies related to interpretation and application of laws and principles of law.
    Trial representation: support and defense of the client before trial and appellate tribunals, Supreme...

  • Escritorio Jurídico Rojas & Parra S.C.,

    Caracas, Venezuela

    International Family Law, Child Abduction, Civil Litigation and Adoption

    Centro Profesional Vizcaya, Av. Trinidad
    2nd Floor, Suite 2-7 Phone +58 212 9858553
  • Escritorio Jurídico Solarte & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Sociedad a Traposos, Edificio Avila, Piso 6°, Oficina 61 Phone (58212)5458139
  • Escritorio Juridico Vetencourt Zerpa

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Phone 58-416-6282358

    We have worked in commerce, business and civil venezuelan law for 15 years. We also have the venezuelan Supreme Court jurisprudence as our column to help our clients in their investment
    and trials.

  • Estudio Antequera Parilli & Rodriguez

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Caracas, Venezuela Intellectual Property, Trademark, Patent, Copyright and Litigation Attorneys

    Edificio Centro Coinasa, PH-B
    Avenida San Felipe, La Castellana Phone +58 212 2639944
  • Ezagui Spritzer Law Firm

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Venezuela Patents, Copyrights and Domain Names Law Firm

    Phone +58 (212) 7623593

    Ezagui Spritzer Law Firm was established in Caracas in 1978 to assist the applicants and owners of Marks, Patents, Copyrights and Domain Names. Since then, we have come to be one of the most reputable firms in the country. We offer a wide range of services which quality is supported by an extensive...

  • Gazarian & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Immigration Law Specialists in Venezuela

    Phone +58 (212) 2398712

    Gazarian & Associates, established in 1986, offers a complete range of professional services that include: Corporate Counseling, Global Immigration, Litigation, and Personal Legal Assistance.

  • Hernandez Quijada & Asociados

    Maturin, Venezuela

    Corporate, Oil, Labor & Insurance Law Firm

    Phone +58 291 6432511

    Hernandez Quijada & Asociados practices in corporate, labor, procedure areas. Attending legal matters of clients in Eastern Venezuela, and dedicated primarily to all areas of commercial Law, oil, labor, banking, insurance, litigation and with experience on due diligence matters related to mergers &...

  • Imery Urdaneta Calleja Itriago & Flamarique

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Domestic and International Business Practice

    Phone +58 212 265 9745

    Since 1997, Imery Urdaneta has been rendering sophisticated and creative legal services to a wide array of corporate clients, including a number of Fortune 500 companies doing business in Venezuela. Imery Urdaneta offers the timely, personalized, and tailor-made services of a medium-sized firm, yet...

  • Leanez, Sydow & Perez Castro Abogados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Torre Domus, Piso 3
    Avenida Lincoln, Sabana Grande Phone 58 2 794-0146
  • Leiva, Rodriguez & Abogados

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Venezuelan Law Firm Specialized in Maritime and Commercial Law

    Torre America, Oficina 307, Piso 3, Avenida Venezuela
    Bello Monte Phone +58 212 7615170
  • Littler Mendelson P.C.

    Caracas, Venezuela

    National Employment & Labor Law Firm

    Phone +58 212 6105450

    Littler Mendelson is the largest U.S.-based law firm exclusively devoted to representing management in every aspect of labor and employment law. The firm’s single focus on employment and labor law has created a cartel of attorneys whose knowledge of and experience in these areas of law is...

  • Luis Cova Arria & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Multicentro Empresarial Del Este Torre Libertador, Nucleo "B",
    Piso 15, Oficina B-151 Phone 58-2-265-9555
  • M. Uzcátegui & Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Patents, Litigation

    Av. Neverí, Centro Comercial Los Chaguaramos
    Piso 9 Oficinas 9-10 Phone +58 212 6935012
  • Marquez & Marquez, Abogados

    Caracas, Venezuela

    Domestic and International Business Practice; Intellectual Property Law since 1950

    Ave. Libertador, Edf. Siclar # 71-73, La Florida Phone + 58 212 762.2968
  • Marquez, Marquez Y Asociados

    Caracas, Venezuela
    Edificio Siclar No. 78
    Av. Libertador, La Florida Phone 58-2 762.2968

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