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Businesses which provide food to the public must be held responsible for any defects or products in the food. When food causes a consumer to be sick, that consumer may be able to receive compensation. Learn more here.

  • ContentFarm to Table Enterprises - Managing Legal Risks

    There are various legal risks that could damage the income and reputation of a farm, restaurant, or owner of a company that purchases produce from a local farm. Risk management and assessing the possible threats and danger to the enterprise is crucial to keeping business running and preventing legal matters from endangering the commerce.

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  • ContentFood Poisoning Lawsuit - What You Must Prove

    While cases of food poisoning are common when there are few hurdles for food companies to jump through to sell products, these cases will require certain factors when attempting to pursue compensation against a company or person. The proof must remain strong through an argument against it by the defending party.

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  • ContentHomemade Foods - What are Cottage Food Laws?

    There are certain laws in place to protect the public and the amateur salesperson when there is an interaction of sale for homemade products. It is crucial for the homemade seller to know how these laws apply, what they are and how to ensure adherence to avoid possible liability issues and violations that can cost the amateur salesperson all his or her profits.

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  • ContentHow Businesses Must Properly Label Food Items

    Businesses are accountable for how products are processed, canned, bottled, distributed and labeled. This means that each step in these procedures must be correct before they may be sold to the consumer. If there is a defect or problem at some point, auditors in certain departments need to catch these issues before the product is taken for retailers and grocery stores.

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  • ContentFinding Foreign Objects in Your Food

    When you consume food, you usually do not expect to find foreign objects in it. While such action may seem grotesque, whether or not you have a viable case depends on a number of factors. Additionally, pursuing the case involves an even closer analysis.

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  • ContentA Restaurant Gave Me Food Poisoning, Do I Have a Case?

    It is rare, but sometimes restaurants either make mistakes or intentionally put their customers in harm's way. This can result in an array of conditions, generically referred to as “food poisoning.” So, if you experience food poisoning, can you sue someone for the harm you have suffered?

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