Foreign Worker Certification Laws

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There are various means by which a foreign person can become approved to work in the United States. These possibilities include an alien labor certification, a B1 or B2 work visa, or a student work F1 visa. Learn more about the options.

  • ContentHow to Acquire Foreign Worker Certification

    When someone lives in another country or wants to move there, it is important to acquire a foreign worker certification. For a person seeking work in the United States, this is obtained through the Department of Agriculture for laborers with farms and other locations and the Department of Labor for most other persons.

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  • ContentHow to Acquire an Alien Labor Certification

    Certification to work in the United States may be accomplished through various means, and acquiring an Alien Labor Certification is possible by non-citizens of the country that have been provided the ability to work and live permanently in the nation. While there are many ways for green card status to be applied, it is important to ensure all rules and regulations are followed strictly.

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  • ContentWork Authorization While a Student with F1 Visa

    When a foreign national is already a student through granted F1 visa status, he or she faces several restrictions that may remove the possibility of work authorization before the degree is complete. Even amidst these limitations, the student may acquire employment in the United States that may extend or change a visa to a work or permanent green card.

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  • ContentThe Importance of an American Visa B1-B2

    B-1 and B2 visas are temporary visas that are used for travel, holidays or short-term work.

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  • ContentAcquiring Work Visas in the United States for Employment Purposes

    For someone from a foreign country to enter the United States, he or she must acquire a visa. This may be a nonimmigrant visa for a temporary or limited time within the country, or this could be a permanent residence stay with a full immigrant visa.

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  • ContentWhat Is the Known Employer Program?

    The Known Employer program is a pilot program that is meant to help make travel between the United States and Canada more efficient for business travelers. At the time of publication, this program is only at the consideration level and has not yet been implemented.

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