Franchising and Purchasing a Business

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Purchasing a company or a franchise can be very overwhelming. An understanding of what franchising is and the possible legal ramifications is very important for a successful venture. Learn how to successfully purchase a business while following necessary legal considerations.

  • ContentAvoiding Unwanted Liabilities When Purchasing a Business

    It is possible to prevent the acquisition of liabilities when purchasing an existing business, but this may only be possible through certain types of purchases. There are generally only two ways to buy a company, asset and equity purchases.

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  • ContentGuide to Purchasing a Business

    If you are interested in buying a business, you may consider purchasing an existing business rather than starting from scratch. There are several advantages to this approach. However, there are important things for you to understand before taking the leap into business ownership.

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  • ContentLegal Considerations when Purchasing a Franchise

    When considering launching a business project, someone may decide to purchase a franchise. However, it is important to understand the legal considerations that must be taken into account when buying a franchise from a larger company.

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  • ContentWhat Types of Environmental Checks Do I Need to Perform When Purchasing a Business?

    Purchasing a business takes more than just buying the assets, equity or interest. There are many checks to perform including environmental issues that need to be determined such as contaminants on the property, hazardous materials and waste on the land and complications within structures such as mold or insect infestation.

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  • ContentCreating an Effective Franchise System

    For many entrepreneurs, starting a franchise makes more sense than venturing out into completely unknown territory. The franchisee benefits from operating a business with a recognized name and reputation while the franchisor is able to receive a steady income stream by allowing others to use its name.

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  • ContentDefinitions of Franchises and Other Marketing Plans

    It is important for business owners to know the difference between a franchise, multilevel marketing plan, distributorship, license, seller-assisted marketing plans and other business opportunities. These differences are important to know in case a business owner uses resources provided by other people other than employees. Additionally, compliance is an important consideration.

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  • ContentLegal Compliance Checklist for a Start-Up Franchise

    Buying a franchise can feel overwhelming. You worry about all the things you know, and you worry about all the things you don’t know. I write this checklist to fill in the great unknown. This checklist gives you a bird’s eye view of legal compliance for your start-up franchise.

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  • ContentThe Basics of American Franchising

    Perhaps you have seen an advertisement at a restaurant suggesting that you can open your own franchise and make a lot of money. Or, have you seen an advertisement on TV or the Internet talking about franchising opportunities? Or has someone approached you about buying into a multilevel marketing franchise? Whatever the situation, an understanding of what franchising is and its legal ramifications can be important for a successful business.

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  • ContentTransfer of Ownership Options for a Small Business

    When the owner of a business wants to retire or transfer the ownership to a family member, it is important to have a valid and comprehensive succession plan in order to sell or transfer the company to another person. To accomplish this feat, the owner may need the services of a business lawyer and other professionals to assess the business.

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