General Legal Guidelines in the Adoption Process

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There are many difficult questions to consider when accepting the responsibility of a new child. Oftentimes, these questions may include deciding between adoption or guardianship, how to handle a divorce after an adoption, and estate planning issues.

  • ContentWhat is the Difference Between Adoption and Guardianship?

    When accepting responsibility for the welfare of a child, there are many difficult questions to consider. But one that often confuses people is the difference between adoption and guardianship. Does one have to adopt a child in order to act like a parent and be responsible for the child, or is there a simpler way?

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  • ContentAdoption and Divorce

    When a couple decides to get divorced, they agree to sever their legal relationship with each other. However, both parties still have legal rights and responsibilities related to their children, whether they were born of the marriage or part of an adoption. In most situations, the fact that the children were adopted will not differ from whether the children were born of the marriage. However, there are some exceptions.

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  • ContentAdoption and Estate Planning Issues

    There are unique challenges to families with adopted and stepchildren that may require the estate owner to plan accordingly with these changes to the standard estate planning orders. If the child is not already legally part of the family, this may also change how the estate owner plans out inheritances and providing for the youth in the future.

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  • ContentAdoption of an Adult- Reasons and Limitations

    Adoption of individuals is complicated when the person is already an adult and the other party wants to adopt him or her. However, it is possible and is not uncommon for someone to adopt an adult when it is to create or bond with a family that is already related by blood or is chosen by the person being adopted, and this happens to those over 21 often.

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