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The process of getting a divorce is slightly different in every state, and depends on the couple’s history, if there are minors involved, and how much marital property exists. In this comprehensive guide to California divorce law, learn how the state of California handles divorce and legal separation. Discover more about child custody and visitation laws, child and spousal support, and how to handle the California family court system.

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  • ContentCustody and Visitation Law in California

    In divorce cases involving children, both parents are often fighting for the right to raise a child. The court may rule that parents should share custody or that one parent, or another family member, should get primary custody. Learn more about child custody and visitation in California.

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  • ContentSpousal and Child Support Law in California

    When going through a divorce in California, both parties may be seeking spousal support or child support if there are children involved. Once all financial details are fully disclosed, the judge usually makes his or her order. Learn more here.

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  • ContentCalifornia Family Court and Mediation

    The process of getting a divorce is different in each state. In California, couples have the option of trying mediation before going to divorce court. Some judges may even require mediation in California before resorting to litigation. Learn more about peaceful mediation and what to expect in court.

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  • ContentAttorney Fees and Marital Property Law in CA

    When a person goes through a divorce in California, he or she is often worried about lawyer’s fees and what he or she may have to forfeit to their spouse. In this guide, learn who pays the lawyer’s fees in California, who gets the house, and how marital property is divided.

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  • ContentNon-Traditional Divorce in California

    Every divorce is different, and some may even have different rules or guidelines in California. In this guide, learn about legal separation in California, how LGBT divorce differs, and what options unmarried parents have regarding child custody.

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