Computer Crime Law Guide

Computer crime is one of the fastest growing illegal activities all over the world. The internet provides opportunities for many criminals who are seeking to exploit others and hide behind a screen. Cybercrimes include illegal activity such as forgery, online fraud, computer hacking, and cyberstalking. Although computer crimes can be one of the most difficult crimes to prosecute due to a lack of evidence, there are avenues for victims of computer crimes to receive damages.

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  • ContentWhat is Cybercrime?

    Computer crime is one of the fastest growing types of illegal activity. Because of this fast growing activity, laws have had to evolve quickly in order to deal with new types of crime.

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  • ContentCybercrime Penalties

    Cybercrimes can cause billions in damage and can happen to any business, government entity, or individual. Although cybercrimes can be extremely difficult to prosecute, a victim may be able to receive compensation.

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  • ContentCryptocurrency Law

    Cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular as an alternate form of currency. Digital currency offers interesting new options for online, secure transactions. However, cryptocurrency still has a lot of legal gray areas and can be hard to regulate.

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  • ContentComputer Fraud

    Computer fraud usually occurs when a person uses the internet to partake in illegal activity that hurts another. In this guide, learn more about the necessary legal elements of computer fraud and how the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act regulates computer activity.

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  • ContentComputer Hacking Law

    Hackers may target businesses, government entities, or individuals in order to obtain money or information. Hackers may breach security measures to access protected business files or personal information.

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  • ContentSocial Media Law

    Until recently, there has been very little protection for users of social media. However, as we have become more aware of privacy issues, hackers, and computer fraud we have had to adjust by creating privacy laws.

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