Dog Bites Law Guide

Thousands of Americans are bitten by animals every year. Dog bites can lead to many expenses- including medical treatments and tests for rabies. When a dog attack occurs, it is important to understand who is liable and how the victim may be able to receive compensation. Because animal attack law varies on a state by state basis, these cases can be complicated and oftentimes require a lawyer.

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  • ContentAnimal and Dog Bite Law

    Animal Bite Laws are created at the state level, through statutes and common law, so they vary across the U.S. These laws help to determine if a pet owner is liable when his/her animal bites someone. When a person is injured by an animal bite, the bite victim may sue the animal's owner or another responsible party for damages, under Personal Injury Tort Laws.

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  • ContentWhat to Do If You Are Attacked by a Dog

    Compensation available for dog bite cases depends on the situation, the state it occurred, and other variables which may arise during the course of the case. It is important to know what to do after you have been bitten by a dog and if you should obtain a lawyer to help with the case.

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  • ContentDetermining Liability After a Dog Bite

    Who is liable when a dog causes injury or death? Knowing which parties may share responsibility can help identify who the defendants should be in a personal injury case. Learn more about liability after a dog attack, and how states handle the matter of liability differently.

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  • ContentDefenses in a Dog Bite Lawsuit

    What should an owner do after their dog bites someone? Each state has different regulations, which makes it easier to succeed in a litigation case in certain parts of the country. Learn more about how your state treats dog bites and how to succeed in a defense case.

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  • ContentLaws Attempting to Prevent Dog Bites

    There are many controversial laws regarding dog ownership, most of them relating to discriminating against specific breeds of dogs. Lawmakers believe these laws help prevent dog attacks. Are these laws legal, and how are they enforced? Learn more in this comprehensive guide.

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