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Intellectual property law refers to the laws designed to protect the rights of the owners and creators of intellectual property, which includes inventions, designs, and artistic works. Intellectual property law includes trademark, patent, and copyright laws. Intellectual property laws were designed to encourage the creation of a wide variety of goods and ideas. In this comprehensive guide to intellectual property laws, discover how to register a trademark, patent, or copyright and how to protect from infringing uses.

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  • ContentWhat Is Intellectual Property Law?

    Intellectual property law deals with the rules for securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs, and artistic works. Just as the law protects ownership of personal property and real estate, so too does it protect the exclusive control of intangible assets. The purpose of these laws is to give an incentive for people to develop creative works that benefit society, by ensuring they can profit from their works without fear of misappropriation by others.

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  • ContentWhat is Intellectual Property?

    Intellectual property protects ideas and creations and may be the backbone of any business venture. It is crucial that entrepreneurs understand what intellectual property is and how to protect their intellectual property. Learn more about legal agreements and protection regarding intellectual property.

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  • ContentRegistering and Enforcing a Copyright

    Copyright law protects the rights of creators in “original works of authorship”. This includes tangible works such as literary, musical, artistic, or other intellectual works. Copyright laws do not offer protection to the underlying ideas in a work. Learn more here.

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  • ContentRegistering and Enforcing a Trademark

    Trademark law protects a word, phrase, symbol or design that is used to identify a product or service. Trademark owners can stop others from using their marks, because that may confuse a consumer. Trademark protection is governed by both federal and state laws.

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  • ContentRegistering and Enforcing a Patent

    Patent law provides protection for new inventions. A patent owner has the right to protect others from producing or using the protected item, although the patent for this item may be sold, mortgaged or licensed.

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  • ContentInternational Intellectual Property Laws

    It can be quite difficult to process and accomplish intellectual property protections in different countries. Registering a trademark, copyright, or patent varies country by country. However, it may be possible to obtain global protections through an international trademark or copyright.

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  • ContentLaws Governing Intellectual Property and the Internet

    As the world becomes increasingly dependent on the internet, legal concerns regarding online content are becoming more prevalent. It is important for a person developing and creating new items online to secure intellectual property protections.

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  • ContentLegally Protecting Trade Secrets

    Learn what are the laws that are protecting Trade Secrets and how a lawyer can help you to register, protect and enforce them.

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  • ContentHow Can A Lawyer Help With an Intellectual Property Case?

    Intellectual property is incredibly important for business owners, and this may mean one or more lawyers should be hired to assist with intellectual property matters. It is important to protect your company from IP issues. Learn more about how a lawyer can assist you.

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