Guide to International Law

International law is the law that governs relations between different nations. This may include the guidelines countries use when trading goods or services, as well as foreign investment and real estate law. As well as discussing the way that different nations interact with each other, this guide also discusses frequently questioned laws in specific countries.

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  • ContentCustoms Law

    When entering a new country or returning to your own country, it is important to understand what items must be disclosed during customs. Items could lead to the requirement to pay a small duty fee to bring the item into the country, or the item may simply be seized.

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  • ContentForeign Investment and Real Estate Law

    Real estate investments and foreign involvement have been cooperative between countries in the past so that each party is able to maximize profits. However, international deals do require more consideration regarding legal and economic differences.

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  • ContentInternational Criminal Court Law

    The International Criminal Court (ICC) was created to reduce crimes and eliminate perpetrators of atrocities across the world. The ICC deals primarily with serious international crimes such as genocide, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

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  • ContentInternational Contract Law

    International contracts can cause confusion between parties due to foreign languages and misunderstanding terms. Parties involved should be aware of the possibility of these confusions and takes steps to ensure full agreement.

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  • ContentImport and Export Laws

    When a business deals with importing or exporting products to another country, it is imperative that the company understands the laws governing both countries involved. Learn more about the import and export of automobiles, food and plants, animal skins, and more.

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  • ContentEuropean Law

    European countries each have their own set of laws and rules governing them. The European Union also provides a vast set of laws overseeing many European countries. Learn more about how individual European countries and the EU govern.

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  • ContentCanadian Law

    Canada has its own set of laws, as well as guidelines for Americans doing business in Canada. Learn more here about what to do after being arrested in Canada, how to buy real estate in Canada, and how to immigrate to Canada.

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  • ContentAsian Law

    The continent of Asia has many individual countries, each with their own set of laws and regulations. In this guide, learn how to handle foreign investment regulations in China, how to annul a marriage in the Philippines, what the tax law in Kuwait looks like, and more.

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  • ContentLatin American Law

    The Latin American region includes Mexico, Central American countries, and South American countries. Learn more about the laws governing these countries.

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