Navigating a Civil Defense Case

A civil case begins when a person or entity believes they have been harmed by another, but the harm does not rise to the level of criminality. In general, civil cases deal with contracts or torts. A civil case usually seeks compensation rather than punishment, and oftentimes the case can be settled through arbitration or mediation before ever going to a court room. In this comprehensive guide to civil law, learn what constitutes a civil case, when to hire a lawyer, and how to navigate the civil trial process.

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  • ContentTypes of Civil Charges

    Civil action claims usually occur after someone has been injured in some matter, but which does not constitute criminal behavior. In some cases, a criminal case and a civil case may be brought. In this guide, discover when a civil case may be necessary.

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  • ContentCivil Trial Process

    A civil case is a claim that typically deals with contracts, business matters, or negligent acts that end in harm. These trials can be a long, complicated, drawn out process and may be overwhelming for some. Learn more about how to handle a civil case.

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  • ContentEvidence and Witness Testimony in a Civil Trial

    Oftentimes, witnesses will be called to the stand to testify in a civil case. There are rules and guidelines which determine who can be a witness, when a witness can refuse to testify, and what happens if someone commits perjury.

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  • ContentAlternative Dispute Resolution in a Civil Case

    Before heading straight to litigation, it is important to know that there are other possible forms of conflict resolution. This includes negotiation, arbitration, and mediation. Learn more about each possibility before heading to court.

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  • ContentInvoluntary Civil Commitment

    nvoluntary civil commitment is a legal process to place someone in a mental health facility when that person is a danger to themself or to others. The circumstances and the need to commit a person - willingly or unwillingly - are crucial elements of the process.

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  • ContentDo I Need a Civil Defense Lawyer?

    Civil litigation can be stressful and should usually be run by an experienced lawyer. A lawyer’s experience, resources, and knowledge can mean the difference between winning and losing a case.

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