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Homeowner’s insurance insures your home as well as belongings and assets in the home. In this comprehensive guide, learn when you should get homeowner’s insurance, what it may cover and exceptions to coverage.

  • ContentDoes Homeowners' Insurance Cover Dog Bites?

    Many policies under homeowners’ insurance cover the accidents and attacks from animals when a person lives in the home, visits the property or for guests that stay longer than a single day. These policies generally depend on the amount of coverage purchased and any state or local limitations for the members covered in the home.

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  • ContentExchange Students and Homeowner's Insurance Policies

    The coverage in a homeowner’s insurance policy often lists certain exclusions that the host family may need to understand when hosting a foreign exchange student in the house. The policyholder may need to review the coverage or contact the insurance carrier for a better explanation, but the document may provide additional information about the coverage.

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  • ContentFiling a Claim against Homeowners' Insurance for a Slip and Fall Accident

    There are many claims possible when the premiums for homeowners’ insurance are up to date, and these even include the slip and fall accident that leads to injury or even worse circumstances. It is important to understand all the fine print in the coverage available as well as any discrepancies or exclusions that could cause a lack of benefits.

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  • ContentNanny Cams - Homeowner's Insurance Right to Footage after a Claim is Filed

    For the claims attached to nanny cam footage, the homeowner may have a right to reclaim the files depending on the circumstances and how much the insurance carrier needs when completing the claim. Some homeowners may copy the footage for their records to keep in case there is a problem in the future or with the current claim.

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  • ContentSmall Boat Accident Injuries - Are They Covered by Homeowner's Insurance?

    Often, when a policyholder takes out homeowners’ insurance, it usually only possesses limited coverage for other items such as boating or watercraft vehicles, and this limited insurance coverage may not protect against accidents and injuries. It is best to read through the policy specifically before purchasing it if the homeowner does have these water vehicles.

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