How Can a Family Lawyer Help with a Divorce?

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Professional family lawyers have the knowledge it takes to assist with preparing the initial separation agreement, dividing assets, and understanding how complex assets can affect the divorce. It is important to find the right divorce lawyer.

  • ContentCan My Lawyer Refuse to Continue with My Case Unless I Pay in Full?

    Sometimes during the middle of representation, a lawyer and client may reach an impasse due to billing issues. In some cases, a lawyer may be permitted to withdraw from a case and stop work. However, there are special rules about this matter that must be closely followed in order to avoid ethical issues.

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  • ContentFinding a Good Divorce Lawyer

    A good divorce lawyer can be a tremendous resource during the divorce process. However, it can be difficult to find an attorney when there are often so many to choose from and only limited information that you have about prospects. Use this guide to help you retain a lawyer who will assist you throughout the divorce process.

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  • ContentHiring a Lawyer to Prepare Your Separation Agreement

    Preparing a separation agreement is important as the initial process to either attempt to reconcile or to complete the dissolution of a relationship through divorce, and a lawyer is often necessary to facilitate communication and the legal processes. Legal support can also provide advice and information based on the state these steps are taken.

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  • ContentHow a Family Law Lawyer Helps Divide Complex Assets During a Divorce

    When going through a divorce, it is best to ensure a family law lawyer has been hired to assist with the proceedings. These professionals have the knowledge it takes to assist with dividing assets, understanding what complex assets that exist in the marriage and explaining certain details to the spouse.

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  • ContentHow a Lawyer Can Help You Navigate the Divorce Process

    The divorce process is often harrowing and difficult to navigate alone, and with the help of a lawyer, it becomes less confusing and filled with conflict. Legal services may provide the best chances of an equitable divorce with the other party and still maintain a peaceful relationship with family and children from the marriage.

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  • ContentHow Divorce Lawyer Fees and Costs are Structured and How to Pay for Them

    Divorce lawyer fees and costs can come as a surprise to someone who was not anticipating a divorce. However, it is important for anyone going through a divorce to have a clear understanding how legal fees and costs are structured and to consider ways to pay for them. The fee structure can have a significant impact on the amount that a client pays.

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  • ContentThe Downside of Divorce Lawyers Who Are Too Aggressive

    It is a common situation during divorce for one or both spouses to run out and try to get the most aggressive lawyer with a pit bull reputation. Aggressive lawyers may sometimes be able to bring about positive results during the process of divorce. However, those who are not led by their clients’ best interests may actually do more harm than good. Some of the downsides of using an overly aggressive lawyer include:

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  • ContentInitial Consultation with a Divorce Lawyer

    When a person reaches out to a divorce lawyer for the first time, there are certain things that he or she should be aware of. Here is an overview of the initial consultation and some tips to make the best of this experience.

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