How Can a Georgia Personal Injury Lawyer Help My Case?

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If you are involved in a personal injury litigation case you should hire a lawyer to ensure all of your rights are being protected. An experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to assist you in your case and help you get the best outcome.

  • ContentTop Six Reason You Should Hire a Personal Injury Attorney

    What you don't know can hurt you if you are injured in an Accident.

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  • ContentHow to Fire Your Attorney

    As a personal injury attorney in Georgia, I frequently get calls from car accident injury victims who want to fire their current attorney and hire a new lawyer to take over their case. It is always possible to fire your attorney and hire someone else. However, as every case is unique, it is important to keep some things in mind.

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  • ContentWhat Type of Lawyer Handles Swimming Pool Accident and Drowning Claims

    Personal injury attorneys typically handle swimming pool injury or drowning cases. However, drowning claims and swimming pool negligence claims have many unique issues that the typical injury lawyer may not have the requisite experience or expertise.

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  • ContentDon’t Believe Insurers – You Definitely Need a Personal Injury Attorney

    If you have been in some type of accident, such as a car crash, an insurance company adjuster may try to convince you that you do not really need an attorney. While this can be the case for very minor accidents with little to no injury, most experts recommend that you definitely need a personal injury attorney in most accident cases.

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  • ContentFinding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for Accidents in Atlanta

    When a person is injured or killed in Atlanta Georgia due to the negligence or criminal conduct of another person, Georgia laws provide for a legal method of recovery of financial compensation. However, many of these responsible parties have no insurance or limited insurance with which to pay out liability insurance claims.

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  • ContentPersonal Injury and Wrongful Death Cases in Georgia: Hire the Right Attorney for Your Case

    "In legal matters, the expression “time is of the essence” has true meaning. Missing a statute of limitations deadline can be fatal to your injury or wrongful death case. In many instances for automobile accidents near me, Georgia law rewards the first party to file a lawsuit, when multiple claimants suffered injury or fatalities. Our law offices near me in metro Atlanta are available, either in person, at your home or even using social distancing, which means that we can meet by virtual technology."

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